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Free Flow | 1.

You know writer’s block? Well, I have writer’s begin. It’s this thing I where I hate starting pieces of writing. Whether it’s this blog, my journal, a tweet, or that damn resume I’m  625 more words

Everyday Life

Echoes and Ghosts

Day 4 of  ‘write something and publish every day’ challenge.


In those final moments, you look around for something; some ethereal, intangible thing that ties up the loose ends. 222 more words

Creative Writing


I have fallen miles behind in writing. I’m sorry, self.

My creative mind is stunted.

The exercise of writing for ten minutes without putting your pen down – and no editing! 316 more words



Continuing with my challenge of writing and posting something every day for 30 days, here’s a short and sweet one.


Do you ever find yourself sitting there feeling as though life is happening around you? 136 more words

Creative Writing

Jump Or Fall

Backed into a corner, you have to decide; jump or fall? Jump or fall: two such small words with two vastly different implications. I mean, sure, in all likelihood, the result may still be the same, but in the former scenario, you’re the one calling the shots; you’re the one with the power. 325 more words

Creative Writing

I need a Different Tune to Sing to

“Do more, complain less”

I need a Different Tune to Sing to

Repeat this mantra and you’ll soon believe it
Turning into a complete little shit… 165 more words


Antok Dumalaw Ka

Pabali balikwas…
Tingin sa itaas…
Uupo, mangangalumbaba…
Hihiga, gising pa rin ang diwa!

Ito ang mga gabing kalaban,
Antok na, ayaw pa ring tigilan,
Isip ng isip, wala namang laman, 21 more words