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Inner Peace

Like Master Shifu spent most of the third installation of the Kung Fu Panda movie doing, finding your inner peace is seldom experienced. I mean, what is inner peace? 554 more words



I am alone, sitting in this bar,

teardrops in my eyes.

All I wish for is solitude,

a corner where I can hide from the world. 169 more words


Just a quick post.

Free write

I’m pretty high right now. And don’t want to write for long but just wanted to put something up. I know it probably will not happen but how cool it would be to write and earn money doing it. 322 more words


A warm touch,

a heartfelt hug,

the kiss of my grandma,

the smell of home.


i see me in you and own this anger...

i feel so angry and frustrated this morning. my family is driving me crazy. i am sick of being here. i am overwhelmed by cancer, death, illness around me mixed with an anxious, depressed mother, which she has every right to be, battling cancer, and would have every right to be even if she wasn’t. 768 more words


It has been a while since I have paused to ponder in this room. I don’t sit here often. I am often away, nestled in make-believe comfort of french windows and colonial furnishing, forty minutes away into the other side of the city. 414 more words