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Randa - KDE sprints 2015

So, following this year’s Google Summer of Code, I have now the opportunity to be a part of the annual KDE sprints which will be hosted in Randa, Switzerland from the 6th to the 13th of September this year. 681 more words


Tux Freedom Forces Against Monopolies!

Since I started using Linux, and more specifically Arch Linux, I really enjoyed the freedom of the open-source ecosystem. Initially leaving Windows, I was afraid that some of my favorite programs may not function properly or wouldn’t have usable alternatives on Linux. 431 more words


Getting Started with Irrlicht: Let There Be Eerie Light


As an active member of the Irrlicht renderer community, I recently posted an article on how to set this robust, graphical framework up inside of the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment. 64 more words

Google's Container Engine For Running Docker Containers On Its Cloud Platform Is Now Generally Available

Google’s Container Engine, its service for running and managing Docker containers on its cloud platform using its open source Kubernetes system, is now out of beta and generally available. 329 more words


Married to the Mainstream

After months of struggling and solving simple problems with \heavy duty’ programming tools I finally decided to go mainstream. One doesn’t need to set up a minimal system each and every single time a new computer is bought/fixed/brought back to life. 430 more words


The Colors on the Pallette: A Comparison of Linux Distributions


Tonight, I’m going to be writing about my recent experience with Red-Hat-based GNU/Linux distributions, and whether or not they apply to what you’re looking for in an operating system. 740 more words

We Need a Curated Windows App Store

Like many people, I use my Windows computer for work.   Many smart people write great little programs to do useful things, like convert speech to text, edit the family vacation photos, or convert one video file type to another so more people can see it.  394 more words