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The Cost of Obamacare

I was talking to a gentleman today who works part-time as a professor at a local community college.  He also spends part-time running a local non-profit.   873 more words

Small Investor

friday movie quote

“I’m not really here. I’m one of the top ten imaginary friends kids have, just behind John Travolta, Reggie Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett-Majors.”

-Imaginary William Shatner (William Shatner), Free Enterprise (1998)


Financial Tips Every Young Adult Should Know

Because my son is a Boy Scout, I spend a night a week at a Boy Scout meeting, usually talking to the other parents or maybe playing a card or board game while the scouts work on their merit badges.   927 more words

Small Investor

So What Are You Doing by Raising the Minimum Wage?

It really seems simple.  People need more money, so you just require that they get paid more.  You say that it costs about a $15 per hour job to live in the city, so you raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.   1,179 more words


The Beauty of Free Enterprise

The beauty of capitalism is that if you are willing to dream, develop your skills, and work hard you can accomplish anything!


Mississippi Bill 1523

There has been lots of chatter the last few weeks about the bills in Mississippi and North Carolina.  Each side screaming that they need to be protected from the other.   755 more words

If socialism is so great, why are people moving from blue California to red Texas?

A lot of young people seem to be really excited about socialism, and they want the United States to give it a try. They don’t know where socialism has been tried, and they don’t know what happens with it is tried. 879 more words