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The Morality of Capitalism

The following video is one that one of my priests shared on Facebook. It really points out why (free market…not crony) capitalism is the most moral form of economy that this world has seen. 67 more words

Unveiling the Invisible Hand

In his classic book “The Wealth of Nations”, Adam Smith coined the term “invisible hand” to describe the mysterious force that drives the market economy toward optimal efficiency without any central planning.  561 more words

Adam Smith

Capitalism and its inherent modern day Slavery

Firstly, to start this discussion we must differentiate between Capitalism and Free Markets. Investopedia.com differentiates the two concepts as:

“Capitalism is focused on the creation of wealth and ownership of capital and factors of production… 594 more words

LIFE'S SIGNALS: The noticeable differences that explain everything

Action implications are mental stimuli assessments from one person to another, followed by a subconscious judgement stemming from the other person’s immediate behaviour.

This is not to suggest one should become hyper sensitive to differences in human behaviour or that one should be hyper analytical of each person’s bodily movement. 527 more words

Debate Restated

You can’t argue with people saving the world.  Are you hoping the planet croaks?  I mean, I do.  But I’m a professional misanthrope who cheers for death comets.   784 more words

Freedom and Capitalism: The Cure For Sexual Misconduct

Yes, yet another article about the depravity of entertainment, media and political high rollers! Don’t despair—we’ll cover an angle that deserves more attention: the fact that freedom in general, and… 922 more words

Individual Rights

Truth about Net Neutrality and Freedom of Speech

Truth about Net Neutrality and Freedom of Speech

If net neutrality had been the law of the land in 2007, the iPhone could never have come to market.

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