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Free Market Reality

A “Free market equals a Free human” is a nice catchy phrase.  It implies that there’s no burden of regulation, no government interference, no one sitting in a far away office telling you what you can and can’t do with your life. 482 more words

Gold Goats 'n Guns is Becoming a Member of the Halsey News Network

I am pleased to announce that my relationship with HalseyNews is growing stronger today.  Our crowd-funding effort to build a new media platform launches today with the  goal to challenge the current miasma of ‘fake news’ and false narratives promoted by both our government and their quislings in the media. 520 more words

Halsey News

The Unpopulist Presidency

It’s hard to learn history when it started in January.  You can’t forget what happened in the 1800s if you never learn it.  Those not interested in the dumb corded-phone past may nonetheless enjoy learning the ghost of some old dude haunts the Oval Office.   755 more words

Commie Climbers

In 2017, where do all the fit Marxists go? The climbing gym, duh! Why is this great? Because it makes transparent just how silly-minded they truly are. 248 more words


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