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Get a Year Supply of Coca-Cola

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My Christmas Eve started off well with a kind waiter at Waitrose offering us all our free drinks. Ours was hot chocolate! Merry Christmas to you all 😊!


Watch: Justin Bieber Is Now Singing `Sorry` In Bars For Some Free Drinks

Justin Bieber is full of suprises especially in bars or at you know any unsuspecting practice for local sports team, but this time around he out did himself with a impromptu serenade. 109 more words


Travelling - day 362

It was weird packing up and leaving. The hotel had been our home for the two of us for the longest single stretch of time in almost a year of travelling. 516 more words


I think Pokemon GO is in Mexico, lets go see

Looking for Pokemon ??? I think he’s in Mexico. Why wouldn’t he be? Besides who would sit home and ignore this  All-Inclusive‬ deal. ….. 88 more words