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You fell asleep
with your head on my lap
after asking if it was okay—
like why the hell wouldn’t it be.
I didn’t sleep, no. 270 more words



No rules holding

onto me

You can’t dictate

You never will

I have been all

over and hurt

Stronger I avoid

senseless mistakes

I am above it… 46 more words


23/ September 

My dearest self,

I am hugely sorry about everything. I am sorry i let you down. I am sorry i involved you in a fucking drama when all you wanted was a new beginning.. 96 more words


Simplicity in a word or five?

Some things aren’t anymore

Nothing is cut and dry

No clear cut answers

Is simple, simple?

Is easy, easier?

Is life fair?



Peace… 47 more words


Once Upon...?

A recurring dream?

A mind wiped memory?

Always the same

you and I…

All good memories

Laughing and loving..

Now an empty

Melancholy shell am I.. 60 more words


Silence...you're not crazy:)

Shh be quiet…

Working those


Deafening to

feeling deaf

Nothing gets


Not a word

Not a squawk

No fluttering

Also bosses

In a bubble? 50 more words


If I am failing I just am

I have waited and tried small action and I have messed up as I am human, especially after bad news. So, mistakes aside, I have been busting my but and it will eventually pay dividends as i am positive of that. 15 more words

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