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A Better Welfare System

An ever-growing share of US Government spending is going towards welfare programs, including food stamps, child care, housing, medical care, preschool, and even debit cards with a certain amount of spending cash.   1,298 more words


The Pilgrims Tried Socialism First - It Failed

One of the unique and surprising things that came out this past election cycle is just how popular Bernie Sanders seemed to be with the younger generation. 579 more words

First Thanksgiving

How Are You Doing, Financially. Examining Your Level of Safety.

If you were to go to a financial advisor and the first question he asked was, “How are you doing, financially?” what would you say?  If you are paying all of your bills on time, driving a nice car, and taking regular vacations to nice places, you might say that you were doing just fine.   1,007 more words


Is a Roth 401k Better than a Traditional 401k?

We’ve all heard the conventional wisdom.  If you have an old, stodgy traditional IRA you should convert to a snazzy new Roth IRA.  There is now even a new Roth 401k.  927 more words


{New Video} Rick Ross Releases Powerful 'Free Enterprise'

Did rapper Rick Ross call out president-elect Donald Trump??

Despite being slammed with a hefty tax scandal from the IRS, Rick Ross isn’t letting that deter him from releasing videos. 165 more words

Journalism, Trump & Clinton

By Becky Holland, thecrazymuttink@gmail.com

This election will go down in history as one that has been like no other. For the last year, we have dealt with the downright ridiculous, bizarre, erratic and almost meanness of candidates, candidate’s staffers and even supporters of sides. 725 more words


Hey GenY, You Really Aren't a Socialist

About a third of those in the GenY/Millennial demographic back Socialism according to an April Harvard Institute of Politics Survey, while just under half support Capitalism.   1,031 more words