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Learning in Nature

There is a place that exists where we turn when we need a change of scenery. For us, it’s exiting the doors of our home and feeling the Earth under our feet. 1,043 more words


Don’t say it, lest they put you

In prison

With nothing to write with and

No intake paper to tear up into small pieces to make kinesthetic words… 104 more words


Its Ok Not to Forgive. We Need to Forgive. What's True?

Society communities, support groups, yoga philosophy is built on forgiveness. This idea you will feel more complete more whole, less pain, less stress.

What if I don’t? 1,036 more words

Clear Mind

Do I Look Like I Need The Bird Whisperer?

I’ve always admired free spirits and those that march to the beat of a different drummer, but after recent bird encounters I am beginning to wonder if a bird whisperer is necessary for some of the free spirits soaring around.   120 more words


Putting Your Best Foot Forward

September is here which means back to routine. For many of us that means going back to school and working our ever-so great part-time jobs. But how about when school is done and you’re looking for that full-time job or to start your career? 664 more words


All in the Family | Tarot Tuesday

This weeks reading is really interesting. Quite frankly, it gave me goosebumps with how synchronistic it turned out to be.

What I found so amazing about this reading is that an entire family has surfaced. 389 more words

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