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Recipes: Dishwasher Powder, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Fruit/Veggie Wash

My husband and I make our own household cleaning and personal care products. We make them ourselves because of the chemicals/ingredients in store-bought items and also because we love saving money. 345 more words


Treasure or Trash

It is fascinating how what is considered trash to one person is priceless treasure to another. Antique shops are often full of things that many may look at disdainfully and yet many others will treasure, willingly to pay large sums of money for. 127 more words

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 The Bitter Pill

The “bitter pill” refers to that which is beneficial but hard to ingest. This may be truth that needs be heard or distasteful medicine to treat an illness. 198 more words

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Source of picture: https://thedivinereality.org/2016/09/21/awakening/

Are you here?

Are you here in the present moment without thinking about any other story but “NOW”?

Being in the moment can be a great feeling. 91 more words


Signs of Life

Following a harsh winter, it was heart warming to see signs of a new season, warmer and brighter, signs of life as spring set in. Hopes of days out and about, in the coming months, brightened my face with a smile. 178 more words

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Car engines have capacity, washing machines do too, computer specifications state the limitations, every human has varying limits else will stop to be.

It will deemed fool hardy that a man try to lift a truck, except of course in exceptional circumstances or under supernatural influence. 138 more words

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Finding the wonder

Yes, it’s the middle of March and we’ve been hit with a major blizzard here in northwest New Jersey. It may not be what you had in mind. 42 more words

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