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Questionable Motives

Time and time
And time again
I hear your gentle sighs
Never giving voice
To that which guards
Your words, your eyes.
I wait, abated and… 57 more words


Poet for Free

I write poems for free
When I’m out at sea
In the visions of my mind

Taking flight
with wings of light

Wanderer on the way home… 41 more words

About Depression

It is when you see that girl
who used to love the sun very much,
she wouldn’t even miss a day
under the sunshine

now even doesn’t want to get out… 91 more words

Free Poems

Fake poem

Niall O’Sullivan‘s started a blog of fake poems (as well as editing my pamphlet, hosting┬áLondon’s premier open mic night, teaching at London Met University, being a full-time┬ádad and writing a few poems). 109 more words

Free Poems

Johnny Reads his own Poem, and Reacts to It. A pretentious act, but I'm more confused than you think.

Long years driven like stakes.
 I Tried Tried to purify,
 I couldn't wash the film away.

(Where is my Kevorkian-esque mercy killing? Whose cruel joke is this? 724 more words