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Assassination Theory – Part I

by Kirsti Marshall


Thirteen years ago

Kyle Delane flung his lanky teenage body onto his mother’s French Provincial sofa and prepared to watch his father die. 7,368 more words

Assassination Theory Part 1

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The Face of Fear: Chapter 2

Chapter Two

It all started, like it always did, with a shipwreck. This one ended up happening in Indonesia, off the coast of Bali in fact. 1,868 more words

Ruling Felix: Chapter 6

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I scrunched my nose to a tickling sensation. My brain was still lost in the depths of la-la land, unwilling to return, but the tickling persisted. 1,891 more words


Mark you calendars for two promos

I’ll be running two free promos next week! Surviving Valencia and Right Under Your Nose: A Christmas Story will both be free from August 17 – 21. 49 more words

Ch. 23: A Thunder's Echo

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Cade rested on the cot inside his cabin, or at least, the cabin given to him by Ella. 2,251 more words


Ch. 21: A Tear Filled Whisper

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“Sheriff! Hurry on out here.” A voice urged through the dark shroud of his dreams. 1,011 more words