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(L135) Profit & Loss: The Free Market According to Mises

Mises was confronted with many questions concerning the free market economy. However, amongst his many detailed and sensible answers, one of the most telling responses that he ever provided was to the question of how profit could possibly arise in a free market (considering the fact that every factor of production is paid what it is worth to customers). 144 more words


Vida Express Wireless Cell Phone Service Dealer

Vida Express is run by a company called T-Cetra.  They are a go-between for wireless carriers, and deal in activation of SIM cards and facilitating payments for cell phone providers.   562 more words


An Upside to the Staggering Number of Blogs

There are over 152 million blogs on the internet. Every half a second, someone in the world starts a new one.

152 million is a staggering number, even when considering there are over 7 billion people on the planet right now. 1,023 more words

Random Thoughts

Food Systems Perspectives

As biological beings, we must eat to stay alive.  Originally that food came from what we could hunt and gather and we often experienced times of feast and famine.   971 more words


Free market economic authodoxy dictates that the market is good and will solve all our problems. I just have a few questions.

1. The trees, bees, pandas, tigers, air, sea and rivers and such that make this rock quite pleasantly habitable for us all currently do not seem to be able to attain a better market rate alive than dead and exported & processed. 482 more words

Boss on Your Case

Quitting a job is everyone’s clean fantasy.  Being told what to do is universally disliked.  But you really could walk away from your check, even if it might make the bill pile teeter.   872 more words