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Compared to their counterparts in the United States and beyond, Finnish students start school later in life, go home earlier each day, and do less homework. 127 more words


Factors that influence the day and life of a Guatemalan student.


The amount of time on average it takes for students and teachers to get school in Guatemala is about 1-3 hours depending upon the location of the school in correlation to their homes. 474 more words


Degree Courses in Public Relations | SEGi University & Colleges (Admission & Visa Assistant Antioch CHS) 

English & Public Relations

Apply Now ~ Bachelor of Arts (Hons) English & Public Relations

Degree Courses in Public Relations | SEGi University & Colleges (Admission & Visa Assistant Antioch CHS)

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Learning not for school – but for life

Explore the Finnish education system and its success factors.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :
• Lifelong learning begins in early childhood
• High-quality education… 63 more words


Article: Unbalanced Education

Underdeveloped and developing countries have many challenges to show for the developed countries as they are not less in front of any other developed nation but the thing the developing countries has to show is to tie up their shoes and start running in the race of development in health advancement, innovation in agriculture, industrialization, public administration, Economic growth, reduction of poverty. 4,908 more words

Session 145: Play School

Last week, I was talking with my brother about photography because I got a new camera for Christmas, and I have absolutely no clue how to use it yet, and he’s a pro. 234 more words

Top 20 countries for international students!!

UNESCO statistics reveal which places around the world attract the most overseas students to their universities.

Which are the top 20 countries for international students? 39 more words

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