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Free Speech and Political Conventions

These days the blogs are full of someone claiming that the freedom of speech is somehow either being infringed upon or will be if certain people are elected….I have even read articles about how some of the rights of protesters at these conventions have been stomped on by the security people…. 197 more words


Christian Students Left Speechless | Phyllis Schafly - Eagle Forum Blog


Many universities have oppressive speech policies. These policies are usually vague, broad, and open to abuse in the name of political correctness. North Carolina State University is using this speech policy to limit the rights of Christians on campus. 72 more words

Free Speech

The 2016 Democratic Platform: A Plan For Destroying America

I’ve listened to the Democratic speakers this week and have their political platform in front of me as I write this.  There is much that is laudable in their positions – equality, fairness, eliminating discrimination and so on.  1,503 more words

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All you need to know to reject Black Lives Matter

That is, unless you’re insane.

Anyway, putting aside the rabble rousing, pillaging, burning of the very communities they claim to champion and the chanting, “ 775 more words


Simple Rules for Government

The reason this freedom is referred to as “the” freedom of speech is to reflect the belief of the Framers that the right to speak freely is pre-political.

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Free Speech

The Impact of Islamic Fundamentalism on Free Speech

One of the greatest achievements of the Enlightenment in Europe and the United States is the principle of free speech and reasoned criticism. Democracy is underpinned by it. 178 more words


Free Milo, Free Speech, and Social Media

I started “Please Stop The Bus” as a blog that believes in free speech. I was approached by a friend who wanted to contribute to the blog. 1,472 more words