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Free-market Capitalism: Giving Power to the People

Capitalism has undeniably allowed America to flourish in the two centuries since its founding. It has allowed the free exchange of goods across our borders and provided materials to expand industry. 675 more words


United Anger

By R.C. Seely

LAST WEEK SOCIAL MEDIA WAS IN AN UPROAR over the forced ejection of a passenger from United Airlines. Dr. Donald Dao was removed from the flight by police after he was asked to leave due to overbooking and was offered $800. 907 more words

Americanus Libertae

Criticisms #1: How to Combat “Libertarians Don’t Care About the Poor”

By Luke Henderson

This is the first in a series of articles meant to address the common criticisms of libertarianism. I feel it is important for lovers of liberty to know what the other sides think of us and can adequately display how our philosophy is more effective and why certain criticisms are simply untrue. 641 more words


United Airlines and the Free Market

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen the video of the man that was beaten and dragged from the United Airlines flight.   210 more words

Current Events

Dishonest ways of being dishonest: an exploration of Conservative euphemisms

Conservatives are especially conservative with the truth: the media are the message

In 2004, George Lakoff, professor of linguistics at Berkeley, wrote Don’t Think of an Elephant! 3,582 more words


Free The Market T-shirt

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Welcome to Private Park

By R.C. Seely

PRIVATIZATION… IT’S A WORD THAT MANY find down-right ominious, much of these sentiments have to do with the preception from the industrial revolution-a time supposedly rampant with corporate greed and corruption. 1,120 more words

Americanus Libertae