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WIP Wednesday, Rainbow Cowl and Knit-In

WIP Wednesday!

In the Lair, we love yarn, and sometimes even get a chance to knit. :) Here’s what the Lair denizens are up to now. 360 more words


Captain America: The Knitted Soldier

This past year in August I went with my mom and sister to go see the new Captain America movie. It was an instant favorite and if you haven’t seen it yet, you definitely should. 988 more words

Free Knitting Pattern

Happy Valentines Day from Shaun the Sheep // competition

Last weekend Rowan Yarns teamed up with the Telegraph Magazine with a special offer to get some free Rowan wool to knit Shaun the Sheep in celebration of the opening of the new Shaun the Sheep Movie. 294 more words


Heart In My Hand - 3D Heart Knitting Pattern

With Valentine`s day quickly approaching, everything is about LOVE <3

I just found this extremely cute 3D puffy heart pattern to knit on Ravelry and absolutely LOVE it. 76 more words


My Valentine's Go-To Gift

One of my Spanish-speaking friends calls Valentine’s Day “El Dia de Amor y Amistad” (The Day of Love and Friendship). I’m not sure if this term is used widely or only in her country, but it describes how I feel about this holiday. 322 more words


Shrug - clothing and shoulders!

I am knitting a shrug for my little girl.  I also have to admit to a bashful shrug of my shoulders.

I have been knitting on and off for decades now, as in plural  But, and here goes, I have never been a strong fan of actually sewing up knitted items.   295 more words


how to make Hearty Links with Felted Loops . . . together with another fun visit from the Orples ♥

Well it’s been a while, since that summery September post when I first mentioned my plans to be back “soon” with this next step to making hearty garland felted loop links. 275 more words

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