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What will be interesting is how far the mainstream liberal media, who normally protects the Clintons, will dig and run with this e-mail situation.   It doesn’t qualify as a scandal until its good and hot.    221 more words

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If Hillary falls from grace the issue is how will take her place?

NJ cops bust teenagers shoveling snow without a permit

(NaturalNews) I remember being a 15-year-old boy looking for ways to make money on my summer vacation. The whole world seemed to lay ahead of me, and I wasn’t about to sit and watch it pass me by. 664 more words


Self-Deception - Part III

Am I a passive participant in evil?

Are you a passive participant in evil?

Apparently, the theme this week has been self deception.  Lent has a way of focusing the mind, turning one’s self inward and taking a look at motivations, incentives and what we  1,296 more words

Who Should Control the Prices?

“Who should regulate prices, the state or the free market?”

The answer to this question depends on your point of view. However, whoever is regulating the prices can control the people. 32 more words

School Essays

Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

Private vices, public virtues, phr.

Pronunciation: /ˈprʌɪvᵻt ˈvʌɪsɪz ˈpʌblɪk ˈvəːtjuːz/
Etymology: < pop. var. of subtitle: The Fable of the Bees, or, Private Vices, Publick Benefits… 56 more words


Uber: Why the Free Market Works

Many college students at Georgetown, including scores of diehard liberals, use Uber with joy, crediting it as transforming their lives and fulfilling their constant need of transportation as busy college students. 836 more words


Speaker Boehner facing mutiny after failed DHS funding bill

Speaker John Boehner on Friday, failed at keeping the Department of Homeland Security open for three weeks. His own House Republicans voted against Boehner’s legislation. The final vote count was 202-224. 228 more words


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The only true republicans are Tea Party members.