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Summer Magic

Summer Magic, An Erotic Romance Quickie

Undercover Vice Detective Davon Hamilton was pissed. He was convinced he had received another bull crap assignment. A decorated veteran of the force, he couldn’t understand why he was assigned to investigate a Thai massage parlor for prostitution activity. 311 more words

Brenda Stokes Lee

Joy of Toys

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Things had taken a serious nose dive in the bedroom of Theo and Sanjai Nevels. 238 more words

GI Joe and Ebony

Ebony Saunder’s evening was off to a really bad start. After leaving a session at the gym she discovers her car has a flat tire. Frustrated, she has no glue what to do. 168 more words

Guiltless Pleasure

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Next Up… Guiltless Pleasure


Heather could not believe her fiance’ of two years cheated on her. High, he slept with some nasty strippers at his bachelor party. 194 more words

Brenda Stokes Lee

A "Tiny Turn On" Erotic Short: Coffee Break

It is three o’clock, and I am sleepy at my desk. The air conditioning whistles and whirrs until my eyelids fall heavy and then pop open. 566 more words

Free Short Stories

Because I write like I mean it...

When I’m writing my short stories and novels, I embrace the deep penetration. I become the “bad girl” and I crave the “bad boy”.

*** ADULTS ONLY, KIDDOS. 202 more words


Welcome, Sexy Story Lovers

Hello, world!

I am excited to share with you that I will be publishing all kinds of smut. The end goal here is to self-publish stories and erotic novels online for profit. 44 more words