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The Psychological State of an Egg

I am fascinated with the idea behind cage free eggs. Just to explain a little further, it’s not the egg that is supposed to be cage free because obviously it is caged within its own shell, but we’re talking about the chicken that was roaming freely in the farm or whatever amount of space that does not constitute a cage. 91 more words


My super easy keto-friendly chicken recipe

Since my entire family switched to a ketogenic diet (no carb, no sugar diet), our freezer is always fully stocked with beef, pork, fish, seafood, and of course, chicken. 447 more words


Budget friendly AIP dinner

Happy Sunday, everyone!  I’m not a fancy photographer, but I did a bang up job with this dinner.  It’s simple, took a few minutes to prep and was delightful. 168 more words

BurgerFuel 6320 Guilford Ave.

This is a company store from a chain that started in New Zealand in 1995. Even though it isn’t an Independent we decided to try it simply because it is so unique. 334 more words


Bird, E2

Over a week into Ramadan now Alhamdulillah, and for my first Iftar gathering of the season, I headed to BIRD in Shoreditch to meet some like-minded hungry foodies! 528 more words

Free Range Poultry – Chicken Welfare

More and more people are becoming aware of the horror and distress experienced by caged animals. Many organizations are exposing the atrocities that goes inside most poultry farms. 401 more words

Fencing For Chickens

Cage Free? Pastured? Free-Range? What Does It Mean?

In an age when grocery store shelves and refrigerated cases are filled with food from all across the world there is a growing concern for where and how the food was produced. 563 more words