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I’ve had a headache for six days. It’s not so much the pain that bothers me, it’s not being able to think. It hurts to try, but I keep trying. 563 more words


free flow #19

the sky is partially blue and i can see the snow capped mountains in the distance. with the blue sky i also feel myself climbing out of the hermitage i have been in since being sick. 898 more words

free flow #15

ironic tummy flu hit this body during thanksgiving vacation in virginia. a variety of feelings emit from this weak heart feeling like a dying autumn leaf while the belly aches. 694 more words

One Day Pass at ClubMed Nusa Dua

Sebenarnya water sport yang kami incar adalah snorkling, sayangnya Justin masih berumur 7 tahun dan minimum harus diatas 11 tahun untuk bisa ikut kegiatan ini. Jadi ya hanya renang, santai di pantai …relax…enjoy holiday… Overall untuk stay atau hanya menggunakan Day Pass Clubmed ini sangat saya rekomendasikan. 446 more words


Darkness; The Night

I once was afraid of the night
With it came crawling monsters
Monsters my mind made up
And up my mind they crawled
Tickling me with fear… 227 more words


free flow #12

i dreamed of swimming with dolphins last night, in the sea. at one point i was sitting up on some bank thing and a dolphin rose up from the waters to allow me to pet him/her/it. 646 more words

free flow #10

sadness and grief is visiting me as if they’ve moved in for good. good thing i went for a jog yesterday. both after school and the next morning, my self care was impeccable. 972 more words