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The Disappearing of good man, Marco Rubio with the unexpected arrival of Donald

Of the herd of Republicans still showing up on television as “candidates” for the American presidency, my favorites  by far are Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz, and the departed from the scene, Scott Walker.   340 more words

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WHOSE Lifetime?

Must have had limitations in the fine print!

h/t Wirecutter

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The Pope Wants Economic Fairness. Let's Do It.

Many are questioning (some are not even questioning) if the Pope is calling for socialism when he talks about economic fairness and granting access to those who have not been able to participate in the economy.    1,131 more words


Marijuana Poisonings of Teens in Liberal Colorado......Do They Deserve What Liberals Voted For?

Advocacy Group: Commercialization Of Legal Pot Has Led To ‘Epidemic’ For Colorado Kids

from CBS, Denver

“The results of a new study about the impact of Colorado’s marijuana legalization is raising troubling questions for parents. 176 more words

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The Weirdos,The Creeps and The Rejects

Summer 1994

When you work as an escort, you meet all different types of men.  If you think about it…what type of man pays to have sex with someone?   806 more words


Reading Up on Argentina, Birthplace of Pope Francis

With the Pope’s visit to the U.S. this week, now is a good time to add a few choice items to your reading list.

Pope Francis is from Argentina, a country in crisis. 327 more words


Why Donald is Still My Man for the Job Leading America to a Better Future

I have been voting for American presidents  since 1956.   No one in these elections in either of the two major party’s  has had more animus thrown at him for daring to become a presidential candidate, than Donald Trump in the year of our Lord, 2015. 910 more words