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“What If” Humans Are Spiritual Beings Primarily?

What if now we are living in a time when we are ready for this understanding and a time that needs this kind of understanding for us… 180 more words

Divine Economy Theory

All The Wiser, You Say?

When the seed lands on fertile soil its intended purpose begins to unfold. Weeds will need to be removed and care will need to be sustained though. 196 more words

Divine Economy Theory

Savings, Time Preference, and Future Civilization

Randy notices things and he takes the time to think about what he sees. He is like you and me because he gains understanding by examining and pondering… 521 more words

Divine Economy Theory

Socialism = Declination. It is the destroyer of civilization.

Lurking in the dark is the phantom, but being unsuspecting Richard and Elaham just go about their business as usual. They are in danger and do not know it. 452 more words

Divine Economy Theory

Illuminating Economics

Where is the light switch to turn on the light so we can navigate through the Dark Ages of economics in which we are living? 184 more words

Divine Economy Theory

Use of the Empirical Method in Economics is at Best Irrelevant.

Bert had good intentions! He thought he was being diligent and practical, plus he dedicated a significant amount of his time to these tasks that he valued. 392 more words

Divine Economy Theory

A Just Wage–Flourishing in the Balance

Without a doubt, this past year you’ve heard the Bernie Sander’s mantra “a just wage”. When Bernie wasn’t chanting, Bernie railed against the 1 %, Wall St., corporations and just about anyone who made money (except those on the Left making money (i.e. 121 more words

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