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“Wildflowers can’t be controlled, and neither can the girl with a soul boundless as the sky, and a spirit as free and wild as the ocean.” ― Melody Lee

Very Alone and It's Okay

I am an introvert, I always have been and always will. As a child I was always by myself reading in my room when my siblings were outside playing together and I was totally fine with that. 353 more words


Day 21 of Poetry Challenge

‘She’s the strangest girl I’ve ever laid eyes on.’

Petals dry up faster in the cold

The sun makes you glow

For every time we laughed at darker melanin… 94 more words


The young girl apologised to me as she expressed her thoughts, “he spoke to you like a little girl!” I had been careful whilst speaking up for her not to be challenging, determined to maintain my stance without many words. 332 more words

Free Spirit

Always A Free Spirit.. #FreeBird

No matter the turmoil that life hands me or how the hand I’ve been dealt may effect me at times, none of that matters because my spirit has always been and will always be free… #FreeBird

Harsh words on tender hearts go much farther than one may see or think. Anger is stirred with cruel words or unkind words said by loved ones. 192 more words

Free Spirit

zOO's Travel Log [ICELAND]

We are a wanderlust couple who loves traveling to see more of this world, doing new things, explore to fulfill our souls and enjoy our life to the fullest. 60 more words