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Cold and Windy in a word or Five

Have to bundle up

Three layers on a bike

Wind doesn’t help

Errands in wind and cold

It’s gonna suck

Ill freeze and be sweaty… 18 more words


Truancy in a word or SIX

Staying out of School

Leaving to go but no Show

Refusal to Attend

Merely absentee just because

Staying with Friends

Getting in Trouble

You’ll get Caught





Lost in A World

Between sharing online

Then work becomes your loss

Not much work though it is different

I find myself hidden between websites now

This and that allow the changes and new… 40 more words



I have seen you before

Your words, I’ve heard in time

The ability to get past a swear or prayer

Even if you don’t believe it does happen though… 35 more words



Humming birds drunken with the idea of love
Mesmerized by the melodic songs
Apparently lost in their own fancy world behind the wall
Such blinded souls by the theory of free fall… 54 more words


Tuesday Tunes - Poetry Through Music, #5, 2016

He was seeking a thought, single seed of creation

come from within, self-made, no divine inspiration

put forth smugly in vein intellectually blessed

so as to differentiate, separate one from the rest. 196 more words


Dissection of Me:

There is an arm here but only the lower half

Across the room the upper

half a foot on the CHAndelier

holding open the fridge… 86 more words