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First Principles: Tariffs Tend To Increase Prices For the Items Being Protected

“Measures which serve to abridge the free competition of foreign Articles, have a tendency to occasion an enhancement of prices.” – Alexander Hamilton (1791)

While the purposes behind the tariffs might be well intended.  15 more words

First Principles

Should Teachers Be Armed? - LewRockwell

WARNING! Free market, Austrian-Libertarian economic analysis.


Should teachers be armed? This question is premature. In today’s monopoly law enforcement systems funded by forced extractions of money from taxpayers, lawmakers will answer this question. 287 more words

Bring Those Charters into the House!

Summary: Charters are gaining ground. High time for public school boards, including Seattle’s, to make their peace, authorize a limited number of charters over time, and harness their creative energy. 1,200 more words

School Reform

Who Are The Cronies Part II: Bankers

Kris Morgan 2/8/2018

When President Bush and his administration bailed out banks in light of the 2007 housing collapse, the crony nature of banking was at the forefront of all our minds. 785 more words


Top slice maintained schools?

There are growing reasons to be concerned about how the two systems of school governance; maintained and academy are working. A brief look at the accounts of any multi-academy trust with more than a couple of schools will show a figure for central costs. 545 more words


Karl Marx On Free Trade

In a speech in 1848 titled “On the question of free trade,” Karl Marx concluded with this remark (bold emphasis added).

But, in general, the protective system of our day is conservative, while the free trade system is destructive…

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