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जो गीत थे सब गा लिए
जो बात थी सब कह गए,
भाव हैं अब भी बचे
पर शब्द सारे बह गए।


Touch or Turmoil

Touch or Turmoil, tell meWhat’s your

Raison d’être, tell me

Where the

Need leaves it’s

Gaping exit wound.

Is there revolution

In your art, or do you only… 24 more words



What is this feeling?

It’s time to profess,

Living in deceit,

Lies over lies,




He’s operating on an alien,

Emotional slate,

It’s too late, 354 more words


The Kitten and the Writer

Every great writer has a dog to bounce the words off of. I have a cat. She thinks she is the writer. That’s when she isn’t running around the house like her tail is on fire, playing with the house fairies, or knocking everything off the table. 168 more words

Theme Thursday


Six gemstones inlaid in silver,

Here he lay still in his muse,

He creates like God,

Destroys like man,

And his power lay in the electric sand, 379 more words


Afternoon Delight

Can I be your sweet afternoon delight?

You don’t drink so perhaps a cold coke or sprite.

Instead of the mistress of midnight

Can I be your friend before the day ends. 113 more words

Fear Motivates

Fear motivates,

But clouds,

Between here and now,

I’m stuck mid-bow,

To throw my crown down,

And experience again,

Emancipation from doubt,

Of ill fortune, 372 more words