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Journey To the Depth Of Your Soul

Part three

           Summer vacation has ended and it is time for Ella to go to her college and resume her studies. Today, Ella has a lecture that she really enjoys. 617 more words

Free Style

Impossible dreams

To push past the scary part and go on

It seems nightly I am waiting to sleep

To fish out of in live nightmares

I end up with real seeming memories… 873 more words


The Clash of The Titans

Well not really, one the big kid on campus is a regular or small person towering over Lillyputians. This little giant thought he was on to victory when an unseen before beast was unleashed towards him. 156 more words

Free Style

Words from a Poetess's diary

It’s when fickle words conquer my mighty memory’s case
When my eyes bleed poetry, that stains time
Somewhere pouring fiction, reality hides underneath
And I search for love, that is gridlocked in the dusty avenues of my soul… 62 more words


Worthless am I

A hack, family dissing me. but they did when I won championships while they pushed forward in school (1) or simply couldn’t mean anything to life then and I did come home after being sick and it was was planned that I would have different plans than college and I did what I was expected  and more. 72 more words



Was atop a bed with an electrified feeling good and right

Nothing a whisper to be dirty said here as it is just night

Why is it that  oh it’s night tight, you must be? 40 more words

Free Style