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What's this blog for?

Very simply, this blog is a place for me to write short(ish) blog posts about my beliefs, why I believe them and sometimes some other stuff. 46 more words


Let's talk efficiency

I’m starting to notice a lot of people use the word ‘efficiency’ in a very narrow reference. The word is most often used when trying to compare the idealized free market to the government. 3,010 more words


How a 100% Free Market Destroys Racism and Discrimination

In the last few weeks I have noticed many people use this argument against free markets: a free market strengthens discrimination, because business owners can discriminate their clients based on gender, race or nationality. 342 more words


Snakebites 210: Uncanny Enough to Murder

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Show Notes

00:28 – Out shooting. Catching up.
14:24 – Another fifty people dead from a suicide bomber. 70 more words


Why I'm a Capitalist.

To understand economics you have to understand human nature. 1,161 more words


The Broken Clock Party

Liberals being right this one time is one of those unique 2016 torments that will inspire flinching in distant years, presuming America survives a bout with whichever shrill autocrat is unpopularly elected.   841 more words

Marketing Boards

Our marketing boards have been in the news recently.  Manitoba has just opted out of the Freshwater Fish Marketing corporation.  Not too long ago, we disbanded the Canadian Wheat Board.  769 more words