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The First Loss

It was a week past Easter Sunday, a week that we had lived in the hospital, taking shifts from bedside to waiting room. Now the entire extended family crammed into the tiny room set aside for families to hold their tragedy, every hand clutching tissues or tiny Styrofoam cups of something warm, tasting tears. 518 more words

Personal Experience

the moon chasing the sun.

illustration by Maurice Sapiro : lighthouse in a storm

let the midnight roll in
drop the weight of a hundred
and possibly the thousands stars… 216 more words


Yoga Camp Days 12 and 13

Yoga Camp Days 12 and 13: “I Trust” and “I Deserve” 05/04/2016

Before we start, I just want to apologize for being absent these couple of weeks. 266 more words


The tattoo beneath the collar bone

My finger moves gently, slowly, tracing us underneath my touch. Her body shuffled slightly underneath the blanket. Scared of waking her up, I pulled away to find myself only sighing from the surreal happiness we have been swimming on all these years together. 2,214 more words

Creative Writing

and so she stumbled forward.

at the bits and pieces of herself, she had left behind,
forgotten by the side of the road.
awaiting the next distraction, 524 more words


Doodling and Stalking

Doodling your crushes name a million times is the childhood equivalent to facebook/social media stalking your crush. Think back to when you were a kid. I remember being in elementary school when I would write my crushes’ names with hearts and writing in my diary about them all the time. 651 more words

Kallie Pygus

(word stew #1)

automatic degenerate
dangerous fractals
sizable in nature
one size fits all
beyond tall walls
blotchy interiors
somewhat inferior superior
caught up captured
dead tired
lost… 17 more words