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Dr Copper, The Economy And The Stock Market No Longer In Sync

By Sol Palha – Re-Blogged From http://www.Silver-Phoenix500.com

Doctor copper, can no longer be viewed as a leading indicator, in fact, a name change might be in order. 660 more words

GDP & Employment

The Role of Profits in Free-Market Capitalism, and Why High Profits are Good for a Company's Workers

Whether people like it or not, it is a fact that the production of valuable things requires more than physical labor. (I’m looking at you, Karl Marx, with your Labor Theory of Value and “profit as exploitation.”) This is especially true when it comes to industrial-scale mass production. 1,165 more words


Interview with Ann Rhefn on Anarcho-Feudalism

Disclaimer: This interview is purely a pre-written one for the convenience of both the interviewer and the interviewee. I’d like to preface this interview by stating that I, as an amateur journalist, will make every attempt possible to restrain any and all personal biases from seeping into the questions of this interview in an attempt to offer a fair, relatively unbiased perspective to you, the reader. 3,245 more words


Free Markets and Europe

Originally Posted at AlexMerced.com

Alex’s recommended reading list

When you hear left wing politicians like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton argue for policies that require forced transfers of wealth (high taxes with generous welfare programs), they often cite European nations as countries which have succeeded with these types of policies. 171 more words

Debunking Statism

The rich getting richer, the poor getting middle class

* This is my article in BusinessWorld last November 19, 2015.

There are plenty of papers circulating and arguing that the increased integration of the Philippines into the regional and global economy will result in the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. 512 more words

Florida bills aim to expand health freedom

Two Florida bills aim to expand health freedom. House Bill HB37 was filed by Rep. Fred Costello in August. A companion bill (SB132) was introduced by Sen. 236 more words


How to Solve the Syrian Refugee Issue

Having put aside debating on Facebook forever, I still have to endure others doing it. With the current Paris attacks, the Syria bombing, and the refugee and migrant crisis, its’ only gotten worse. 620 more words

Central Government