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Is health care a right or a commodity?

Here is a splendid post about the economics of health care from Ben Shapiro, writing for National Review.

He responds to a view held by those on the radical left: people need health care, therefore health care is a right. 1,034 more words


Sample from the Cash Flow Book: The Cash Flow Diagram.

As I’m working on the second book, Cash Flow Your Way to Wealth, I thought I would put out some samples from the book.  Here is part of Chapter 1, which presents the basic idea of personal cash flow and the cash flow diagram.   1,140 more words


Interview with Chase Dawson, CEO of JCD Staffing ... and a millennial.

This past fall, I met Chase, a millennial entrepreneur who launched his staffing company in Montgomery County, MD. Our paths crossed when Chase applied for a business loan to cover his business accounts payable while he was getting the company established. 1,386 more words

Hey Republicans - Here's Your Chance. Don't Blow It.

A couple of months ago, it looked like America was going to choose Socialism.  Like the Soviet Union and Venezuela, we would have seen jobs (continue to) stagnate, inflation rise, cronyism and corruption become the only way to become wealthy, and government in every aspect of our lives.   1,087 more words


A Better Welfare System

An ever-growing share of US Government spending is going towards welfare programs, including food stamps, child care, housing, medical care, preschool, and even debit cards with a certain amount of spending cash.   1,298 more words


The Pilgrims Tried Socialism First - It Failed

One of the unique and surprising things that came out this past election cycle is just how popular Bernie Sanders seemed to be with the younger generation. 579 more words

First Thanksgiving