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Round two: keeping chickens for beginners

“Watch out for Doris” warned the friendly chap showing us around the chicken smallholding at Suzie Baldwin’s Happy Healthy Hens in Hampshire. Alarmed, I pulled out oldest son (who had his hand outstretched to pet the turkey bustling around after us) away. 491 more words

Fort fox(proof): building a luxury chicken enclosure

After the shock of finding that the chickens had all been taken by a fox last week, we decided to fortify the new poultry enclosure somewhat. 406 more words

Roast chicken and other stories

One of my favourite cookbooks is by Simon Hopkinson, called the “Roast Chicken And Other Stories”. The book goes by chapters of different food items – asparagus, cream, eggs, spinach, and, of course, chicken. 541 more words

Field finds: troughs for all

One of the nicest things about moving to a new house is how it can surprise you. Of course that can also be one of the worst things about a new house too (boiler breaking down the week after you move in anybody?). 246 more words

Chickeny Capulets and Montagues

I have to admit to being distressed by our chickens. I am pleased to report that although I enjoy their ridiculously pompous feathery strutting and posturing, I am still able to see them as the livestock they are rather than pets. 299 more words

Phở Gà Đi Bộ ("Walking Chicken" Pho)

My husband and I love eating out at different places. There seems to be a correlation with “hole in the wall” places and excellent food.  After all how does a run-down (dirty) place still in business if their food isn’t good, right? 310 more words

Instant Pot

Supplementary Feeds for your Chickens

1. Watermelon rind

Researchers at UP Los Baños fed watermelon rind to chickens for 6 months. These were compared to chicken given ordinary commercial feed. They observed that commercial feeds can be replaced with watermelon rind up to 20%. 545 more words

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