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Power (and Knowledge) to the People: The Leicester Peoples’ University

Much of the media coverage surrounding the radical changes to UK Higher Education funding in recent years has tended to focus either on the financial cost to students and their families, or political costs to Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats. 299 more words

Reflections on November 4th

*A piece by a new Warwick For Free Education activist reflecting on their experience of the National Demo*

It’s been 16 days since over 100 Warwick students travelled down to London to join the National Demo for Free Education & Living Grants for All. 1,002 more words

University of the people, the method, how it works, examples of its validity

I arrived at the decision to write this article about the “method” University of the People uses, after receiving messages from everywhere, asking for such peculiarity. 457 more words

University Of The People


In August 2011, when Somare Government was unconstitutionally overthrown by Peter O’Neill and the team (as seen in the photo), there were good number of policies and decisions made to gain political support and business opportunities without knowing that those policies and decisions will deteriorate PNG Economy. 613 more words


Amnesty's First Global Human Rights Course

You can register right now to take part in this huge human rights course, it is completely free and I think the information given in the course will be highly invaluable! 241 more words


The Fallacy of “Free College Education”

Recently, there’s been a movement by the useful idiots, aka college students, that their education should be free and all student loan debt erased. I can relate to the second part since I’m carrying 40k in debt myself; however, their movement is wrong and really smacks of the Bolshevik revolution. 314 more words

My Beliefs

How are you doing? Of University of the People and Statistics

How are you doing?

With the complicity of global warming, the last Italian Summer turned out to be the hottest of the three on record in more than a decade; indeed, my imminent exam for the “Statistics course” raised my perception of temperatures. 609 more words

University Of The People