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Good Vs Evil

Roger L Simon published an excellent article in PJ Media. “Leakers and Journalists Are Destroying Our Republic” He explains that there are people within the government who are committed to causing the Trump administration to fail. 955 more words

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Help This

Ordering some people is the joy of assisting others.  At least, it’s that way to feel better about oneself.  That’s the point of helping.  There’s no reason to even check if the money provides benefits.   798 more words

Week 6: Wantrepreneur detector by Noah Kagan

What separates entrepreneurs and “wantrepreneurs”? Many things probably, but Noah Kagan, one of Tim’s co-teachers for his “Starting a business” episode, recommends a simple challenge to find out whether you are entrepreneur material. 415 more words

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Trump vs Tammany Hall


What’s happening in Washington is more than just sour grapes on the part of the Democrats who lost the presidential election. Its more than a left leaning main stream media with an agenda to get President Trump impeached. 419 more words

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On Free Marketers' Free Marketing of Free Markets

“The Free Market creates higher quality products at lower prices” is a tagline masquerading as an explanation, a simplification of a relationship of opposing parties down to one constant result. 3,573 more words

Leftists Support Property Rights When Gym Refuses To Serve Richard Spencer

Free markets leading to discrimination is a common criticism among the left due to conservatives and libertarians views that the government has no place to tell a business who they can and cannot serve. 296 more words


Too big to fail banks are still a problem

by Glen Wallace

A decision needs to be made regarding financial institutions as to whether they are a capitalist private enterprise or a public utility — they shouldn’t try to be both at the same time.   318 more words

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