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Too Few Parties

Is there anything else you’d like to cope with losing?  Could we cede more territory to help preserve friendship?  And would you like a Frappuccino?  Republicans specialize in winning and then acting like the defeated.   801 more words

How Can We Make America More Competitive?

Although it is known as “the land of opportunity,” America has experienced several economic downturns since its founding; the most recent of these was the Great Recession, which began in late 2007. 882 more words


Resisting the Gilded Age under Trump

By: Gary Johnson

It’s like we’re in the Bizzaro-world; everything seems to be the opposite of what it is supposed to be. Somehow, Donald Trump, the con man and reality TV star in the midst of a seemingly endless array of scandals, some of which have been clear violations of the law, has brought his raucous to the Presidency of the United States. 1,318 more words

Degeneracy Is A Product Of Big Government, Not The Free Market

Many on the alt-right are swift to condemn goods and services offered by certain companies as degenerate, blaming the entire capitalist economic order for their emergence. 1,185 more words


Right-sizing, not reckless growth

I am always shocked that political parties continue to promise economic growth as if it was some sort of holy grail. In fact, most of us know that the senseless pursuit of economic growth is going to tip us into tragedy. 437 more words


Bleat the Rich

It’s important to not compare oneself to others for the sake of happiness. That’s unless hating others makes you happy.  Resentfulness isn’t as fulfilling as meeting personal goals, but it is easier.   777 more words

Medicare: The hill free marketeers will die on

A near tragedy revealed to me why calls for healthcare reform will always fall on deaf ears.

My daughter ate a pistachio crumb last week. For most people that is about as uneventful as it can get.

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