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A Good Night for Trump

Wire: Donald Trump Ahead of Hillary Clinton in Electoral College

Before the debate Trump has a lead in the electoral college. It’s a slim lead because a number of the polls are very close but we do have several things going in Trump’s favor. 560 more words

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84 Percent of Working Class Whites Say Government Doesn’t Represent Our Views

A Kaiser Family Foundation/CNN poll finds 84 percent of white working class voters say that the government in Washington, D.C. doesn’t represent the views of people like them—and 74 percent of whites with a four-year college degree say they agree. 165 more words


A Free Market Economy

Today we’ll have a history lesson. Based on the title above some of the sharper among you may think this is going to be an economics lesson, but based on the current situation this concept may start to be a thing of the past, therefore this becomes a history lesson. 845 more words

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Hayek, Keynes and Friedman about the Crisis in the Eurozone


The financial crisis of 2008 pushed the world economy into a depression. After a year or so many economies, such as those of the BRIC-countries, recovered; the eurozone, however, stayed behind. 2,508 more words

Multidisciplinairy Economics

Why Trump will WIN!!!

Embrace Deplorable!


Trump Embraces Deplorable. Hillary created a battle cry for Trump supporters. If Hillary thinks anyone who follows Trump is deplorable then Trump will use it as a rallying cry. 1,233 more words

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Trump Has Momentum

Here is what this article misses. Yes, Trump has the momentum, he has always had it. The perfect analogy is Trump as a sprinter; he’s been running with 50 pound weights tied to each leg. 269 more words

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Republicans Panic Because Trump May Win

Professional Republicans are in a panic that Hillary may lose and Trump may win. They say they are worried about the potential for nuclear war? How stupid or phony are they? 311 more words

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