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The Cid Book 1 Chapter 2

Chapter II

A Mist on the River

When the turn of the season came, and the leaves of autumn changed the lush green of the valley to a chromatic pallet, Don Diego came home. 3,652 more words

The Cid Book I Chapter I

Facta Ducis Vivent, Operosaque

Gloria Rerum.

  • Ovid, In Liviam, 265 A.D.

The Hero’s deeds and hard-won fame shall live.

Chapter I

Blood and Gold… 1,560 more words


It's FREE! Is it me?

Today I joined my wife on her stall at the quarterly local Flea Market. A jumble of independent stalls selling all manner of nik-naks and curios. 179 more words

Padma And The Elephant Sutra

Chapter Twelve - He'll get over it

Frank sat in the driver’s seat of Rebecca’s Lexus, waiting in front of the tall glass tower. Robbie and Eddie’s new digs were pretty swanky; with the crash in the property market they’d picked the perfect time to come home. 650 more words

Casino Heist

Feeling Generous? I am.

Ok, so you may not know me. But perhaps someone you know knows someone who knows me. If that is the case, how about taking ten seconds, if not less, to follow this link and throw some goodness into the deep well of human kindness, by giving a struggling author your vote. 39 more words

Padma And The Elephant Sutra

At least a dozen legal and easy ways to download my novel for free.

So, you have read my fabulous book description and remain intrigued. Elephants, empires, and…aliens? You may wish to delve deeper, but hang on, who is this guy? 270 more words

Padma And The Elephant Sutra

Eat my whipped words

Flogging my book is like flogging a dead horse – ff…futile flagellation.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why I am not yet striding the highbrowed halls of literary fame or surfing the tide of moolah, crashing at my door. 389 more words