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10 Essential Classical Music Works for Piano | Free Sheet Music

What’s the difference between a symphony and a sonata? A minuet and a march? A concerto and a toccata? Some piano students might lump all of these classical music forms together under the category of “old music.” Learning the difference between these different types of pieces not only increases students’ classical musical literacy, but it can also help them appreciate the pieces’ purposes and context. 400 more words

3rd Grade

Irish Folk Songs for Piano|Free Easy/ Intermediate Piano Sheet Music

It’s no surprise that traditional Irish music has been loved by both listeners and performers for centuries. Its jigs, reels and other dance tunes delight with lilting rhythms and energy. 243 more words

3rd Grade

This Little Light of Mine | Free Piano Sheet Music and Lyrics

Sometimes the simplest songs are the most powerful. Take, for example, “This Little Light of Mine.” The lyrics are basic and repetitive, easy enough for even the youngest Sunday school student to learn quickly. 293 more words

3rd Grade

Top 10 Easy/ Intermediate Piano Solos | Piano Sheet Music

The last post counted down the top ten pieces of beginner piano sheet music. As students advance, however, staples of the beginner top ten list like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Frère Jacques” no longer provide the challenge students need. 644 more words

4th Grade

Zum Gali Gali | Lyrics, Piano Sheet Music and Video

Zum Gali Gali is a traditional Hebrew song that is related to the formation of Israel.  The song was written sometime around 1948. The pioneers mentioned in the song are the Jewish settlers who worked to build the new Israel. 185 more words

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Essential Mozart | Piano Sheet Music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart only lived to be 35, but he certainly left his mark on the world during his years. His compositions rank among the greatest of the classical works, and many of his melodies are instantly recognized over 200 years after his death. 421 more words

3rd Grade

Charlie Brown Christmas | Sheet Music for Easy Piano

Christmas-themed music and movies are two highlights of the holiday season, and classic Christmas movie with a soundtrack full of festive favorites brings the best of both. 267 more words

3rd Grade