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The Voyage 021: Jesse

“Engine room ready for launch, captain.”
“Thank you, Miss Pilgrim  Notify the signalers.”  Isaac threw the second lever and waited.  There was a slight shudder as the pullers unlocked their guidelines.  69 more words

140 Characters

The Voyage 020: Belinda

Belinda picked up the engine room tube and listened to the report.  This was a lady-like job, no different from working in a school, a hospital, or an office.  71 more words

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Bet on Alpha Centauri III

image by JD Hancock on flickr

Chapter 3: A Girl, a Gameboard, & the Fate of the Earth

If presented with the idea that the ordinary passenger shuttle one was travelling on was actually kind of like a future-telling time machine, at least when shooting through a wormhole, most people would react either with extreme skepticism or instant euphoria. 1,884 more words


The Voyage 018: Hazel

A klaxon went off down in the engine room, making Hazel jump.  The Chief bellowed louder, but the noise always played like a bow across her heartstrings.  77 more words

140 Characters

The Ghost of Rock 'n' Roll

They called him ‘The Ghost of Rock ‘n’ Roll’. The papers love to give serial killers nicknames. This one was because of two things. First, witnesses claimed to have seen the shadow of a sky-high quiff, like a Rocker would have, leaving the crime scenes – although they never saw an actual person. 472 more words


"Gross Indecency: An Otherworld Novel" Chapter One

Gross Indecency: An Otherworld Novel will eventually be edited and put on sale, but for now, I figured as we worked on it, we would also release the chapters for free. 3,514 more words

Free Fiction

Wow, so... May, huh?

Time is whizzing by at an outrageous pace. Since my last blog entry seven months ago, I have been busy. So, a quick recap! 266 more words