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Getting ready

I am now attempting a new readiness

for what?

Does it really matter for what I think?

but it does

It means I am trying to be me and in… 58 more words


Can't stop the feeling....

I’m lost in emotions

I am set in my ways

It is no surprise to be this way

My pocket has some Kleenex

My nose can run at times… 57 more words


If I die before I wake...

There’s nothing left of me to take

No more rules

No more lies

No deceptions

No other nonsense

I’m away from pain

I’m free from the fall… 53 more words


I've fallen

Gone from the big fish in the

small pond

To the water drying up and me


The top of the line model to being… 44 more words



I have been for some time

myself, my sister but also

my uncle

He is only a few years than me

but he has had now 2 seizures… 24 more words

Free Style


It seems so simple doesn’t it?

It appears effortless

Yet to hold a stance is athletic

Yes they can’t even tremble

Nope there are no cramps… 60 more words



H aving aches and pains

U sually I back down but…

R eady to push past the soreness

T ime to fly and move forward always… 36 more words