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Free Speech: Discussion part 1

In a recent podcast Sam Harris said something along the lines of “free speech is the last line of defense against stupidity”. This quote rang true with my views stronger than potentially any other quote I have ever heard.  204 more words


Washington State Governor Sued For Removal Of Leonard Peltier Art Display

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

I featured three articles in November, 2015 (HERE, HERE, and HERE) depicting a controversy caused by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries’ promotion of artwork made by Leonard Peltier, who was convicted for the June, 1975 murders of FBI Special Agents… 3,252 more words


Nationwide Trump Marches Clash With Antifa Rioters

Saturday, the nation erupted in support of President Trump with marches spanning the county, most notably Philadelphia, PA and Huntington Beach, CA, where fights broke out. 259 more words

A US judge has granted a Singapore teen blogger political asylum, calling him a "young political dissident"

A United States judge has granted asylum to Amos Yee, an 18-year-old blogger from Singapore, who has been jailed on two occasions for his public views on religion and politics. 280 more words

This week in incoherence - 3/25/17


The filibuster is one of the oddest maneuvers in American politics. It always seemed childish to me…like a line of bullies blocking the door to the cafeteria. 344 more words



Voice bade unspeakable:
Inbursts of silent screams
Through psyche’s chambers.
All activity is here,
Void of course.


Right-Wing Billionaires Are Funding a Cynical Plot to Destroy Dissent and Protest in Colleges Across the U.S. | Alternet

As far-right speakers face loud student opposition at their university speaking gigs, conservative lawmakers in several states are introducing legislation that cracks down on protesters. As uncovered by UnKoch My Campus’ Ralph Wilson, numerous states have borrowed their so-called “campus free speech” bills from the rightwing Goldwater Institute, which is funded by conservative plutocrats including Charles Koch and the Mercer family. 24 more words