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In Solidarity with Hampshire Students

In recent days, many have protested the decision by Hampshire College’s President to remove the US flag from campus. The silence from the Amherst College community and administration on this issue is deafening and shameful. 433 more words


Is the American Dream Failing Millennials, or are Millennials Failing the American Dream?

“Imagine a world… where your survival is in the hands of a cruel, ruthless government, and a Capitol full of people who watch teenagers kill each other for entertainment. 1,671 more words


Cal-exit vs. Cal-utopia

When I began to read of a movement to secede California from the United States, I considered the idea somewhat worthy, being rather concerned about mental health of our nation. 367 more words

Living As A Writer

Free Talk & Introduction to Transmission Meditation

  • Who are the Masters of Wisdom?
  • The signs which herald this event
  • The miracle phenomena behind them
  • The role of our Space Brothers…
  • 24 more words

No, protestors, you are not entitled to free education

From Sovereign Man, by Simon Black

Bleary-eyed from the 16+ hour flight from Asia, I checked my phone last night once the plane landed to find that riots have broken out across the Land of the Free. 858 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence