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Brexit Not The First or Only Libertarian Breakup?

When you thought Brexit was the best libertarian breakup of all time…

comes a humorous series about getting government out of our lives

Directed to those people who are all for governments, and outright deny any conclusion that free markets work better without much regulation. 146 more words



I’ve been back from an engagement at the Heartland Institute for nearly a week and haven’t found time to pen anything about it, until now. However imperfectly I might have rendered my presentation (I seem to be my own worst critic here) I went away happy and fulfilled. 311 more words

Brook Trout

Serviced Goods

You perform a task valuable enough that someone will give you something for it.  Next, take said something and trade it for a thing or task. 861 more words

Self Regulation

Good Housekeeping’s Seal of Approval, Underwriters Laboratories’ UL symbol of safety and quality, and franchises and limited dealerships offer a few examples of voluntary self-regulation. 225 more words

Rethinking Capitalism: What Africa Refuse to Understand

Ibrahim B. Anoba

One of the arguments to falsify capitalism in Africa by its critics is the alleged centralisation of the ideology around ‘self-interest’ and ‘wealth monopoly’, which to them has impoverished Africa, so far only a few enjoy dividends of the market, plus, the outside question of ‘value’. 839 more words


A Libertarian Paradise.

I know what you’re thinking. Why am I writing a Blog post for “Republicans Annoy Me!”  about Libertarians? Well, quite frankly, I think the Libertarian Party shares quite a bit of the same ideals as the Republican Party. 1,436 more words


Startup Societies are the Future

In the past I have fallen into the habit of talking about the problems society faces, mostly from coercive government. These are real problems of which most of us are aware, and there is copious discussion on these topics in older posts on this blog. 407 more words