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I’m scared of forgetting
Too scared of remembering
All of you and me
All that we could be
If I close my eyes
Will you appear in front of me… 48 more words


The world gazes at me

The world gazes at me
through different colored lens, s
sometimes it’s rosey,
sometimes it’s grim.

But the world I stare at
has some hope… 60 more words


Tomorrow I'm Bruce Banner

Last time this happened I was locked out

I thought

I was able to get back in but not here

I’m told

I’ll hope to run out in the early morning… 71 more words

Free Style

Forgot in a word or five


I did lose that thought

I won’t admit it though

Sad isn’t it?

But I won’t

Do not diagnose a condition

Even though you are worthy… 68 more words


Sometimes your actions are to protect others

Sure we can say and be despicable, we few are made that way

we do it on purpose?

Have you ever realized some things are wrong that need to… 192 more words


Lilies in her hair

Exquisite flora fits her cheeks so well

dies inside to be in her way

She seems to always find my path on

a daily romp around town… 139 more words


I am afraid

I do not wish to see myself

I destroy all mirrors

I have become a monster

Though it is in my head

This still does not matter… 60 more words