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She keeps her darkest secrets
Hidden in her cedar chest
Resting at the end of her bed

Longingly she wishes to escape
The horrors that she keeps, too, safe… 75 more words

What Is iT

I am the salty sweat of the sun’s tears
I am the droplets of the thorns plucked
I am the blood of a rose taken and cut… 49 more words

Influence or Imitation

I see you reaching to turn the page past
I see you bequeathing a grimace
All I can do is wickedly laugh
Stop reading so much & drop your mask… 108 more words


Cherry toes, pointed gingerly so
Daintily sliding on white stockings
Upraised slightly high on her thighs

Strumming her fingers on their underside
Making sure the lace is in a purfect line… 108 more words


A numbness to cross your soul
Feelings are all lost; you out of control
Needing to know your alive; so, you bleed

Your treacherous tears flow… 120 more words

Here Kitty!

A streak of jet black
Skirting around corners
Just within your night vision sight

Her eyes, you become, easily mesmerize
Her green jewels, you spy… 81 more words

One In A Million

Lust me 
Love me
Take me 
Touch me

Taunt me
Tease me
Tempt me
Teach me

Kiss me
Lick me
Bite me
Delight me

Caress me… 11 more words