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Free Speech Under Assault

One of my maxims is:

If you cannot defend the right of free speech for the person you disagree with the most, you don’t believe in free speech.

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Critical Thinking

The Role Of Gun Control In Dictatorship

When you live in a country that has guaranteed freedoms and without guns, it doesn’t seem to be a big problem. I can imagine that if such a country slides into tyranny, you may wish you could defend yourself better. 194 more words


Spee Freaks

Stand by for some Free Speaks…

I worry about what it’d be like trying to teach outside of China. I’d have no problem, other than the usual, teaching people who aren’t Chinese, but what if there were Chinese in the lessons too? 248 more words


Snopes and the Babylon Bee.....

First let me disclose my bias, I love satire, especially high caliber satire like I often find in the Babylon Bee. I just adore satire that is even more truthy then the truth around me. 635 more words

PragerU v. YouTube

PragerU – Published on Aug 19, 2019
Free speech is in jeopardy. Big Tech behemoths like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are putting their thumbs on the free speech scale, “restricting” conservative content they don’t like. 41 more words

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This is going to be a rant and i’m sorry. But i’m sick to death of misinformation in the media or should i say selective information. 212 more words