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Jay Richards: why should Christians learn about economics?

Here’s a good basic introduction to the free enterprise system by Dr. Jay Richards:

In this lecture, Dr. Richards covers the following topics:

  • the piety myth – thinking that good intentions matter more than good results…
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Damn The Socialists!

Damn the Socialists!
Damn them all to Hell!!
Those thieves of personal rights,
On behalf of the common welfare!!

Vile vermin!
Bleeding hearts with no spine!! 143 more words

Social Justice

What Will Happen to the Low-Skilled Worker in the Self-Service Economy

We are clearly seeing a movement to a self-service society.  Customers are being expected to do more and, very surprisingly, they are happily doing it.  This is especially odd given that they are paying the same prices as they did when things were full service!  822 more words

Small Investor

Amtrak Crash: The Rest of the Story

Breitbart just published an illuminating piece on eleven simple facts that the media will not discuss in regards to the latest Amtrak crash. (Hint: the media wants greater government involvement and more spending in what should be a private sector enterprise.) 126 more words

The Advantages that Rich (and Middle Class) People Have

I’ve often heard that some people are disadvantaged.  We worry about disadvantaged children.  We hear that some adults are disadvantaged as well.  I started to think about what that meant.  1,020 more words

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The System That Has Failed the Inner City

  The riots we are seeing today in major cities are another symptom of a problem we saw previously after hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.  The riots really aren’t about abusive policemen.  853 more words

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Don't Criminalize Churro Vendors, NYC!

New York City has a serious problem with nanny statism.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg instituted many big government policies during his tenure. These include bans on… 333 more words


Gabriella Hoffman reblogged this on All-American Girl for the Restoration of Values and commented:

I've written about the criminalization of street vendors in NYC by highlighting a recent case involving several churro vendors in NYC. Read all about it at A Taste of Patriarchy! Update: Linked to Against Crony Capitalism.