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Trees and shade

Out here there’s nothing more valuable at home

you need the o2 and the shade

and if your super cuts your, you are pissed

Then again it is too hot to screw, sad but true, though… 57 more words


How could I?

Word press forbids it, relationships

oh no I can’t have one here?

No WP Polices the site for any odd

notifications between us???

Wow, is this a foreign land or time? 116 more words


Except from my book

“I-i don’t want to be here,not anymore,” her arms were wrapped tightly around her shoulders. She was shaking with anger..and hurt. I stood there, my arms limp by my side, and my mouth dry. 167 more words


Tomorrow is just a day

I mean come on, what is with the


A small deal worth nothing to


But it is the cog in the wheel now… 72 more words


Me in a word or 5

Loyal to a TEE

Just you and then me

You come first

I try

I keep trying

If I screw up

I improve

I am here for you… 80 more words


The tables call you....

The fierce reality is the air

pumped in to keep you

living for one more bet

The mazes the carpets make

allow you to get trapped… 113 more words


Free Style.


Grandmaster Melle Mel and the Furious Five – Free Style (1989)