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A good thing to have morals but

a bad thing to be convicted

While we aim to be better people

we do make mistakes

We hope in this time to be better… 51 more words


Well conceived plans

They are well planned out

They have a general idea

They have rules to live by

Yet they can still fail badly

Yes there’s reason for this… 32 more words


First of December

Tick… tock… tick… tock… 

‘Clickety tock… tick… tock…’ was her first thought soon as her mind fully awoke. She had awakened from the incessant ticking of the clock–the mundane humming of which had one day become the first thought of her every waking moments. 1,354 more words

Comeback Thingy

Once upon a time seemingly not long ago....

I lived with  woman and lived just so

I only was with her

Just so you would know and I am true

to any I am with so? 82 more words


My heart's always on my sleeve...

I always tell you

and I show you

Yet you doubt me

never believing

Why is this so?

no reason…

You and I fight and… 248 more words


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Could I have missed HER???

I do not go out looking for love

I feel it will just happen

A chance meeting while

picking up Acorns or while

staring at the stars that rain… 194 more words


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Those with suspicious minds

They are paranoid as their past

 gives reason

Some are loose in the head and

that gives them reason

They are jealous, afraid for their… 74 more words