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There Once was a Girl who Lived in a Box

Over the past few weeks I have gained many new followers and just wanted to share this poem again with everyone, I think it represents both me and my blog quite well. 31 more words


Curiosity Didn't Kill the Cat

“I have learned that it is not important to find the answers in life, but much more important to pose the questions that may have no answer.” L.D… 87 more words


Watch Your Language!

The older I get the more I have noticed that Language is in many ways a hinderance to humanity. I remember being a kid and saying a word over and over until it didn’t even sound like a real word. 426 more words


I Am Not

I am not the Lover

I am not the Kind

I am not the Mother

I am not the Blind

I am not the Air… 122 more words