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June 2015: The best & worst of times

If a single month can embody the best and worst of our nation, then I think June 2015 is such a month. I was numb from the… 570 more words

Undoing Racism & Oppressions


I want to make a comment about the scientist Tim Hunt, who was recently sacked for making some disparaging remarks about women. They weren’t exactly disparaging but they were not complimentary and although I think his intention was to be funny, they were not. 214 more words


Montana response to refugee plan includes dire warning

Last week we told you that a group in Montana was proposing that the state begin to resettle refugees in significant numbers.  The only state that has no refugee program at all is… 672 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

Twenty Years Later

Hey there!

I am Andrew and I was born in June of 1995 which puts me in the end Gen-Y or Millennial generation. With this generation being about 25% of the US population people need to acknowledge the opinions, views, and thoughts as an important part of society. 81 more words


I am a doughnut...

I started out on this piece with the aim of writing about things that people that say by accident that lead to derision and ridicule but have found after doing some research that I am on occasion a sadly mis-informed person. 342 more words

Free Speech