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A few years ago, I was subjected to a six-week bootcamp style, mandatory training for a new job that I began. I was pumped, as I love a great challenge. 317 more words



The mother-daughter relationship is one that may often manifest bountiful blessings or fraught with hard lessons/growing pains or a healthy combination of the two. As a mother welcomes a younger version of herself into the world, the tension between the two can either make or break their relationship for years to come. 438 more words


Minority Perspective

As a minority in the professional world, you quickly learn what you “can” and “can not” do, as you climb the proverbial ladder to success. These social cues are often learned after an unfortunate incident (or few) that teaches you when “more” or “less” of you is required in a particular situation.

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Phase Two And A Growth Spurt

A continuation of the last blog…ish: Man what a weekend this turned out to be. As I mentioned visiting the campus of the Los Angeles Film School… 788 more words


Fast Lane Through March

Well being my first day for the week at work, I got in about 8,000 steps, it was kind of crazy. It was that kind of day at work. 338 more words


To the little girl I wish I could protect.

To the little girl I wish I could protect from the evil you will face. I hope one day you read this and know that there are so many beautiful things that you will face but you have to get past the ugly that is in front. 276 more words

Open Letter

An open letter to a girl who loves to much..

Hey you,

I want to first start out by letting you know it will be okay. It is okay if you go home at night to a home with laughter and go to your bedroom crying. 475 more words

Open Letter