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Silvery Fishtails ...

August Rewards for my Patreon supporters will be available in a couple of weeks!

In August, my supporters will receive a previously unpublished poem about a personal situation that broke my heart but ended happily, and/or a story set in Dracomagan’s world. 145 more words

Freya Pickard

Just Do Your Job

Existing in middle school was hard enough. I didn’t need the extra punishment of public failure. But, at least it led to a life lesson, for whatever that’s worth. 1,328 more words

Young Adult Fiction

FREE Short Story — 1:02 A.M.

Hello, writing world! Here is a short story I wrote back during the winter or early spring of 2016. The story idea came to me one night when I came home from work at one in the morning, having a late night snack before bed. 486 more words

Free Short Story

July Happenings

(Our yurt at Lake Selmac)

Greetings from the wilds of the Pacific Northwest! First, we’d like to apologize for the delayed blog post. We spent the end of June and beginning of July on a family camping trip to Southern Oregon. 222 more words

The Evils That Men Do...

“…live on and on,” he whispered.

Then the hangman threw the lever and the wooden floor opened beneath him.

There was a jerk, and everyone standing in the little dirt square just outside Peaceful Cemetery flinched as the snap of his neck breaking echoed beneath the overcast sky. 8,341 more words


Bubble and Squeak (short lesfic, romance)

Beta read by my lovely friend K.

 Hannah glanced at the tall figure next to her. Seeing Jane on her feet, smiling and alive was more than fantastic. 5,540 more words


Three Boys, A Girl, and A Sandwich

Whenever I mention that unforgettable day at the old swimming hole at Forest Creek, Marty McPherson snorts that he doesn’t care. He never cared. Why would he care about a… 2,267 more words

Young Adult Fiction