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After a gross Amazon review, set your novel free!

So, I wrote an “inspiring, comical, feminist” (to summarise a radio review) chook-lit sort of novel about happiness in the earthquake epoch. That’s Fixing Mrs Philpott… 604 more words



Audric walked through the halls of the ruined castle he called home, his plate armor clanking and the mail hauberk underneath jingling like a sack of coins with every step. 1,981 more words

Chapter One - Snake Eyes

Frank sat alone at the rickety wooden table in the Snake Eyes, his gaze fixed on the entrance. The place was grungy like the bottom of an old pair of shoes. 2,469 more words


Chapter One - The name is Bon

On the far side of the world from Jeannie and Johnnie …

Southern Thailand …

SIS Agent Le Bon crouched behind a concrete wall and pulled out his pocket mirror. 466 more words


Chapter One - rekindling the past

Jeannie stepped into the washroom of The Snake Eyes bar to fix her pony tail. She liked to pull it back tight and high, so that the ends would dangle behind her neck. 1,344 more words


Chapter One - To sleep forever

No one who knew Jimmy and Jeannie could figure out what had made them split up before their second date, which made the story about how they reunited even more far-fetched. 1,078 more words


An Email of Epic Proportions!

Father’s day was just last weekend. For it, one of the things I got was the book “Your First 1000 Copies,” by Tim Grahl. It is a book that I specifically requested given my writing and the eventuality that I do really want to make my writing my career. 711 more words