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Grenfell Tower represents the culmination of Thatcher and all who follow in her neoliberal footsteps ..... Time for change

Commentator, after commentator have made political links to the manmade tragedy that befell the innocent residents of Grenfell Tower. Within such commentaries the authors refer to the ideology of ‘neoliberalism’, which whilst well known to economists, politicians, Guardian readers and academics (like me!) is rarely thought about in wider society. 1,219 more words

The Times, They Are 'A Changing'

Are you prepared?

I’ve been thinking very deeply about Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods and what it means to the marketplace as a whole. What does is mean for those of us who have businesses or jobs? 376 more words


It’s not artificial intelligence that will spark a singularity, but artificial consumption. That’s the scenario here at Wild Caught Farms. Computers produce useful stuff. They are created by other computers. 232 more words

How the "free market" in toilet tissue tricked you

Sometimes you have to cringe when a Capitalism fan praises the wonder of the “free market.”

For example, “free market competition lowers prices…”

Sounds great, but visit a store and compare the price of batteries from various companies – each one is within a penny of the other. 378 more words



I’ve been trying to get two different possible ISPs for my apartment. I didn’t want to go with the regular options and I’ve been waiting but the customer service of these two other options — Eastern Telecommunications and Converge ICT — are bogged down by other calls. 477 more words


A nation of wage slaves

Recently, we heard two things in the news. First the economy has grown by 3.7 per cent, which is the best recovery in the Group of Seven industrialized nations. 529 more words


We're to Blame

Useless people taking us all down with them is kind of a skill, which should help their self-esteem.  Collectivizing failure might reduce credit. But that’s not an issue for those who never earn it.   757 more words