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Neo-liberal Hindutva: Era of Indian McCarthyism

“Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way it kills them.”

– Jean Paul Sartre, (on the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in 1953.)

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The Worker and His Dollar

Hello everyone, Alexander here again with another economics essay, this time on wage laws, fiat, and circulation of currency, enjoy! (This is part of many essays dedicated to the TA in my history class, you know who you are :) ) 831 more words


It's Not Over till the Fat Lady Sings

The mainstream media freaks out over Trump (and ignores Hillary)

 This is a great article by Todd Starnes. The media thinks it’s over; but it’s not! 376 more words

General Political Issues


If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 3900 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially  54 more words

Common Sense

Are Halloween Costumes Hanging by a Thread?

Halloween, a holiday of self-expression, interacting with strangers, and yes, a time when one receives far too many almond joy’s, is under siege. Too often, those who dress in a funny, scary, and even in a controversial way can be deemed as racist, sexist, and are overall condemned for pricking the sensitive hearts of America? 815 more words


Taxation (and the ethics of it)

The ethics of taxation? What on earth could you mean?

Oh yes, how could I forget… We’re all too busy wrapped up in feeblest fiscal policies and making sure we’re doing the community service, while ultimately forgetting to question whether or not our own community is giving the service back to us.  400 more words