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Human Sacrifice Among the Inca

The Inca had a different way of going about sacrifices than many other cultures. First of all, the Inca rarely, if ever, sacrificed prisoners, or even adults in general. 300 more words


Free Friday: 'Jackie'

‘Free Friday’ is a day I veer off topic from my usual food and fashion posts. I will be writing about anything and everything- it’s a free for all. 259 more words

Personal Cleansing

One of the most important parts of witchcraft is cleansing both yourself and the space around you.  While a lot of books talk about burning incense or sage in order to remove the negative energy, there’s an easier way to cleanse yourself personally through meditation.   229 more words


Abrahamic Religions

The three most popular monotheistic religions in the world are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  While lately a lot of people seem to be focusing on the differences these religions have, they’re actually more similar than they are different.   208 more words


February Free Friday! (Try saying that five times fast....)


In the auto-tuned voice of Rebecca Black

“It’s Friday! Friday! Gotta Get down on Friday. Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend.”

Or in the much better words of the Bad Lip Reading crew… 235 more words


Myths About Celts

Were the Celts Uncultured?

No. In many works, the Celts are portrayed as uncultured barbarians. However, the Celts were very skilled, specifically in metalwork, but also in masonry and other crafting arts. 443 more words


Masks in Japanese Lore

One of the greatest fascinations humans have is that of a person’s personality.  How can people whose DNA is so close act so differently from one another?   651 more words