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The Love (one-sided)

He holds his heart everytime

She enters the room;

His sticky eyes on her,

Ignoring people around,

She was one of the best reason,

Taking him to school.

SC Anonymous

Music Alert: Street is a kinda freestyle_by_Fresh-bowy_Kaluzy_and_Rokno

IT ANOTHER HOT ONE FROM THE STABLE OF FRESH_MUSIC_EMPIRE ……. Titled Street is a kinda freestyle….. Just anticipate for link dropping soon….


Drip Tock

Is there a lost and found for humans?

I’ve lost myself in every sense of the word

My will, drive, determination

The very traits that made me tick… 149 more words


The Well

The room is blurry as I try to see

How to pull myself out {…}

Out of this hole

Deep, empty, desolate

I climb near the top but slip… 125 more words


2:o4 am

Indeed, there is this guy I’d dare not name,

Who I knew to be thin, when my gaze first alighted him,

‘twas five years ago, 106 more words

'round The Web Photo

You Chose The Wrong Grass

You don’t rule me so you can’t scold me

Where have you even been?

Hellbent on fulfilling your selfish plans

I never mattered

The only one that matters to you… 24 more words

Free Style

I am all out...

Yes this goes to a song

But I am all out without you

My life was worth living but no more

Yes I put you up extremely high and I… 23 more words