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Why we should love each other

I am happy to share this new post with all of you (well, lets be honest, a little of you aha)  Enjoy! :)
 We shouldn’t let religion, a skin color or who we are separate us because this, it doesn’t mean anything, we shouldn’t wait for a drama to show our family and friends (and even people we don’t know) that we love them, what do you think about that? 212 more words

Guide to Awesome... Day 20

Just what I needed from Kid President’s Guide to Awesome today…

Every room you enter: FREE HUGS!!

Give hugs.  And not just any told hugs… REAL hugs.

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Known for What I'm For

The worst thing is for people to view me, my family, and my ministry by what I am against.  I wish people simply understood me in light of what I am for.   480 more words

Chip hands out free hugs with the students from Paul Mitchell School

MILWAUKEE — Sometimes you just need a hug, and Paul Mitchell Schools across America will fill that need on Tuesday, October 13. Inspired by the Sick Puppies YouTube music video about Juan Mann’s popular Free Hugs campaign, Paul Mitchell Schools have held Free Hugs Days since 2009. 167 more words

Out And About

So, today’s National Coming Out Day,so I figured I’d share a few remarks on coming out and finally share a sermon I delivered this past summer as part of my internship.  1,991 more words

Free Hugs Whistler

I’m trying to figure out a way to express how touched I was this weekend when we went out into the world and gave away free hugs. 434 more words