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Quiet mornings

Quiet is the morning sun,
That rises over the roofs,
Of homes nestled in the
Small town.
Dawn blossoms in gold,
With hues of pink and orange, … 20 more words


I find myself

I find myself
Trapped in the darkness,
Struggling to escape,
And be in the warm light.
I find myself,
Trying hard to breathe,
Gasping for air, 31 more words


End of the Night

Distant sounds of the night
As the stars shimmer in the black,
And the wind breezes through
With its chilly caress.
Trees sway in the cold breeze, … 56 more words


My Happiness

I look around for my joy,
I look around for my peace,
I look around but cannot find
What makes me happy.
I try so hard but I fall, 60 more words


Life’s Struggle

In the real world life is a struggle.

We have sweet moments.

Moments life gives us a break.

But the other times we struggle.

Not everyone shows the struggle they go through. 109 more words


The land taken me back

Filling with fond memories

My heart sings It’s time to go

Feeling being tortured between choices

The old ones are going to be lost… 58 more words