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Boondock Sinner's took over the Stage October 15th

Here are a few shots from October 15th. The Boondock Sinners took over the stage and with their friends and ran a great show all day and all night. 55 more words


Free virtual hugs.

Here’s a  big virtual hug from me to you.

I love hugs but don’t seem to get them often enough.

Protesting is about expressing an objection to what someone has said or done; since when did violence become part of the process?

There has been sixteen cases of civil unrest in america this year; where seemingly peaceful protests turned violent. The UK is not left out of this worrying trend a famous example being the 2011 protest into the death of Mark Duggan which sparked five days of rioting in London and other cities. 502 more words


Out 'there.' 

I’m always humbled when I’m out ‘there.’ Things seem to happen ‘there’ and it’s in the going ‘there’ that I encounter Jesus seeking the lost. 361 more words


When do I get break things without consequences?

I feel frustrated. I feel like I need to say something and I don’t know how. I’m better at writing honestly about life with poetic overtones about sadness and overcoming darkness with light. 750 more words

Words + Rants

How else will they hear? 

This morning I met a lady out and about on the streets who objected to what I was doing… So what was I doing that caused such offence? 515 more words