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Birth Control: A Boost for Women and the Economy

Today I want to talk about the vast economic and societal benefits of making all birth control free and easily accessible to women. There is a huge amount of literature our there that supports the argument that free birth control has been, and will be, extremely beneficial to women’s advancement in society. 517 more words

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Some Other Sources of Information For You

The birth control debate is a widely discussed one because of the impact that providing access to birth control has had on our society. As a result there have been countless articles, editorials, cartoons, studies, etc., on the topic.  1,066 more words

Birth Control

Contraceptions and Catholics: It's the money and the bible

In an article on Lifeissues.net, Nancy Valko released a scathing review of free birth control including a laundry list of issues that she finds with the concept of “free” contraceptives. 597 more words

Birth Control

Contraception: It's a Need, Not a Want

What women want? No, what we all need. Free birth control has benefits that reach every citizen across the board.

I’m writing this post to let you know the details—why we as a society should be pushing towards the implementation of completely free contraceptives. 617 more words

Free Contraceptives

Slut, Sandra Fluke, Considers A Run For Henry Waxman's House Seat

Slut, Sandra Fluke, Considers A Run For Henry Waxman’s House Seat

Oh please, just when you think things can’t get any worse …

The champion for free government stuff decides to become a politician. 481 more words


We Hope Julia Isn't a New Yorker...

If Julia lives in New York and she gets stuck in a hurricane she’d probably trade her contraceptives and Pell Grants for canned food and ammo… 15 more words


Curtailing Abortion

Mormon Heretic at Wheat and Tares has a great post about the link between abortion and contraception. Find it here.

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