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Yamaha Motor Show 2015 Hadir di Jayapura

Maksud hati berbelanja di Ramayana Mall Abepura,ternyata di sana sedang di gelar acaranya Yamaha.

Yamaha Motor Show 2015.
Acara ini sendiri,kabarnya di adakan di 1500 titik so seluruh Indonesia,termasuk Jayapura. 137 more words


You hit like a girl

“You hit like a girl.”

I wanted to tell her that
when she came up to the register
with her arm in a cast
because she broke some of her fingers… 446 more words


Free Radicals and the Impact on Human Health

He doesn’t need to win the hill
He needs to win his own country
Eighty percent want to see you do well
With the other twenty liking to catch you off guard. 359 more words


Where is Your God, Gerard?

Unsuspected cancerous lesions
No one person can fill all needs
If you think that
You must not have reached the Age of Reason
While seizuring for beliefs unknown… 55 more words



Speaking simply and from the heart
I am merely a snippet of you
As you are utterly made up
Of complex body parts.

A brief flash… 17 more words



I frequently baptize myself
when no one else is around.
Christening myself with a halo of Universal knowledge,
I try not to drown
While pulling unusable pieces of myself out… 12 more words



Some dreams,

Are meant to make

Fear of God

Pervade into you

The others

To coax your aspirations

Out of their hiding place

Into your true reality…..