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The Humble Leaves

Most people take leaves for granted, they provide wonderful backdrops to the more showy flowers, but no one really seems to pay much attention to the leaves themselves.  58 more words

Free Embroidery Pattern

Sunny Side Up

Good evening!   Or at least it is here in Michigan.  I hope you all had a good week and an even better weekend.  Here’s another FREE pattern to start your weekend off right.  83 more words

Free Embroidery Pattern

Doodle Flower

I’m not normally a doodler but I was feeling a little creative while in a meeting the other day.  My thought was to just close the notebook and forget about what I had drawn but I kind of liked the simplicity of the flower I drew and thought it would make a nice doodle for you to put on a piece of fabric somewhere.  73 more words

Free Embroidery Pattern

Ready for a FREE pattern?

It is my pleasure to offer you an embroidery pattern that is free for you to use for your non-profit crafts. 

Aren’t you excited?  I sure am!  130 more words

Free Embroidery Pattern


Blackwork works up quick and is lots of fun. It was invented by the Spanish in the 1500’s, and subsequently became popular in Tudor England due to a high tax on lace.  49 more words