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Break Free

A tugging urge.

To runaway.

To climb.

To hide.

To fly.

To vanish.

To experience the unknown. To be with the unknown.

Let the hair ruin in the air. 46 more words


The Seeker

Today, I created this blog quite clueless how to start. I must admit I still have a lot to learn. This is a part of a learning experience in a virtual world. 26 more words

Free Flow

Love is the eternal flow...

My antennas – my feelers – reach far beyond this galaxy. It is safe to say I feel all and am one with everything.

In moments I feel I’ve surrendered what I knew to trade it for all else. 156 more words


Change Checklist

Is it necessary

Is it beneficial

to whom

What’s the impact

Does it provide challenge, with appropriate support

Answer that

Then do it

Real Life

Jinjuu’s weekend brunch

Forever on the lookout for some new and exciting brunch options, we headed to Jinjuu for a relaxed brunch which had something other than eggs Benedict. 512 more words



I’ve known I was black as far as I can remember

That may not be a good marker though,

since I can’t really remember stuff before age 5… 386 more words


Morning Jams

I love those mornings where you grab your guitar and words & melody just flow without thought. It is probably the best high I have felt just the process of creating something and then liking it afterwards.