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Free Hugs! Moment by Now, day 51.

Today I arranged a Free Hugs event. It was so much fun! :) So glad to have found people in my community who is in to this kind of stuff, just spreading joy and happiness. 167 more words

7 Scientific Reasons Hugging Is The Best Thing Ever

Hugs… we all give them away. Some are solid bear hugs with a tight squeeze, maybe even with a slight swaying side to side, and others are light-hearted hugs. 606 more words

Hugs: No Longer Free

In the country where there’s a market for anything, hugs can now be bought. Not prostitution—that’s been around forever— but cuddles by a professional, at an hourly rate. 246 more words


Sometimes, all we need is a hug...

That is especially true after a long, tiring week. Since it is Friday, the hugs should be longer, bigger, tighter, and accompanied by lots of wet, sloppy kisses! 1,240 more words


The Shocking Truth Behind The Video Voted Best On YouTube!

Public hugging of strangers has gone viral. By viral I don’t mean just on the internet but also in cities around the world. Some of the instigators of these “hugging” campaigns have specific agendas, but most just want to try this new experiment. 752 more words



I just surprised the hell out of myself, so I thought I’d share. In case someone else out there is working up to the same epiphany, maybe a little unexpected support will push them over the edge. 439 more words


The K&M Show Has a Hugging Problem

We found out today that hugging other people is awkward for everyone on the show. Listen to how it came about. 6 more words