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I Won't Dance!!!

Without my partner

Without my heart

Without my better half

Without YOU

You know who you are, don’t YOU?

I’ve been hinting a while

You know I can’t dance without you… 72 more words


If I said the next woman I lay with would be my last...?

Would there be a line?

Would there be crickets chirping?

Tumbleweeds rolling by?

Know in this, I have female friends…

No worry but they are my binoculars… 139 more words



I’m thrown here from the winds

I’ll see your appearance if you stop hiding

That hair swirls around me

It’s driving me insane

It is all over and disheveled… 255 more words


My next mistake

Is it you?

Do you make the cut?

How are you good enough?

What makes you think so?

How are you so cocky to step in here? 67 more words


I was interviewed a couple of days ago, interesting

I had a green school kid who saw my blog, recognized me on my errands and she asked if she could interview me as she had a couple of different assignments for her summer program and one was to interview INTERESTING PEOPLE, holy crap, I am interesting to a 10th grader? 143 more words

A Good Mood

To my detractors: "KING KONG AIN'T GOT SHIT ON ME"

You want to lie and say who you are not

I walk through scorching coals while you lie

while you spy

as I fry

You don’t think I know… 157 more words


I don't know who I am or where

I go in and out, the view always changes

The layout and the temperature

I’m freezing, I’m sweating

I am shackled one instance and can’t get up… 132 more words