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Modern Double Wedding Quilt

This is a follow-up to my Troubles, Troubles, Troubles post on paper piecing a Modern Double Wedding Ring quilt.  Had more trouble as I went on and have not blogged about it because it was bumming me out and I was unsure if I would ever finish the quilt as I didn’t know if it would even come out OK.   1,560 more words

Downton Abbey Quilts

I found myself buying a large set of Downton Abbey fat quarters from Andover Fabrics at a quilt show I attended in the spring.  Now go ahead and call that stashing if you must, but seriously, they were all packed up inside this too cute little quilted bag with a special Downton Abbey label on it and I could see that I would make good use of that bag long after the fabric was gone … :-) 225 more words


A Little This and That

Hello everyone, hope you’ve had a happy, productive week. I just have a few things to share today. I’ve been busy quilting Maggie’s First Dance BOM by Jacquelynne Steve’s so that has taken up most of my quilting time this week. 261 more words

Wool Batting -#Winning

I’m kind of excited to share today’s post.  Don’t be anticipating anything life changing here; small things make me happy :-)

I’ve been hearing about wool batting, reading things about how to use it, how to wash it, whether or not to let it dry flat or use the dryer etc. 556 more words


Where do I start quilting?

There are two main strategies when it comes to starting to machine quilt:

Fiona Schiffl

The Other Side

So far this week hasn’t been very productive. I quilted the other side of the Market Bag, which went better and faster than the first side. 151 more words

Machine Quilting

It's a Finish :-)

I’ve just finished one of the three Block -of -the-Month quilts that I’ve been stitching this year. I’m really pleased with it, love the design! It’s called ‘ 464 more words