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Taking Spiritual & Psychic Questions!

I invite you to write me a question, on anything, and I’ll answer it here on the blog.

Your question might pertain to your spiritual journey, psychic occurrences, experiences unexplained, your fears, something that is happening but you’re unsure what it is, about spirits, entities, forces, angels, guides, psychic attacks and more. 24 more words

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Free help to stay safe online...

Do you need some confidence in staying safe online? You need the Bobby Van!

If you are aged over 60 or have a registered disability (and are over 18), you are entitled to a visit from a online safety volunteer who will talk you through using your digital equipment safely. 21 more words



Every writer needs a blog, right?  This isn’t my business website – it’s for blogging about my favourite topics, sharing interesting reading material and linking to friends’ blogs and articles, and a little bit of meta-writing as I document my journey into freelancing.   359 more words

Mental Health

they are the ones.

“many people are good at talking about what they are doing,

but in fact do little.

others do a lot but don’t talk about it; 11 more words


My health: an invisible eh

If you saw me on the street, I look normal, maybe a little sluggish or tired.

However most don’t know what a struggle it is to get up. 135 more words

About Me

Wish. . .

I wish I could post more positive stuff and feel happy. Blah.

I wish I didn’t feel like a wholy deflated balloon in a dried up mud puddle just stuck. 88 more words

What the **** is wrong with me?

I feel like someone has put a curse on me. It’s been hard to find happiness.

Coffee and soda are just means to stay awake. I’m starting to wonder why? 233 more words