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A Killer Record Collection & PTSD


HA. This was the most perfect daily post word, ironic and universal. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on the daily post blog, but I’m happy to be back and partaking in this community. 476 more words

Personal Musings

Thought of the Day 6

I am usually a very patient person but lately, I have noticed it’s easier and easier to lose my temper…

It makes me think of all the reasons this is so… 152 more words

Free Lance

Thought of the Day 5

People will tell you that your dream is worthless or impossible,

They will keep repeating it is unaccomplishable,

Sometimes even your brain will tell you that. 51 more words

Free Lance

Thought of the Day 3

The world is full of contortions but sometimes walking in a straight line doesn’t necessary means everything is going as planned.

So don’t you worry, the creased roads also have hidden history. 7 more words

Free Lance

Happiness - Flash Fiction

– Are you happy? – Happy? What does that even mean? Is it when you wake up with a smile on your face; or when you look at the world like it’s full of pink elephants? 7 more words

Free Lance

Thought of the Day 2

Tonight I am not going to think about all that happened through the day.

Instead, I will be dreaming of the stars and I will reach for them. 6 more words

Free Lance