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Arianna Huffington’s 12 steps to Thrive

Sometimes we are so into getting things done and proving that we can handle whatever may came that we just forget that we are also in need of care. 72 more words


Oh, But Her Smile

I should just walk away, I know.

Well, I say “walk,” but really I mean “run, at great speed and with a brazen disregard for traffic laws.” I know that, I do.  292 more words


Mindless Ramblings.

***Note: I wrote this piece on April 14th when I was feeling a little down and I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling that way. 1,145 more words



Wake up to just another day
In tune to my favourite sound
The slow decay of my fed up heart
Trying desperately to tear itself to pieces… 55 more words


The Nature of Prayer - Power

From – Tape 345 Side Two
The Nature of Prayer – Power

By Joel Goldsmith

    Now God is spirit and must be worshipped in spirit and in truth and I give this to you as a starter that you are not praying when you are speaking or thinking thoughts. 324 more words


The Side Phone

Last evening I had a conversation with a couple of friends. Alight of this conversation was the fact that I had just recently reset my main phone, and although I have a second small phone, relatively smart, I couldn’t help but feel cheated. 357 more words


Did we screw "that" date?

Okay. First of all, i was about to write something of this video. Why would I? Well, why wouldn’t I though. So here’s the thing. I sat down in my living room and looked for my favorite late night show by Jimmy Fallon. 125 more words

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