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“And God said, “Let there be light”, and there was light”.  And then bacteria, and some more evolving, and then the monkey-people, and then somehow actual-people, and so on and so on until my parents conceived me and then POOF…here I am. 171 more words


Win or Lose?

In some days we lose but we don’t think of the things we have gained. And in the days we win, we don’t think of what we are losing. 65 more words


Office prisoner - Poem

My back aches

Sitting all day on this metal chair.

People in this office

Don’t know how to be comfortable.

How can I work

From nine to five… 54 more words


The Secret to Making Your Characters Memorable

We readers are fickle beasts.

If you have a shit book cover we won’t pick up your novel. Sloppy blurb and we chuck the book on the NBR (Never Be Read) pile. 788 more words


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If you wonder how to make your characters memorable and loved or even hated. Any kind of emotion born by the character will make you react. And if what you read makes you react then it means it is good. Have a read :)

Difficult Clients & Making Accomodations

I’m a very particular person when I work. I have a routine, a process. There’s a reason that I do the things that I do, because they work for me and make the ordeal of editing easier and run smoother. 267 more words


Trace - Poem

Brush your fingers over my skin

Do you feel the roughness of it, yes, just over there?

Do you see the scar that was left behind? 59 more words