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There are myriad of activities that you can use for sharpen your mind. One of the most common and interesting puzzles are crossword Quiz questions with answers… 303 more words

Interesting Math Puzzles

In a nutshell I would just say that Brain teasers are the best way to do in your leisure’s. If you like to take challenges then nothing can be better than to solve some Free online intelligence test. 291 more words

The My Online Income System Quiz and Tips

Here you will also get the facility of try your mind at some ongoing competitions, IQ test and an IQ Puzzle test. To know whether your answer to riddles were right or wrong, you may log in at their site and test your mind. 231 more words

Mind Game- Test your intellect

Test your intellect… Can you find the right words amongst the scrambled ones?

Q1 Okeyrwn(City)
Q2 Kasnlria(Country)
Q3 Rubelmp (Profession)
Q4 Dikyen (Part of body) 20 more words

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Who had the highest IQ?

The dominate, rigorously researched, and documented answer (who had the highest IQ) is German polymath Johann von Goethe (IQ = 210), second to Shakespeare in literature, with a vocabulary of over 90,000 words, inspiration to Darwin, with his theories on maxilla bone evolution, mental compatriot to Newton, with his theory of colors, and founder of the science of human chemistry, with his 1809 treatise Elective Affinities, wherein a human chemical reaction view of life is presented, some two-hundred years ahead of its time. 183 more words

IQ Testing

Weekly Webinar Series Provides Unique Resources Designed Specifically for

IRVINE, Calif.–(Business Wire)–
The University of California, Irvine Extension announces a four-week series designed to help parents better understand and more effectively support gifted students. “Gifted and Talented Education Online Mini-Series” will be held online Wednesday evenings between 8-9 p.m. 621 more words

IQ Testing

School For Smart Kids Only

In Reno NV The Davidson Academy has gone in the oppisite direction of “No Child Left Behind”. They’ve said “Few Kids Need Aply”. Students must… 131 more words

IQ Testing