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Your Happiness Is My Occupation

To find the words to sing

That speak of my love for you

Would be like discovering a needle amongst straw […]

Instead, I’d like to show you; 84 more words


Birds Were Made To Fly, I To Love

If my life consists of doing nothing but all I can to make you happy,

I will be the most joyful

If I could spend every minute of every day… 103 more words


Why Do I Still Care

I held you in my hands
Touched your pretty face
Tried to kiss your wrinkles away
Tried to tell you I’m here to stay
But I guess you had other plans… 49 more words


Freewrite #1

Comments and feedback always wanted! :)

Once in a great while when I’m alone wherever I may be, I stop and look up at the sky. 140 more words

the sky softly cries

clear drops of tears

flow smoothly on my skin

the cold feel of each plummet

soothes a heap of tension

the warmth of the sunny… 26 more words


excerpt from Tucson free style

It has been a while since I have used this blog space. Actually, I think I have had this for almost two years, and this might be my first post. 251 more words

Free Style

Damn Right I Am

but it was dark in the garden

the night was thick

it blotted out the light

inky, inky night

with cut-out stars

and ribbon winds… 137 more words