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As a students and freelance designer, most clients don’t take us serious when offering us work. My Writing for Visual Media class had a speaker, Professor Ben Hannam, who came and talked to us about freelance design. 268 more words

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I am going to be free.... all the time

Passenger of no ones cargo, the word “Free” is the sailor swimming to an unmarked shore with the hope of finding gold. “Free”. Freedom comes from within, and the shore is the land you lay.- GingerTea.

Under Construction!!

This is a newly built blog/website for my free lance editing business that I am trying to jumpstart so bare with me while I get everything set up and in working order. 56 more words


Φιλία (Philía)

Here, I applied the N+7 Oulipo rule to one of my own poems- (in which the writer takes a poem already in existence and substitutes each of the poem’s substantive nouns with the noun appearing seven nouns away in the dictionary). 254 more words


Natural Immersion

Into the wild we go,

Shed our troubles, wash our skin,

The forest is our refuge,

The river our escape.

We slide through the trees, 74 more words


For you...

Why do I want to drink more

Another sip of this tasteful drink

Another sip of that poison

Toxicating my body

And change my mind… 77 more words

Free Lance

Designing the perfect Logo

Ever since I was little I always was interested in computers and designing graphics and logos. I changed from wanting to code to just making the design when I took a few Computer Science and Engineering class. 307 more words

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