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How To Save Health Care: A Memo to Donald Trump

With the failure of Republicans to pass the Ryancare legislation as the alternative to Obamacare, the critical state of the United States health care industry is once again in the headlines. 92 more words

Donald Trump

Milton Friedman Quote

The greatest advances of civilization, whether in architecture or painting, in science and literature, in industry or agriculture, have never come from centralized government.



I'm Gonna Stick A Pin In Some GOP Nonsense Today.

I can’t seem to look away from the ongoing wreck that is Conservatism in America today. I want to, I just can’t muster the courage to ignore it. 1,048 more words

Post Weakly

All They Care About Is Money

This past Wednesday, a friend and I planned on getting dinner.  We wanted to try somewhere we’ve never been, so we consulted Yelp.  I began sifting through a few pages of local eateries and saw that in a recent review of one of my favorite restaurants, someone had given the place a rather nasty review.   866 more words


A harsh mistress (with apologies to R.A.H.)

The marketplace is not your friend. It’s not your enemy either. It simply doesn’t care. It is one of the most absolutely neutral things in the universe. 272 more words