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10 Free Ways To Grow As An Educator

Every teacher knows that feeling of pure bliss after a lesson was a complete success. Those are the times you are just smiling ear-to-ear as you walk to the parking lot at the end of the day. 1,641 more words


Saturday's Free Resource!

So today is a little different – ETANA is more of a free online bibliography. For those who don’t know what a bibliography is, it’s basically the list at the back of academic books of all the resources a scholar has used to write the book. 56 more words

Free Resources

Do I Have to Wake Up?

Now that the season has changed and the days are getting colder…it is getting so much harder to just simply get out of bed.

You hit the snooze button a few times but you’re just making it harder on yourself. 486 more words

28 Day Self Love Guide

If you’re ready to get to know yourself better, dig into the hard life questions, and live a life of happiness then this guide is for you! 17 more words

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Building Your Buyer Avatar - Part 3

You did it…Welcome to the third and final round of Building Your Buyer Avatar!

If you have been following along in your workbook…congratulations you have reached the home stretch! 241 more words

Free Game Assets - Is anyone interested?

I’ve been interested in game development for many years, and I’ve worked on several unfinished gaming projects (I’m still working on one of them). During that time I had created or half-created many graphic assets, and I think that some of them could still be useful to someone. 202 more words

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Money Saving Tips That Actually Work

Looking for a few extra money saving tips? How’d I know? Maybe because I have scoured the net searching for the best tips and tricks and found most of them to fall a little outside my lifestyle.  1,009 more words