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Buying Flowers

I have never been a romantic.
The idea of being romanced makes me uneasy.
I am more of an excitement kind of girl.
Get my blood pumping, 88 more words

Free Flow 27: Edge


It’s a long way down, and my shoes have no grip.
I keep trying to walk, hoping I don’t trip.

The edge is unstable, it crumbles beneath my feet. 79 more words


Free Flow 26: You

Its still you.

Its still you at 2 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon.

Its still you, its always was you, and itll always be you.

Free Flow

P.3A Musings - First Day of School

Back in the day, 1996 to be exact, I transitioned from a day primary school to a boarding primary school. It was all sorts of exciting my first day. 490 more words


Prompt 14: The sword

She wasn’t looking for a night, she was looking for a sword.

Open scene, a valent knight with a thousand enemies under his belt, a damsel in distress, a village saved, a sword soaked in the blood of evil doers. 47 more words

Free Flow

Free Flow 25: Bones

Blood seeps from her wound, the end of her silent feud,

With each drop her body becomes colder, as death begins to smolder.

Covered in her own blood as her last breathes causes pain to her chest, 96 more words



Letting go seems to be the hardest thing

But it is something that I must do

The emotions I can not deal with

My mind now says no… 15 more words