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The Battle on the Horizon: An Assault on Teachers' Unions

Summary: In a replay of past legal challenges to private sector unions’ ability to organize workers, conservative donors and foundations line up to challenge public sector unions, which eventually may put teachers’ salaries and their collective political clout in harm’s way. 954 more words

School Reform

Only the Market Can Win the Online War for Truth and Reason

With trust in the media at an all-time low, people are looking more and more to alternative sources of information when fact-gathering and forming opinion. There’s nothing wrong with choosing non-mainstream forms of media, and a healthy dose of scepticism does far more good than harm. 759 more words


Brassless Balls

Several years ago I went through a phase of collecting brass (and sometimes bronze) statues from antique and thrift stores. Through working for a company that distributed electronic components, I learned that the price of copper had gone up quite a bit (brass contains both copper and zinc.) This was often a factor in the price increases of certain products. 486 more words

A few paragraphs on the university

1. Last week I attended an event at the University of Ottawa about Free Market and Environmentalism. Although I have steered away from university and don’t see myself coming back to it (to work), I still enjoy listening to some interesting lectures. 500 more words

Slaves and Tyrants

“What’s mine is mine, and what’s your’s is….well negotiable.” Freedom dies by a slow torturous process of compromise.

You may own the building, but the renown artist’s spray paint graffiti is more important than your ownership of private property. 538 more words

Free Market

Open societies need to rediscover heroic ideals

A similar thing could be said about the Church of England. Britain is one of the most Godless countries on earth and yet Anglican and Catholic schools are still very popular because people like the ethos, and parents are prepared to take their kids to church every Sunday to get in.

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