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InTOXICating Anger


It’s like a wildfire.

One small sparks can cause so much damage.

Quickly to spread.

Hard to put out.

It can be so intoxicating. 172 more words

Tea For Two

I cherish this very special day; today & always
To rest our souls; our troubles, less hurried
I bequeath my heart, to you to love; not to worry, 28 more words

Crashing Wave

Sometimes if feels as though I’ll never get past this places and space in life.

I’m fighting.

Im holding on.

This hole is deep, and I keep slipping. 150 more words

There is magic in the air

There is magic in the air,
With a moon shining bright,
Something is bound to happen
On this dark and cold night.
Something that is eerie, 69 more words


Freestyle Pt. 4

“Their was this young white man who lived a little outside of Crenshaw Boulevard, slinging dope in the projects making them from his trailer home just trying to feed his mom. 440 more words


Rhyme It

Dabbling in her words
Not sure what’s felt or heard
Sometimes it can feel so absurd
Trying to write like a songbird