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Testimonial: A Panda's Day to Hug Everyone!

Check out our video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoapyLIUH3E

More than a year ago, this pretty panda asked me what I think about giving hugs to strangers without anything in return, how would I feel? 221 more words

Healing Power of Proper Hugs

Hugs are magical.

A proper, comforting hug can make the world look like a better place again.

Often, the people who appear the strongest and most independent are the ones in desperate need of a hug. 240 more words

Blog Hop

The answer to life, the universe, everything? It’s in a hug.

During our 20s we find ourselves on a wild ride looking for our inner selves. Forget a midlife crisis, that’s nothing in comparison to the constant anxiety of having to decide WHO we are, 741 more words


Week 7: A Valentine's Special

This week I wanted to incorporate the romantic theme of Valentine’s day, but having already done a blind date, I wanted to stay away from the dating scene. 519 more words

Comfort Zone Challenge

Free Hugs

So in San Miguel de Allende, where I live, there’s a beautiful church that stands erect facing the main square. It’s absolutely stunning and everyone that comes here at some point gets a picture of it. 871 more words

Students spread the love with free hugs

Despite freezing 20-degree temperatures, Ryant Taylor, a creative writing major and senior at Ohio University, along with other students, gave out free hugs outside of Baker University Center the day before Valentine’s Day. 20 more words


On PEGIDA: Germany stays Colourful / Deutschland bleibt Bunt -Amen!

By Ritu Sushila Krishan

Being a nationalizing state that India is, Germany has always been a part of a wider public discourse back home and often seen as an epitome of national might. 932 more words