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The Spot Writers - "Stolen Time," by Val Muller

Welcome to the Spot Writers. The prompt for this month is to use the following 4 phrases in a tale (in any order): “back to school,” “glorious roar,” “and then it fizzled,” “while the wind gusted.” Today’s tale comes to you from Val Muller, author of… 516 more words

Running With Scissors Part 11

Every Wednesday, I continue this story with a line chosen from the comments left the previous week.

When we left off, Nathan had discovered his father was alive, but no longer human, having been completely corrupted by the Groundwater’s soul sickness. 1,159 more words

Free Short Stories

Free Fiction: The Porcelain Doll

Life on the edge of the galaxy is deadly. Especially for fathers.

“The Porcelain Doll” by Jamie Aldis is free to read for one week. (Previously published in Hell Hath No Fury.) is free on this website for one week only. 804 more words

Free Fiction

Chapter 10

Faisal worked more diligently than ever after Hedoniet left. “We don’t need time-travel to give the world peace,” he insisted. “All we need is brain-power.” 2,154 more words

This Week's Installment

Free Fiction: Silencing the Stranger

Mara seeks a vision quest to sooth her darkened, lonely heart. A heartbreaking soul story that stirs and beckons.

Published in Hell Hath No Fury… 40 more words

Free Fiction

Free Fiction Friday: Dead Babies

Dead Babies

By Alex S. Johnson

A familiar absence, and the location of dread.

They were saying things that made no sense. The baby couldn’t be dead. 1,716 more words