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Free Speech Only Applies to Liberal Voices

Shutting down Conservative speakers is a typical move of the left. They don’t like it when you challenge their beliefs and anyone who does so must be silenced. 452 more words


Is Humour Dead?

This thought came to me, the question ‘Is humour dead?’, the fact I’m even saying this shocks me. What I mean is the fact that, the western world has gotten to a junction where all jokes are taken as serious threats or some sort of Hitler-esque racist attack. 193 more words

Free Speech

What colleges and universities DON'T owe would-be speakers

I’m one of those weirdoes who thinks that, once invited by a Berkeley student group in good standing, Ann Coulter should have been allowed to speak at Berkeley, or at least given the same consideration and attempts at accommodation as anyone else so situated. 1,504 more words

I Want My Country Back.

How Free Speech in the US is Under Attack

We’ve all heard what is happening in Berkeley. After right-wing activists and speakers Milo Yiannopolous and Ann Coulter were scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley, groups of left-leaning protesters stormed the campus to protest “hate speech” being allowed on campus. 456 more words