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£6k or £9k, fees are here to stay

Labour have hoped to regain some of its traditional support from students with its new flagship policy aimed at reducing fees. Ed Miliband confirmed that Labour would reduce tuition fees from £9000 to £6000 a year, if the May election brings them into power. 461 more words


Free Education MCR: the whiteness of our curriculum

I’ve just spent the last hour watching youtube videos made by past and present Uni students across the country, actively challenging the whiteness of the University (and I assume also the primary and secondary education) curriculum across all subjects. 512 more words


Why am I the guru of Computer Science?

A couple of months ago, a colleague from another college sent me an email to say he’d heard I was the guru of Computer Science, he would be teaching the subject this year and didn’t know what to do, could I help? 517 more words


On Education


19 February, 2015

Who are we? We are the first generation made poor by the business of education.

We are people living paycheck to paycheck, single mothers, and young people just starting out.

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Forget Being human; We Be Royal

Cofounder Citizen Awareness Program

In theory, there are two basic methods of voting, namely secret ballot and open ballot, although in practice modern democracies prefer secret ballot for the purpose of safeguarding the sanctity of individual freedom of choice, as basic right of a voter. 503 more words