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Chicken F***ers!

So if the title did get your attention… maybe this roast will…

As I mentioned before… I’m a huge Jon Oliver fan.  His show on HBO, Last Week Tonight… is amazing.   1,000 more words

Let’s All Be Gay

I hope today is a gay day for all. Let the merriment begin so we all get through Monday smiling – after all, Webster says that “gay” is being keenly alive and exuberant: having or inducing high spirits <a bird’s… 280 more words

You Can't Throw A Brick These Days Without Hitting A Useful Idiot

Why is Communism so chic now?  Can it be that the arbiters of popular culture and the public education system have decided to promote this failed ideology? 368 more words




As of last week NBC’s world news anchor man Brian Williams has been caught in a lie from his 2003 Iraq Helicopter incident and now more possible lies have come to light. 269 more words


Misunderstanding Freedom: A Lesson from Charlie Hebdo

On January 7th, 2015, an atrocious act of violence took place in Paris, France at the offices of atheist, satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. A lot has been said since then about defending our freedom of speech, but have the right things been said? 762 more words


Bill Maher, Charlie Hebdo, Carol Swain & Free Speech

When American Constitution was being written, Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” In 2012, Charlie Hebdo’s Stephane Charbonnier said, “I prefer to die standing than live on my knees.” Two weeks ago, he lived, and died at the hands of radical Islamists standing for what he believed in, the freedom of speech. 2,923 more words