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Cool tools for vocab

Words.  Can’t get around to learning them, can’t talk without them.  As Ron Weasley would say ‘Dead annoying, really’.  Learners have to make an effort to learn words, which means that teachers must come up with ever more creative ways to engage them in that process.  698 more words


Basic Korean Conversation – How Would You Say This/That Food in Korean? (Free Printout / Download)

It’s been a whilst since we’re posted one of these basic Korean conversations, so we hope they prove to be a positive re-addition.  As always the conversation is in Korean (Hangul), English and romanized English. 162 more words


Food Webs

We covered food chains last week, food webs are a little more complicated. I was delighted to find this video on YouTube which not only presents the facts in a clear and easy to absorb way but also plunges me into a haze of 90’s nostalgia. 19 more words


10 Dream Symbols and Their Meanings

Prophetic dreams can come to a character for a number of reasons including deity interference, magical psychotropics, spells, or simply their own divinatory abilities. However, coming up with these dreams in the middle of a session can be a bit of a challenge. 195 more words


Dwarven Surname Generator

Find this resource as a pay what you want PDF here


Introducing MissionBox

Working in the nonprofit sector is incredibly rewarding – but it throws up fresh challenges every day. Where do you turn when you have a question about Gift Aid claims, or when you need expert advice on how to engage with your trustees? 156 more words