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and so she stumbled forward.

at the bits and pieces of herself, she had left behind,
forgotten by the side of the road.
awaiting the next distraction, 524 more words


Doodling and Stalking

Doodling your crushes name a million times is the childhood equivalent to facebook/social media stalking your crush. Think back to when you were a kid. I remember being in elementary school when I would write my crushes’ names with hearts and writing in my diary about them all the time. 651 more words

Kallie Pygus

(word stew #1)

automatic degenerate
dangerous fractals
sizable in nature
one size fits all
beyond tall walls
blotchy interiors
somewhat inferior superior
caught up captured
dead tired
lost… 17 more words


Stop Acting and Start Reacting

“Are you a moaner or a screamer?” This is a questions I have heard from multiple guys, but why do I have to be one or the other? 885 more words

Kallie Pygus


You don’t realize what a bad spot you’re in, until you get in a good spot.

You don’t know how unsafe you are, until you find a comfort and peace in that look. 110 more words


I wonder where your mind wanders
as I lay in bed with you on mine.
I wonder if you had the time
would your body be entangled in mine. 97 more words


Resolved to accept that I am more human than I once ingenuously believed myself to be; I was arrogance incarnate. I abhor the attempt to excuse away my flaws as I once would have done. 89 more words