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Rush Limbaugh Fully Understands The Rise of The "Vulgarians"....

RUSH LIMBAUGH TRANSCRIPT […] This is amazing, because it’s their business to know this! It is striking to me how it is that so many of these people in high executive positions in both parties — in the consultancy of both parties, in the media — do not understand the relationship that Trump and his audience, supporters, what have you, have with him. 800 more words

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Rush has it 100% right, after 2010 and 2014 and no change I realized the Republican party had lost its soul! I am a life long republican and the only way I would every vote republican again is if Trump got the nomination.

A Video Critique of Subsidized College


It is often asserted that government student loans make education more affordable or that government funding is essential for thriving university programs. If these assumptions are true, why is education getting more expensive? 39 more words


Does Government Make College Cheaper?

1. What would a free market in education look like?
2. How would people afford education without the state?

Answers on Higher Education:

Higher Education at Lower Cost… 297 more words


Donald Trump Tonight - Massachusetts Presser and Speech (Videos)...

The press conference was good. The aspects of Jeb Bush and Eric Cantor endorsement well placed. The pressure upon Wall Street (Hedge Fund Super-PACs) continues; this is specifically to retain pressure on Jeb’s RNC/GOPe financiers, and smart strategy:

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I listened to both of these videos by trump. If after watching them you still don't understand why he can win then there is no hope for you.

Reuters Polling - Donald Trump Continues To Dominate....

Mike Huckabee has a weird spike in this poll.  However, the biggest problem for Jeb Bush is the continued erosion within the Republicans being polled.  109 more words


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Trump is still way in the lead which is good! The crooks Bush, Kasich and Christie are way down. But I'd like Cruz Fiorina and Carson to be doing better myself.

El Sisi and King Abdullah Meet With Vladimir Putin In Moscow - Joint Terrorist Fighting Alliance - Putin Fills Obama Void...

Remember this moment years from now when everyone wonders why Russia has replaced the U.S. in the sphere of influence.  Egyptian President Fattah el-Sisi met with King Abdullah II of Jordan during a scheduled visit to Moscow.  331 more words

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This is what happens when you put the JV team in the White House.

Common Core Approved - Black Lives Matter Textbooks For Middle School...

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Jeb Bush and most of the establishment republican candidates support Common Core educational standards.   Here’s yet another example of the indoctrination principles inherent therein: 304 more words

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This is just one reason why we do not like Jeb Bush or common core