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Common Arguments Against Free Speech: How to Obliterate Them

Argument 1

But we already have limits on free speech! What about libel? Slander? Or Holocaust denial laws?

Counter 1

This one is a non-starter since laws restricting the freedom of speech do not automatically justify further restrictions. 1,198 more words

General Philosophy

Old Glory not allowed

Morgan Hill, south of San Francisco

Monday the U.S. Supreme Court left intact an appeals court ruling. It argues school officials in California did not… 222 more words


An Insane Bill From An Insane Legislature (SB604/HB271)

Share this and contact your representative today! Yesterday, I learned of a bill making its way through the Florida Legislature that would make it illegal to run a website anonymously, if it simply includes an “audio-visual” work. 265 more words

Cake Wars: Is the Indiana RFRA Coverage Skirting The Difficult Questions Of Conflict Between Anti-Discrimination Law and Free Exercise?

This week, I appeared on the CNN special addressing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in Indiana. While I have been a long-standing supporter of same-sex marriage, I raised concerns over the dismissive treatment of religious concerns over the scope of anti-discrimination laws and how they may curtail free exercise of religion. 572 more words


Charlie Hebdo: the Future Seriously in Question.

Who wants to see that Gob Again? (Sarkozy – UMP Wins French Regional Elections).

Charlie Hebdo’s Future in Question.  

Libération. (Translated/adapted).

In an article, in… 1,434 more words

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