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10 Most Censored Countries

Committee to Protect Journalists published a preview of their annual Attacks on the Press report, which released on Monday, 27 April:

‘Eritrea and North Korea are the first and second most censored countries worldwide, according to a list compiled by the Committee to Protect Journalists of the 10 countries where the press is most restricted. 313 more words

Mainstream Media

Elif Shafak talks "Turkishness"—and staying out of jail

While expecting the birth of her first child in 2006, Elif Shafak anxiously awaited her fate as a Turkish court debated whether she should spend the next three years of her life behind bars. 429 more words

Arts And Culture

Twitter #Troll @PrivilegeMeans Denies Existence of Burden of Proof

It’s a bit difficult to have reasonable debate with a troll that will even deny they have a burden of proof when making positive assertions of fact. 301 more words

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In response to (and in support of) "Attack of the Leftist Snowflakes"

Please read “Attack of the Leftist Snowflakes” over at Real Clear Politics before diving in below.

My dad sent me the article “Attack of the Leftist Snowflakes” yesterday, and I’m not honestly sure what I expected the content to contain. 433 more words


University of Maryland Bars Airing Of American Sniper After Muslim Students Denounce It As Offensive

A board at the University of Maryland announced it will postpone indefinitely the screening of “American Sniper” on campus after Muslim organizations opposed the watching of the film as anti-Islamic and offensive. 577 more words

Constitutional Law

Persecution and the Art of Writing the return to an ancient problem

The story of the Bangladeshi writers who were hacked to death has not drawn as much attention as the Charlie Hebdo attack even though they share some similarities. 1,075 more words


Review: Russian Journalist and gay Rights Activist Exposes Students to Harsh Realities

When citizens would protest in Russia, the regime would call them queer.

Russian journalist, writer and gay rights activist Masha Gessen calls this “queer-baiting.” She says this is one of the most effective methods to the Russian regime uses against protesters. 526 more words

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