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Climate crisis or censorship crisis?

Yesterday, the Chair of the U.S. House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis wrote an ominous letter to the CEO of Google. For the second time, the Chair is leaning on Google to police and remove “dangerous climate misinformation” on YouTube. 679 more words


Students at Georgetown step forward to take up the #OUTNOW demand in the face of Campus suppression:

Today at Georgetown University the #OUTNOW movement came back on campus, after having two of its members brutally assaulted and arrested by campus police for flyering and talking to students about a Trump/Pence Out NOW protest happening at the Capitol on Wednesday. 663 more words

I Answer Quora Question 'Why is capitalism creating social justice warriors?'

An answer depends on what you mean by “social justice warriors,” or even “capitalism.” Are there legitimate issues in capitalism that people ought to be concerned about? 335 more words

High Crimes, Misdemeanors, and Felonies

Eugene Volokh has a post over at The Volokh Conspiracy that looks at the possibility that the journalists who leaked the Bolton book story might have committed a felony by publishing the government’s “predecisional information.” About a month ago, the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit decided a case ( 268 more words


Rights, camera, action!

Mobile phones are ever-present in our lives. In fact, smartphones have become synonymous as “device” itself. Phones and social media go hand in hand, and unless you make an effort to keep yourself off the grid, social media is a significant part of life today. 457 more words

Human Rights