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rush out

hurry toward backbiting

sheer off my lips for comfort

hand over

gleefully beg inspection

stomp my own windpipe for fear

hush – lullaby – condolences… 44 more words


Home Is A Feeling

Homesick has always been different for me

I never felt it when away from home

Home wasn’t somewhere I felt safe, or like I belonged… 64 more words


A Night In The City

Suddenly you appeared
You talked all night
While I listened carefully
Like your biggest fan would
Mesmerized by each word
Lost in your big blue eyes… 28 more words


What I Think About "Biting" in Dance Styles

What I think about people who say they are inspired by someone and do what they do.
You are your own person. Its perfectly normal to be inspired by someone-inspiration is a great thing. 400 more words

7 Vignettes


Vignettes is an image that go along a theme or idea, they are also really fun make and really look great on Instagram! Interiors Addict… 88 more words



Shall I compare you with mighty mountains?

’cause they bow down to the skies

and touch the patient waters,

just like how you pray for me, I sense. 62 more words



There was still metal, melting in my soul

it stung

as it hardened into solid gold.

And there were rocks

The gray-skulled demons of my forest heart… 35 more words