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The snail economy...

If you are not a contributor to the  Mercatus Center  at George Mason University,  you should be.   It is a non-profit,  free-market-oriented education,  research and outreach organization which bridges the gap between academic ideas and real-world problems.   149 more words

Can markets help deliver justice?

When the senior most judge of the country starts crying, you know the judicial system is in serious trouble. It is overburdened and understaffed, a perfect recipe for long delays in judgments. 619 more words

Free Market

Gig Gagging

Government can’t keep good humans down.  Growth despite it all is the greatest testament to the human spirit in the face of traitorous members who want to control our transactions for our own good.   777 more words

A bit on gender issues

Recent laws have stirred the political community including I saw, with the store known as “Target”.

I recently saw that they “welcome” transgender employees and consumers, and encourage them to use the bathrooms of their own choosing. 842 more words


Post-industrial Ideologies (or Why Doesn't Britain Make Things Anymore?)

A lovely 2011 piece from the Guardian which compares the approaches of Mrs Thatcher, Mr Blair and Mr Cameron to Britain’s deindustrialisation and post-industrial future. It’s got a great section on each approach and also a good piece on why the “rot” in Britain did not begin in 1970- we can’t blame everything on Mrs Thatcher! 8 more words


Capitalism in the 21st century and impact on our financial prospects

Capitalism is self evident – In particular for people living in countries where it is the prevailing economic system. It’s as close to us as the air we breathe in or it can feel like the weather – warm sunny, humid or grey and rainy. 965 more words


Earn $100 By Signing Up for Uber

If you’ve ever thought about becoming an Uber driver, now is the time to give it a shot.  Sign up before May 5th using my invite code, k78ypue, complete (30) trips by May 19, 2016 at 11:59PM EDT, and I’ll send you $100! 472 more words

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