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Free Enterprise

It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.

—Adam Smith

America Is Not Humpty Dumpty (It can be put back together again)

In the March 2016 edition of The Atlantic , author James Fallows wrote an article asking the question, “Can America Put Itself Back Together?”  It took him 14 pages, but his answer to his own question was an unhesitant “Yes.” 225 more words

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When the Media is the News, It is Not Always Good News

Sinclair’s holdings are already vast and the deal, which needs federal approval, would give it stations in seven of the top 10 markets. It would further propel consolidation in the industry.(Image credit: STEVE RUARK/AP)

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Aren't Employees and Customers Shareholders Too?

I heard on Saturday, May 6, NPR’s Scott Simon interviewing Bloomberg News business reporter Joe Nocera.  Mr. Nocera was talking about how corporations and investors have shifted over the years towards focusing the company’s operations almost exclusively on maximizing shareholder price.  377 more words

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Marcus is a Jewish Name.....a 70% Lefty anti-Trump Name...and then there is hero, BERNIE MARCUS!

When I was a teenager, 70% of our Jewish voting population were Democrats.  Today’s 70% Jewish voting population is Leftist…..the university kind.

Then, they were business owners from small to big.   828 more words


Is New York's HigherEd Plan Free?

Socialists among us are rejoicing at New York’s new plan to make 4-year college education “free”. First of all, let us clarify that this is not exactly the case. 689 more words


What Happened to Brazil?

What happened to Brazil (economically-speaking)?  In previous articles, I have already spelled out the problem in so many words.  Brazil did enjoy economic growth for a while, which made them appear as though they were ready to join the grown-ups table of commerce-oriented countries. 465 more words