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When a Tassie Devil resembles a badger you have to wonder what it's hiding

Over the last couple of days I’ve had an interesting exchange with someone calling themselves ‘Lushington Dalrymple Brady‘. this person acknowledges that the name is a pseudonym, and the avatar that ‘he’ adopts is supposed to be a Tasmanian Devil; to me it looks like a foppish badger imitating an 18th century dandy. 2,134 more words

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You can't outrun what you say

Don’t let your own words or actions undermine you.  Words indict and actions condemn.  Be mindful of what you say and to whom it is said.   284 more words

MacKenzie hijab row: Does Regulator's Ruling Miss Wood for Trees?

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(Kelvin MacKenzie, left with former Sun editor Stuart Higgins. Mr Higgins does not feature in this article)

The media storm over Kelvin MacKenzie’s… 747 more words

The ADL: A History of Organized Crime, Illegal Spying, and Agents Provocateurs

This being the first post on Fearless Freedom, it seems appropriate to begin with an article which serves as a well researched and documented history of the Zionist spy agency, The Anti-Defamation League. 5,945 more words

Free Speech

The Dark Secrets Behind a "Proper" and "Politically Correct" Society

As a “culturally” advanced society and one that prides itself on proper social conduct and politeness, who would think that something quite sinister and malicious could occur. 1,193 more words


Biting Back: Martin Hirst Responds

Biting Back: Clarifications, Corrections and Rights of Reply

Journalism academic Martin Hirst has emailed me to dispute a couple of points in Giving The Devil His Due. 1,440 more words

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