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Flash Fiction Monday - Not Like the Movies

It isn’t like the movies.

Vampires aren’t chalk white with pointy fangs and glowing red eyes. Sunlight and crosses have no effect and people don’t go around hunting them. 730 more words

Flash Fiction

The Marquis - Epilogue - THE END

It’s true what they say about London – it’s rainy, gloomy, but full of charm. After only a few days here I feel like a maiden who’s eloped with the prince of her dreams to his magic land. 1,418 more words

Fiction Entertainment

When things are real.

This is what I’ve been doing a lot of but not enough of:

Arty n instagrammy.

What else have I been doing?

Writing like the proverbial mother fucker. 436 more words

Writing Life

The Executioner - Ep. XV - In Danger

“How can you be sure Dad is safe with the Intelligence Service?” Worry broke through my voice, no matter how hard I tried to keep it chained. 2,006 more words

Fiction Entertainment

Flash Fiction Monday - Three-Legged Stool

“It’s impossible that Johnny’s gone.” Maureen shook her head, her voice thick. “I mean, we just left the funeral and I keep expecting him to pop up and yell ‘surprise!’.” Her laugh sounded hollow. 458 more words

Flash Fiction

Freed - Ep. 44 of "The Marquis"

It’s heart-breaking, watching Zed bent over the bed where Yvette lies, her face like wax. I would’ve never imagined the Head of Security, the man I once nicknamed “Stone Face” expressing such intense hurt. 1,771 more words

Fiction Entertainment

The Executioner - Ep. XIV - Discoveries

Where was Dad?

I threw the blanket aside, squirmed out of bed – squashing Rux in the process, provoking a sleepy grunt – and rushed to the master bedroom. 1,336 more words

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