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Issues, issues everywhere...

Unable to get help.

Try as I may and am merely

turned to another number.

This goes on and on. The same

with doctors, referrals and… 69 more words

Free Style

Time to come out

Lurking, slithering, spitting

Letting out horrendous hisses

Having men turn into big babies

Wanting to rip their throat thoroughly

Having talons to deeply pierce pupils… 21 more words



As if you are held by strings from above

The skies never value as neither your ability does

You sing to a tune, dance and walk to impress… 80 more words



L esser times wishing for more soon…START

O nly to hit a snag, snafu or a simple stop…WITH

N ever the same path but the same result comes…SIMPLE… 55 more words


Freestyle Friday // 001

It’s been over 15 months since the Freestyle Friday series started. In honor of spring, I thought it would be dope to refresh the series—a little pruning if you will. 221 more words


Understand and help the frail in a word or five

Easily injured, delicate and soft

Feeble without injury or sickness

Extremely fragile

Flimsy and harmed easily

Certainly rickety

Generally unsteady

Causing them to be oversensitive… 85 more words

A Good Mood


I shiver from the breeze, maybe just from the want of you being near me, I pull my clothes closer, but it’s not enough, I need more, your touch. 216 more words

Finding Yourself