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Excerpt: Brothers, Blasphemers, and Bullets

Here’s an excerpt of a novella (roughly 17,000 words) that I am currently working on. If you read my short story Cold Justice you’ll recognize a lot of the characters. 940 more words

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Flash Friday 27/02/2015: Rile-Up Connection

Snivlet did not have much going for him. A hunchback, pointy-nosed, crooked sort of man, he was not winning any popularity contests. What he lacked in charisma, he gained for loyalty to his lord. 999 more words

Flash Friday

Free Fiction Friday: Evil

Zombie guts sprayed all over him. Arggg so stupid. Head shot, he should’ve gone for the head shot.

“Henry Parker, would you look at me when I’m talking to you!” 6,317 more words


The City: 110: Duncan

Duncan watched panic and shock spread through the crowd.  He folded his arms and kept his expression neutral while Jenkins appealed for calm.  He welcomed it, personally.  76 more words

The City

109: Serena

Serena clapped along with the the rest of the squad at Jenkins’ praise.  But this was just the opening lines.  Something more was coming.  He was right.  75 more words

The City

108: Wallace

Jenknis stepped to the microphone.  He coughed, once.  He was not used to public speaking, and relied on his blustery presence to carry the day.  After the events at the tower, and the infection, he was all out of bluster.  62 more words

The City

Added PRIDE'S CHILDREN - Chapter 20, Scene 1

This week’s post begins the last chapter of Book 1, Chapter 20 (1.20.1).

We have water dripping through the upstairs pipes – some of them froze, but we got them thawed – and running water doesn’t freeze as quickly. 95 more words

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