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Jeffrey Tucker: Blessed Fish! How the Market Brought It to Your Table

Here’s to fish, and here’s to the technology that has made it possible to enjoy, cheaply and easily, in every household.

Jeffrey Tucker writes: In the Renaissance, painters often featured fishmongers selling fish from tables right there for anyone to buy. 826 more words


Snakebites 209: No Stranger Things in the Sky

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00:28 – Mel’s birthday aftermath.
07:24 – Louisiana is under water.
09:07 – Wisconsin rioting and looting. 33 more words


[VIDEO] Q&A with Fred Smith: 'The Alternative To Innovation Is Not Stability. It's Stagnation'

“The alternative to innovation is not stability,” says Fred L. Smith, who founded the influential and controversial Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) in 1984. “It’s stagnation.” 193 more words


The end of capitalism has begun

This is a great article! It really gives me hope for our #future. For years, I’ve been becoming more and more cynical because it seems apparent that #FreeMarket #Capitalism is fertile breeding ground for #greed and #inequality. 75 more words


3 All-Time Favourite Economic Books

NAME three economic books that have had a profound influence on you and why?

Economics in One Lesson, by Henry Hazlitt, and The Law… 238 more words


Mandatory Maternity Benefits: Help or Hindrance?

In its enthusiasm to enable more women to enter the labour force, the government has taken steps that will ironically deny job opportunities to those women who need them the most. 516 more words

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