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The Moral Limitations of Law Enforcement

Bridgewater, NJ, January 27th, 2015.

Two teenagers, armed with snow shovels, roamed the streets of their neighborhood. Wearing gloves to prevent leaving finger prints, and hoods to hide their drug worn faces, these ruffians searched out people who were trapped in their homes for one nefarious purpose. 1,016 more words

Education And Constitutional Law. The Goal: Up And Out.

Only the Free Market and Constitutional Law can do this.

Example: I like to cook. So Take cooking classes. Cooking relaxes me and provides healthy food for those around me and social events. 355 more words

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The Free Market is a Unicorn

Anyone who believes we live in a “free market” society is not in touch with reality. Anyone who believes we ever lived in a “free market” society is romanticizing a past that never was. 154 more words

Politics & Society

Harry Potter, subjective value and the magic of markets

Rachel Cunliffe at CapX:

He began, and we stared at each other across the table, trying to pre-empt when the other one would move. £20 was a month’s allowance, and no small amount.

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Not Too

This speech is a Goldilocks moment in film

As I wracked the little reptile brain at the core of my big old bloated monkey brain, I have to say that many of my Goldilocks moments when taken to further review may have been no more than the best outcome given the events that led up to it. 142 more words


After Land Grant Time And Civic Duty.

I ordered residential under the law judicial need done before land grant time for  2 reasons.

Number 1.

Not only is it an all under the law issue but they can not be ignored and need to be treated with important, effective settling here that requires time. 238 more words