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Widow and Mother of 3 Lost House for Unpayed $6.30 Penalty Tax

From the chronicles of, “Why You Are Not Free” let’s take a look at what happens when you fail to pay your land rent to the Government. 1,098 more words

Government Failures

How Libertarians Ruin American Cities with Their Hypocritical Views

By Dom Nozzi

November 21, 2007

It is painfully common for political libertarians in America to ignore the enormous (and remarkably socialist) market distortions created by anti-free-market subsidies for environmentally destructive practices such as unlimited automobility. 401 more words

Sprawl, Suburbia

Snakebites 196: A Barren Land

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00:28 – Catching up. Mel prepping for new job. Scott Ubering swimmingly. John the Blacksmith? 90 more words


15 Ways to Add Value in the World

People love lists and they work to keep my mind steady and in proper working condition. Most lists are not useful to us, but certain lists belong in every human’s operating manual. 287 more words

Souk in the City 2

By demand, we’re offering Souk in the City 2! Right after Iana’s Persian Dance Intensive we’ll be holding our 2nd FREE Bellydance Market at 1 West Ave S, Suite 300, Hamilton, ON.  37 more words


"Greed, for want of a better word, is good" - In Defence of Capitalism

The quote above comes from the 1987 Wall Street and while, the rhetoric is positively ‘Wall Street’ it rings true on a certain point. Greed, within Capitalism, has driven the human race further than its ever been before in an astonishingly small space of time and it is the only model of social organisation that takes humanity’s fundamental component of ‘Greed, for want of a better word…’ and translates it into services, goods and a better quality of life. 610 more words


Why economics a dismal science

You try and you try but still can’t be sure.

However greatly our theories and techniques of investigation assist us to interpret the observed facts, they give little help in ascertaining all those particulars which enter into the determination of the complex patterns, and which we would have to know to achieve complete explanation, or precise predictions.

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