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The sun sets, and twilight appears, heralding the ascendancy of night.

That is what you are to me. Shadow of my heart: neither light nor dark, but a part of and apart from both. 278 more words


Premeditated Murder

You spent all day conjuring up the words to soften the blow when you broke my heart.How bout that?

It was just yesterday I shared the pains that scarred that same heart you claimed you didn’t want to break. 239 more words

Fire & Desire

Can you see it?

Who thought that the flame you carried within you would burn me? You torched my icy heart to powder. I am nothing but ashes, sand in the desert that is your life. 195 more words


Do You Even Lift, Bro?

Guess what, guys?

After an extremely long hiatus, I swear I still actually write. It’s just all editing novels that I can’t post here.

This is a writing exercise for class to create conflict using just physical detailing. 706 more words

Creative Writing

Burger and Free-flowing Beer at The Fireplace - New World Manila Bay Hotel

Monday is the least lovable day of all. Monday is the worst day because it’s the day after the weekend. Work and school start on Mondays. 626 more words

Metro EATS

thursday blurbing...

another icy cold blue morning. another deep heavy night’s sleep with intense dreaming. my brain hurt yesterday from letting in too much into my third eye, which has led to an investigation of unconscious content inside my head. 262 more words

Crow Flow

This collage and paint piece on an 8 x 10 inch cradled wood panel was lots of fun to make. I did some finger painting, doodling, pasting and dripping. 35 more words