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Take a hike

Hey, it’s okay to talk back to politicians and public health officials. They’re guys and gals, just like you. Besides, they are YOUR public servants, not the reverse. 107 more words


Lesson from Cyprus: Spending Restraint Is the Pro-Growth Way to Solve a Fiscal Crisis | Cato @ Liberty

This is an outstanding must-read article from the Cato Institute. It argues that unlike many other European nations, Cyprus decided to deal with its over-spending problem by tightening belts in the public sector rather than the private sector. 193 more words


The price of stupid leadership: Venezuela is on the brink of collapse

Years of extreme ideology and economic ignorance have consequences.

Venezuela should be a rich – or at least comfortably middle class – country. It has the largest oil reserves on earth.

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Economic expansion in South Asia

* This is my article for this monthly magazine in Kathmandu, April 2016 issue.

Economic expansion in South Asia

South Asian economies are a picture of high diversity in human and natural resources. 495 more words

Saving Capitalism, For the Many, Not the Few

This title attracted my attention when I read it, and I purchased the book written by Robert B. Reich, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and a former member of the Clinton administration. 702 more words

The Nanny State Is Always "Reasonable"

I was driving down Lamar on Monday when I heard a radio ad produced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). State authorities, the narrator explained, enforce the “Click It Or Ticket” law because it keeps us safe and our families from dealing with our untimely demise. 595 more words


The Secret to Success

The phone on my desk at work rang.  Looking at the caller ID, a rush of adrenaline hit when my company’s owner’s name appeared.  He really only ever spoke to me in passing, and had never called me directly like this.   662 more words

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