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No More "NON-GMO" Feed

As of 2018, we will no longer be feeding feeds that are NON-GMO. Oh, we’re not switching to GMOs if that’s what you’re thinking, we’re switching to Organic. 515 more words

East West Farm

People Are Talking About Green Circle Chicken

Why are people so wild about our Green Circle Chicken? Because it’s not the same bland poultry that everyone has become accustomed to.

We turned to the old methods, and raise our chickens more like farmyard birds. 430 more words

D'Artagnan Signature Products

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Thighs

Who doesn’t love bacon? Or chicken?? I especially love cooking with chicken thighs because of how juicy and tender they keep throughout the cooking process! There are plenty of variations for stuffed chicken, but I love this combo of the bacon and chicken with slices of apple, onion, and dijon mustard. 222 more words

Gut Health

Kongeå Chicken and Farm Shop, Vejen, Denmark

Pastured slow growth organic chicken with naturally formed meat of highest quality and superior taste.

Vibeke and Kim Skov and their three young boys Niels, Karl and Aksel live on the beautiful small farm… 333 more words

The line: is it drawn? The curse: is it cast?


Will you get out of the way?

Or lend a hand?

Forgive me. I’m taking liberties with the words of Nobel-Literature-Prize-winning poet, songster and disappointing-live-performer, Bob Dylan. 1,117 more words

Thinking, Or Ranting, Or Both

coconut chicken nuggs

​chicken nuggets in coconut batter

so stoked nailed it first go and why? because I went with pendulum testing for recipe measures instead of fussing with online recipes which all too often are a total let down when it comes to gluten free batters! 65 more words

The Psychological State of an Egg

I am fascinated with the idea behind cage free eggs. Just to explain a little further, it’s not the egg that is supposed to be cage free because obviously it is caged within its own shell, but we’re talking about the chicken that was roaming freely in the farm or whatever amount of space that does not constitute a cage. 91 more words