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Everyone has a dog story?

I’ve been mulling over the dog theme for some time. Every child has a dog story. Some will be positive and others negative, verging on the frightening. 561 more words

Creative Writing

Canva for Nonprofits

I am delighted to announce that Canva has now got a dedicated Canva for Nonprofits webpage where you can apply for your free account.

I have extolled the virtues of this design tool in many a blog post and article since I first heard about it in 2015. 202 more words


Knowing who you are -a simple geography lesson

Come on ask my children where they are from. You may get more than one answer, living the expat life means we travelled and lived in more than one continent. 166 more words

Background Sounds and Ambient Mixes

I’m a huge fan of those little details that add immersion to a game session. By drawing both the players and the GM into the world they can create a richer experience for all involved. 114 more words


How to keep them motivated

Hand on heart we can all relate to that problem…right??

I won’t believe for a split of a second that you have never hit the rock bottom… 321 more words

Why do we try so hard?

The day that I realised the fact I was trying to hard I was lying on the beach watching my children play in the sand. 453 more words


What's in your classroom: Potentially everything!

The Weald School in Billinghurst is not the obvious place to end up hearing from a History teacher sitting in the car park of a 7eleven in Missouri but it happened at #TMedtech a Teachmeet focussed on educational technology. 416 more words