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The Regulatory State’s War against Modern Life

July 29, 2015 by Dan Mitchell

When writing about the burden of regulation, I often share big numbers about aggregate cost, job losses, … 1,119 more words


Quote by Matt Taibbi on the Wall Street bailouts

A quote by Matt Taibbi on the Wall Street bailouts is the topic of this blog post.

“If anything, the bailouts actually hindered lending, as banks became more like house pets that grow fat and lazy on two guaranteed meals a day than wild animals that have to go out into the jungle and hunt for opportunities in order to eat.” Matt Taibbi… 251 more words


Taking the Risk Out of Democracy

Ever wonder why corporations spend billions on business friendly propaganda each and every year?

Because it works, that’s why. Corporate propaganda has succeeded in convincing a majority of Americans that their interests lie with corporations–the business of America is business–and any attempt to ameliorate this state of affairs is tantamount to socialism, and as such is un-American. 760 more words

“The Dung of the Devil”

My last post, “The Moral Case for Free Enterprise,” was motivated in part by a recent speech of Pope Francis comparing the excesses of global capitalism to the “dung of the devil.” 285 more words

Jack Heidel

The Moral Case for Free Enterprise

Capitalism is under attack around the world as Greek socialists complain about their hard- hearted EU creditors, American liberals such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren push the Democratic Party to the left, and Pope Francis compares the excesses of global capitalism to the “ 324 more words

Jack Heidel

How Did FDR Transform the United States?

What did Franklin Delano Roosevelt talk about to the American people? What were the political and economic issues? Why were The People loyal to him? How did FDR’s ideas actually manifest? 74 more words