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Ninety Two Acre Lane. Ch 14. Ages 17+

Chapter Fourteen

Francine sits on her white leather sofa, completely naked except for a floral neck scarf covering her lap. Henry has an easel positioned where the coffee table normally is, and is painting Francine naked, the way Poppy painted a nude portrait of the wealthy brain surgeon attending her art exhibition. 2,364 more words

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Ninety-Two Acre Lane. Ch 13. Ages 17+

Chapter Thirteen

Henry holds Francine’s hand under the bleached white 1000 thread count table cloth and eats his main meal with his heavy fork in his left hand. 2,467 more words

Ninety-Two Acre Lane. Ch 12. Ages 17+

Chapter Twelve

Francine is standing on top of Poppy’s seven thousand dollar dining room table with bare feet so that Vera can get the hem on her wedding dress just right. 3,719 more words

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Ninety-Two Acre Lane. Ch 11. Ages 17+

Chapter Eleven

Chris opens his eyes and looks at Daisy who’s still asleep. He tries to memorise her eyebrows, her eyelashes, her nose. He traces her jawline with his thumb and then strokes her bottom lip with it. 4,768 more words

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Ninety-Two Acre Lane. Ch 7. Ages 17+

Chapter Seven

“So what do you do when you’re not at Hobbs?” Henry asks, licking his pistachio gelati in between asking questions.
“I was at RMIT studying music but I have just deferred.” Francine replies. 2,777 more words

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Ninety-Two Acre Lane. Ch 6. Ages 17+

Chapter Six

Fran and Bridie sit in a bar on Brunswick Street with a bottle of strawberry rekorderlig in front if them chatting about their mutual friends and uni when two British guys plonk themselves down in front of them. 3,588 more words

Ninety-Two Acre Lane. Ch 4. Ages 17+

Chapter Four

Three hours later when the photo shoot is officially over, everyone is in the backyard sitting in folding beach chairs, drinking lemonade and eating Calippos in the hot sun. 3,385 more words

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