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Free Flow 12:

The inside of my inside of my cheek is raw for where I’ve been biting it to stay quiet.

I gulp as he steps closer. I need to get out of here. 64 more words


Free Flow 10:

I flipped the pen between my fingers as I sat quietly on the couch. There was a heated argument going on in the other room and i felt trapped having to sit here. 112 more words

Free Flow

Free Flow 9: A FanFiction I keep neglecting

>A FanFiction that takes place in the world of Skyland.

I run down the hall, my bare feet slapping against the cold metal. I had to make it to the court yard before things got out of hand. 420 more words


Free Flow 8: Exert from a novel i'll never write(5)

I lay in the middle of the bed listening to the air condition kick on for the seventh time tonight. I’ve been awake for hours, unable to sleep. 287 more words


Free Flow 7: Exert from a novel i'll never write (4)


It’s the cold air that jolts me back to my senses. Pushing me back, strong and furious. My senses come back one by one, first I feel the mist of water splashing the rocks below. 278 more words


Free Flow 6: Exert from a novel i'll never write (3)


I grab the box from the back seat and shut the car door with my hip.

Item 6: Giving away personal items.

I walk towards the “new” good will, wedged between two abandoned stores, it used to be a Chinese restaurant. 546 more words


Free Flow 5: Expert from a novel I'll never write (2)

I laughed audibly.

It’s funny.

I laughed again.

And again.

I laughed again and again, slow at first and then all at once; I was laughing hysterically, laughing so hard i was crying, and then i was just crying. 52 more words