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Richard Corriere's "In Their Own Words." Bernie Sanders, "I am a democractic socialist."

I think that countries like Denmark and Sweden, where healthcare is a right and virtually free to all people, where public college education is free, where childcare is excellent and stronger, where workers in the middle class make higher wages where they’re stronger in terms of reducing income and wealth inequality” can be used for “guidance.” 152 more words

2016 Presidential Election

Is America Ready for the FIRST Democratic Socialist President?

Is America ready for the first Democratic Socialist? Is America ready for Bernie Sanders? Well I don’t know if America is ready but I know America needs Bernie Sanders. 663 more words

2016 Presidential Elections


Students and our education are under attack like never before. We have already seen the tripling of tuition fees in 2010, a measure that barred many potential students from coming to university. 355 more words


How I Learned Education is a Privilege

I recently left my job (more on that later) to pursue my own interests. After a week of unemployment, I present my very first animation. Excuse the bad sound and video quality. 172 more words


A long-view criticism of "free" college

What I find deeply disappointing about the drive in America for “free” higher education is that these institutions – as capitalist and therefore profit-driven as any – are failing our youth so incredibly that we have now the chance to realize they are unnecessary and transcend them. 590 more words


32 Websites That Will Make You a Genius

You just need the passion to become smarter. Developing gives you an edge and here are the tools to help you:

  1. BBC — Future

Learn something new, every day. 385 more words


Public Library in an other way

Hello there,

this post is not about a trip! It’s the first time that I have to show something great from my own city.

Weeks ago I spotted an amazing idea. 61 more words