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Guest Post - Equals Series Outtake

Join me today on Helena’s Heat for an outtake with Russ and Stephen as they discuss the Irish Marriage Referendum.

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Flash Fic Monday - Strange Comfort

Strange Comfort

Alex traced a finger across the cool glass, wanting to feel the raindrops on the other side.  The bus slowed, pausing at a light.  418 more words

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Monday Flash Fic - The Marrakesh Machine

The Marrakesh Machine

Eldon’s blunt nails dug into his palms as the Marrakesh Machine rose, lanterns glowing with hues of deep purple, orange, and gold. … 703 more words

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Saturday Shorts: Originally Human by Eileen Wilks

Title: Originally Human (GraphicAudio version)
Author: Eileen Wilks
Series: World of the Lupi Prequel
Publisher: Graphic Audio
Release Date: June 1, 2013… 354 more words


Equals Series Outtake - Stephen and Jeremy's First Meeting

Notes: I’ve had an idea for this scene since I wrote Equals.  Jeremy is such a compelling character for me and I love Stephen so much.   1,274 more words

Age Difference

Flash Fic Monday - Wrist


All around them, their friends laughed and joked.  Some studying, some playing Frisbee, some flirting as they enjoyed the Indian summer day.  They were all oblivious to the turmoil going on inside Sean. 479 more words

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Nell's Book Hunt

Title: Soul Meaning
Author: A.D. Starrling
Series: Seventeen
Publish Date: January 2, 2015
Publisher: A.D. Starrling

Free on Kindle |  … 309 more words

Urban Fantasy