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Here Is A Microeconomics Definition Emphasizing Entrepreneurship.

Jenna wakes every day and along with going through her routines she pursues her goals. She has long term goals but also she spends much of her time each day sorting through life’s tests and trials and her memories of experiences throughout her life, all with the purpose of moving forward. 132 more words

Divine Economy Theory

Entrepreneurship In The Early Stages

Take a look at this YouTube video (“I, Pencil” video), this classic tale of how the economy works, and notice how there are entrepreneurs serving at every single step along the way even though the steps in the process are innumerable! 373 more words

Divine Economy Theory

Capitalist No More: The New American Economy

I attended a local forum group yesterday at my local library, the topic was “The Economy under a Trump Presidency.”  The panel consisted of three men of varying backgrounds, all from the area:  an economics professor, a former Tea Party member, and the county Democratic Chair.   393 more words

The Entrepreneur & Civilization.

“It doesn’t happen that way!” is what his friend kept telling him. Whether it was dressing for a special occasion or helping a neighbor with a boundary issue or finding answers to some financial questions, none of these just happen on their own or are magically resolved externally. 488 more words

Divine Economy Theory

The Soulful Microeconomics of Disequilibrium

There is soul food and soul music and the advice to do things that are good for your soul. There is also soulful microeconomics!

That which cannot be seen… 331 more words

Divine Economy Theory

Rip off Britain

The Tories want to shrink the state, if not dispose of all state provision completely and (so called) privatise it. The problem, just one of many, is that we’re still paying for it all. 1,003 more words


Is Economic Equilibrium Similar To Equilibrium In Nature?

What is different about economic equilibrium is the fact that the economy exists because humans exist and humans are physical, intellectual and spiritual beings. Most do not realize or recognize that the highest of these is spiritual; intellectual is higher than physical and spiritual is higher than intellectual. 421 more words

Divine Economy Theory