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12 Free Kindle Romances 12/10/16

Free at time of posting.  Just click the cover!

What a deal - three free Kindle books

The Kindle editions of three of my novels are free on selected days:

The Sun Singer

Got a Kindle for Christmas

So, you asked for a Kindle for Christmas, eh? Maybe an iPad too, ’cause, “what the heck,” right?

As you wait to see whether Santa brings you those items from your list (and whether or not the Elf will rat you out to the Big Guy or not), I wanted to point out that Undertow e-book will be FREE on Amazon from December 25-29th.

Happy Holidays!

14 Free Kindle Romances 11/10/16

Free at time of posting.   Just click the cover below!

A New Page on BooknVolume - #Review #DarkFey

I confess, this is a blatant, no holds barred Invitation to Readers/Reviewers who find themselves interested in Dark Fey to provide a review in return for a FREE Ecopy of either or both books.   1,632 more words


16!! Free Kindle Romances 11/9/16

Free at time of posting.   Just click the cover!