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The Idol of Profit: The Barbaric Practice of Human Sacrifice

No graven images may be
Worshipped, except the currency.
Arthur Hugh Clough

The Aztecs are generally regarded today as a bloodthirsty people, in large part because of their practice of human sacrifice. 2,847 more words

Act II: Free-Market Folly: Why Economics Is Not A Science

The Cost of Fast Fashion is the Lives of Bangladeshi Female Labour Workers

As of 2011, Bangladesh has been the second largest garment manufacturing country in the world, after China. The factories primarily cater to fast fashion brands in the global north, such as Abercrombie & Fitch, H&M, Mango, Walmart, and thousands of others. 862 more words

Yin Yang Yuck

Everything is all good or bad.  Up yours, nuance.  That’s all figured out, so let’s paint over all that dull gray. You can sense how subtle our era is by how self-worth is linked to whether you worship or despise the right politician.   762 more words

Results Count

There is a great line from the movie Ghostbusters, Dan Akroyd as Ray Stanz says “I love the university they gave us money and facilities; we didn’t have to produce anything! 1,005 more words

General Political Issues

Is there an Equilibrium for a Free-Market Welfare State?

Sam Hammond of the Niskanen Center wrote an excellent piece analyzing the under-appreciated complementarity of a strong social safety net and free market policies. Separating labor market and business regulation from social spending, Hammond goes on to argue that there is a steady equilibrium correlation between how free a country’s economy is and how generous their social safety net is. 1,880 more words

Political Philosophy

Happy Birthday Naomi Klein, born #onthisday 1970.

Klein’s third book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, was published on September 4, 2007. The book argues that the free market policies of Nobel Laureate… 238 more words



“Left school with a first class pass,
Started work but as second class.
School taught one and one is two.
But right now, that answer just ain’t true.” 605 more words