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Strawberry Fields Forever

For some reason I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days, I don’t even like the Beatles, I prefer the Rolling Stones. And I didn’t have any strawberry coloured yarn, so I used… 315 more words


Iridaceae Lace Knitting Pattern

This design is dedicated to my Grandma who taught me to knit before I started school. She was one of those knitters that barely needed to look at a pattern, Aran jumpers were knitted in the blink of an eye, while watching TV at the same time! 250 more words


R 'n' B Cable

R ‘n’ B? No not that R ‘n’ B, but Rib ‘n’ Bobble, I thought it was quite appropriate for my latest design!

For part of this pattern I worked a cable over 11 stitches, as it doesn’t appear to come under the usual Cable definitions, I’ve called them Cross11F and Cross11B, any problems, leave me a comment :) 427 more words


The Moth Cloth

This design was intended to be a butterfly lace washcloth, Chris said there are too many things with butterflies on, and decided it was a Moth Cloth. 55 more words


BamBam The Hat

The lovely folks at KnitCraftHQ recently posted a picture over on their Instagram asking for knitting bloggers to get in touch. When I saw the post my eyes lit up.  253 more words


Whysteria Lace Knitting Pattern

I was in the middle of one of my ‘manics’ when I designed this pattern, and because it was precisely what I’d visualised, I was hysterically happy. 305 more words


Byzantine Lace

Sometimes I just draw random circles on graph paper and see what pattern, if any, emerges. Only problem is with random designing is naming the pattern afterwards, I’ve sat looking at this for days and nothing came to mind, it was nearly published as ‘The Nameless Lace’, until I settled on Byzantine Lace, marginally better than nameless I guess! 204 more words