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Magnificent Mermaids introduces women who make things happen. Their projects & ideas reach from action in feminism, spirituality, sexuality, equality & social change through very different means. 129 more words

Free Spirit

We Came For the Ketchup Chips - Part 1, Chapter 9

This is a continuation. Read the first post here.

Emily and I were curious to check out Vancouver. We took a straight shot north, through Oregon and Washington, but barely stopped in either state. 843 more words


Across Tangential Fields

Even though I have shed convention, a firm hand must be kept on the reins.

“Feel Good Writing Ruts” are particularly dangerous for me.

Staying on plot, I’m rolling along when suddenly I get a little full of myself. 56 more words


Happy Valentines Day

This has become an annual photoshoot with my Senior Model Reps and it’s one I’m always sure we’ll be laughing until it hurts. Do what you love. 32 more words

Free Spirit

Exploring San Francisco - Part 1, Chapter 7

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This is a continuation. Read the first post here

The next day Emily asked me how important I thought staying in San Diego was. 652 more words


With a billion stars all around..

Peaceful, easy feeling – The eagles..

The last day of the tour…and my favourite.

Imagine, if you will, a day filled with Mimes and enchanting tunes from crystal glasses filled with different amounts of water. 403 more words