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Random Rants

Ok so here I am at my day slavery trying to think of ways to live :(

Then I popped open facebook, to see my pal and his awesome new wife posted something related to these:- 112 more words

Free Novel

Random Rants

Monday bluezzzzzz :(

Sooo, between earning my keep to pay the bills, proofreading tons of chapters I had wrote for this novel, editing them and crying from the massive missing sentences, words and I will be d@mn grammar! 87 more words

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Chapter 13 is now live

Hey ya’all waddup!!

Chapter 13 is now live :D

Do not forget to use the compendium.

Oh I removed the heading and logo, makes the site way easier to read in. 17 more words

Free Novel


There is a mistake in the titles on the TOC

Chapter 13’s title is ‘Instructor Wei’

Chapter 14’s title is Academy of the Six Elements… 42 more words

Free Novel

Chapters 11 and 12 are now live

Heylo me hearties!!

As hinted earlier today I jumped the gun and decided to release a chapter today and BONUS 1 more :D

So Chapters 11 and 12 are now live :D… 49 more words

Free Novel

A little something

Ok someone asked me what JAPTEM means … it is not a curse word ! It actually means LOOT in Korean … something I picked up reading Korean Light novels … and I just love it … :D… 18 more words

Free Novel

Chapters are now live

Yo to the world of web novel readers!!

Chapter 1-10 are now live! Read them under the Table of Content Volume 1

A chapter will be release every day from 23rd Aug onwards. 27 more words

Free Novel