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French Vanilla Coffee Fail

Yo! Today was my…third? day here at my new internship… and still no laptop…

I’m just doing meaningless tasks: putting holes in papers, putting said papers into binders, labeling said binders. 278 more words


My 1st Official Day

I DID IT! I survived my first real day of my internship.

They weren’t totally prepared for me. The company I’m working for gives all employees their own laptop, but mine is M.I.A. 235 more words


A Double Coffee Whammy - Post Bank Holiday!

This is at quite a posh restaurant, Quattros just off the M58. My daughter had a cappuccino and recommended we try it, which we did. She also said the sofas in the bar were good. 101 more words

West Lancashire

Coming Your Way

A couple of things coming your way this weekend for you to get in on.

1. The final day for the Teen’s Krispy Kreme summer camp fundraiser. 70 more words


The trainjinx strikes again

All good things come to an end, so did the wonderful weekend in Gotham also this time. We headed to the station with the hopes of having time for an ice-cream before my train left. 334 more words


Starbucks's system goes down nationwide

SEATTLE — Starbucks stores across the U.S. and Canada were hit by a computer glitch Friday and some stores responded by giving away free drinks until the system was fixed. 220 more words


Pret A Flirty

It has been reported that Pret A Manager, the high street sandwich chain, is encouraging its staff to hand out a certain amount of free drinks and food to customers who they “like” or “fancy”.  171 more words