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A moment in time.

It’s been a little over a year since I last felt your warmth.

It feels like much longer since that day.

I miss you.

I am a place that I feel you though. 178 more words


Silky hair like waterfall, skin as fair as white dim,
She’s like a mannequin.
Bright stars as she stares, she looks so feminine,
Damn, she seems like has no sin. 193 more words



Setiap pagi terbangun dengan rasa sepi.
Mendera diri dengan kata-kata,
“Apa gunanya aku ada?”

Jatuh terus tanpa pernah bangkit.
Semua ada namun kenapa
Hanya merasa putus asa? 105 more words



I think I’ve spent my whole life wanting and waiting for someone to tell me I’m good enough.

At 30 I still find myself looking for someone else to make me feel that I’m enough. 114 more words

wish you were here

i miss people that don’t deserve it.

I have to tell myself
that i shouldn’t feel anything,
– cold and amiss –
that they probably don’t miss me, 70 more words


Thoughts of a Altered Mind

My mind has been altered.

Not by drugs.

My minds had been altered by life.

Things have happened with my constant.

Things have happened that I haven’t had control over. 115 more words

Sky Shine

As long as the moon shines I know you’re there.

See there’s this connection between you and the beauty of the sky.

A rainbow brings a smile to my face, because I remember that moment with you. 105 more words