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Signs and wonders through signs and wonder-full flowers.

How do you get to pray for miracles in other people’s lives?

Today we used our usual ‘signs’ as well as giving lots of flowers away that were generously given to us for free from the very kind street flower sellers who always encourage us and help us. 129 more words


Free Hugs Tank Top

Reach out and embrace the world in all your prickly glory with this Free Hugs Tank Top, covered in a pattern of summery succulents and vibrant flowers. 10 more words

Creating Space for New Possibilities

When we are able to let go of long-held stories and assumptions about ourselves and the world, we can free up our energy for new possibilities. 687 more words

Whats Up With The Love?

I have been processing so much in my heart these days it’s difficult to stop and take a moment to really dive into the emotions generated by specific severs to our heartstrings. 1,994 more words

Then She Said...

Wataru Komachi solo exhibition ‘FREE HUGS’

常に型破りな発想で、アート、ファッション、音楽的要素を自在に融合させるアーティスト 小町渉 の個展を開催!


Are Business Campaigns Similar to Free Hugs?

They might just be . . .

Have you ever just wanted a hug and didn’t know where to find one? Would you dare ask a stranger on the street for a hug? 479 more words