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Free First-Year Teacher’s Survival Kit

Call all first year teacher’s! Flinn Scientific, INC is giving all First year teacher’s a survival kit. It includes all kinds of great information.

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Free Education

Free Community College in the United States?

The Baby boomer generation had a much easier time getting a College education because state and government involvement was high during their college years, and that kept the cost of education down. 446 more words

Social Commentary

Free education, free speech and responsibility.

Is Free Higher Education Possible in South Africa Panel Discussion                                                         Chaired by Judge Dennis Davis

‘Who is in the room?’ Activist Lindsay Maasdorp would ask this of the audience several times throughout his opening address. 1,769 more words


How Hillary’s proposal for ‘free’ education could lead to a much poorer America

July 6, 2016

I don’t know much about politics.  I care little about the false and unrealistic promises that people like to make in the guise of providing constituents with a better (and easier) life. 531 more words

Free Daily


by Lucy Auger

Battle lines were drawn and war was declared on Jeremy Corbyn when soft left political heavyweight Hillary Benn kick-started a coup within the Labour Party. 822 more words


A Flowering Education

There are many ways to glean knowledge about Botany, Horticulture, and Biology . Some of the ways I am learning more about my passion is through reading, viewing documentaries, participating in discussions with local enthusiasts, volunteering at local parks and gardens, and watching tutorials, lectures and online classes. 183 more words