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Don't make me hurt your free speech

Many have noted that Donald Trump shows all the traits of a serial abuser in his dealings with other people, and now with other nations. (Josh Marshall has… 143 more words


Banning CNN and Others: The Trump Propaganda Machine

The hottest topic among my news feeds of late has been the White House’s exclusion of a number of prominent news outlets; media that have been labeled ad nauseum by Trump as “Fake News,” and more recently in his rather inflammatory rhetoric the “Enemy of the American People.” The most significant networks that were excluded included such names as CNN, The LA Times, BBC and the New York Times. 1,583 more words

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What if they raised Swastika flags in Australian classroom?

A thought experiment

This is quite an old column I wrote for the Connor Post, but which I didn’t realise I hadn’t reposted yet. The thought experiment in this case is to ask, what if an academic infatuated with not one, but another controversial ideologue whose theories had directly lead to millions of deaths last century, was sponsored by the government to roll out an all-encompassing program explicitly aimed at inculcating that ideology in Australian schoolchildren?

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Free Speech

SIX Education Myths: Over-population, Short Natural Resources, Evolution, One-World Government, Socialism, & Climate Change

The Humanistic foundation of US Public Education promotes six politically motivated popular myths in today’s classrooms.

  1. Over-population, too many people on the planet.
  2. Shortage of natural resources, not enough food for everyone.
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Gettin’ Punchy With the Pontiff

My latest for Whale Oil blog

The Public Sphere and the Private Domain in the Free Speech Wars

This post for Whale Oil blog was originally intended to be a much longer article for my…

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In support of Pewdiepie

Everyone else is talking about this guy, so shit.  I might as well jump on that band wagon and give my 2 cents about the whole mind-numbingly stupid ordeal. 571 more words

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Today, the full free press was not allowed into a White House News briefing.  They actually picked and chose who to enter.  Why?  Because the White House is full of liars?   75 more words