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On yer bike - a Tory Connundrum

In 1981, the United Kingdom was in the depths of an economic recession.  The Government of Margaret Thatcher was on the point of abandoning its economic experiment in monetarism, but not before it had crushed the life out of the Country’s  industrial base. 510 more words

Conservative Party

Personal Responsibility: The Free Market Vs. The Welfare State (L70)

Which promotes greater personal responsibility, the free market or the welfare state?

The free market promotes greater personal responsibility than the welfare state, by a landslide, to say the least. 155 more words

Government 1A

Why National Programs Are Essential

We are moving toward a 20-hour work week. It is mostly unintentional, but it is happening nonetheless. This gives us an opportunity to make a 20-hour work week the standard, which potentially would improve the country in numerous ways and put us at the forefront of advanced nations. 855 more words


A plug for Steve Hilton and his book

Keith Hudson

A year or two ago I heard of a rather mysterious, highly unorthodox someone whose name I didn’t know, who had been a confidante of the Prime Minister and who had, indeed, been the Godfather of David and Samantha Cameron’s first child, Ivan . 439 more words

Government subsidized Healthcare ALWAYS leads to increased health problems within Society

I was reflecting on this idea today and I thought that it would be prudent to share this theory that I have hypothesized, and get other people’s take on this. 384 more words

Leaving Communism Behind In Their Terms. Symbolism Talk: From Kill Lines ( Communism) To Cold Hard Cash Lines (Free Market).

Fetishes are unhealthy relationships that escalate into Genocide.

Doctors who are an attorney away from homeless, can’t breath. I have learned the can’t breath thing. So these doctors who live breath and die virtually, have something to say professionally. 429 more words