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Time When I Almost Had You

Remember that time when I said, “I love you.”

And you said, “Really? Is that true?”

Indeed that was true,

Though I lied, saying, “No. But what a fine thing to do.” 75 more words

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Have You Forgott'n?

I remember once, you said, “Do you hear the tolling of the bell? The tinkling of the water, in that oh so deep a well? 149 more words

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The wrong things had justified reasons.


Train of Thought (Freestyle Poetry)

Damn… I don’t what I’m going to do.

Because lately I’ve been drifting through life,

Everythings kind of filtered through a drab blue,

That is… until I look at you. 1,008 more words



“What strange name you have.” Lunaria said, yawning as she spoke—to which, the person referred to chuckled, and in return said, “And you think yours isn’t?” 162 more words

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Free/Style: On Finding Home, Health, and Heart

We are all striving to find a unique sense of home: that sacred space where we can just be. It’s a privilege, really, to be afforded the opportunity to create such a place. 286 more words