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World Cities offering differing forms of "Free" "Public Transport"

Here is a list of cities around the world that currently providevarious forms of  public transport for free. This resource is extremely useful for researchers, and for further information on any of the indicated cities all you have to do is click the name and a summary follows. 768 more words

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Stockholm’s professional fare dodgers

For almost two decades a Swedish group of campaigners have defied authority and flipped the passenger-operator power balance by banding together to avoid fares. 1,878 more words

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Pollution and free transportation

Note: the image above  comes from European Environment Agency. The colors speak for themselves.

Pollution is bad for health and many people die every year because of it. 391 more words

Smart City

Germany has the answer to inner city pollution - free public transport??

Cars emit noxious gasses and particulates that are damaging the health of our citizens. The unseen poisons are doing permanent damage to lungs, circulation and hearts. 83 more words


Traffic Jam: Germany tests free public transport

To reduce the pollution and the amount of cars to circulate in the big citiesz, Germany plans to tests free public transport
Germany is proposing a radical solution to stop pollution and traffic jams: free public transport. 126 more words