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Crowd Control

Crowd Control

All the masses

Circle and Circle

around the point,

One. Two. Three.

And the anthems we play

on the airwaves

of our hearts… 102 more words


Broken Promises

I find that music plays a pivotal role in mood, mine more than anyone else’s. Have you ever broken a promise? I think we all have. 74 more words

Free Flow


Do you know that to decision and judgement are questions we come up  when we have to act in some situation?

Think about it for a minute. 664 more words



The year’s business end is just around the corner and I just realized that 8 out of the 8 resolutions I set out to achieve are still very behind their schedule. 99 more words

Free Flow


Pernah meminta. Dulu sekali. Saking dulunya sampai lupa. Bahwa permintaan itu pernah ada. Aneh memang. Tapi entah mengapa matematika itu begitu seksi. Maka sebagai pria muda kala itu. 187 more words

Free Flow

Arianna Huffington’s 12 steps to Thrive

Sometimes we are so into getting things done and proving that we can handle whatever may came that we just forget that we are also in need of care. 72 more words


Oh, But Her Smile

I should just walk away, I know.

Well, I say “walk,” but really I mean “run, at great speed and with a brazen disregard for traffic laws.” I know that, I do.  292 more words