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Tradition now to repost this story which appears in Unquiet Dreams. It’s been reprinted a few times. One of these days, I should do an audio version… 1,963 more words


No Escape - Ep. 31 of "The Marquis"

„Her mother had to leave the asylum,“ Ronald Lord Barkley croaks in my ear. “In a plastic bag.”

The doctor gives the signal, and Vivien arches again on the metal table as electroshock courses through her and the news of her mother’s death through me. 1,137 more words

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The Witch's Memory part thirty six

As her pain though great, could hardly compare
To what her people suffered from the boy so fair
A day turned to a week which turned to a year… 106 more words


New Free Read: The Exact Truth

The Bible is full of golden texts of inspiration and maxims of sound doctrine, but Zephene Hammond thinks they’re just words on a page. Although she considers herself a Christian, she doesn’t think those Bible verses have any real meaning in her life. 75 more words

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Chapter One - Created in Pain

Chapter One – Created in Pain

He watched silently as he was prone to do.   The way people ran in the rain amused him throughout the years, and when the heavens opened and deluges of cold water sprinkled down, he was at his happiest.  1,348 more words

The Collector

Free Reads!! Wednesday Briefs – Innocence & Carnality Part 42

Welcome to the next part in my Wednesday Briefs flash fiction serial, Innocence & Carnality! Each chapter has to be between 500 and 1,000 words and this week I chose the to skip the prompt. 1,058 more words

Wednesday Briefs

The Executioner - Ep. IV -A shady past

Previous episodes here: Prologue, Episode I, Episode II, Episode III.


“Elaborate,” I said, frowning to focus.

Ruxandra crossed her arms, searching for the way to put it. 2,234 more words

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