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Chapter Fourteen

I have developed a routine over the last few weeks. I hang about in bed as long as possible while Imogen is meditating. I grab enough food to feed an army or at least Connor or sometimes Dylan. 2,582 more words

A long chapter fourteen

Maybe I could have broken this next part of the free novel up into two chapters, but I didn’t want to! So it’s up here  12 more words


Chapter Thirteen

We arrive back at the other side of the loch. The sun is high in the sky although the wind keeps us cool this high up. 1,057 more words

Chapter Twelve

When Imogen and I arrive back at the faerie castle, Connor and Dylan are anxiously pacing in front of the main door. They immediately assume nonchalance. 2,004 more words

chapter Eleven

My feet have a mind of their own and begin to gallop. My lungs are on fire and my muscles burn as I race frantically to God knows where. 791 more words

Chapter Ten

The café is on a busy tree lined avenue. It is the main hub of the Flowerlands. There are shops down both sides of the street. 1,735 more words

Chapter Nine

A few days later a summer storm has kicked up. The wind was gale force in the nighttime, I hardly got any sleep between the howling and broken branches clattering against the window. 1,963 more words