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Believe it- the universe is always on your side!

Imagine this: you and your friends are driving down the highway in the pouring rain. You tell the friend who is driving that you really need to use the bathroom. 185 more words

Free Therapy

How to Become An Armchair Anthropologist

Sometimes I am addicted to movies that make me ugly cry. The other night I figured it would be safe to watch a classic old black and white movie by myself because I knew no one in my family would be mad that I watched it without them. 722 more words

The Good Ol' Days

Powering into 2018

How are we already two weeks into January? So far the theme of 2018 has been “Oh crap, how am I so far behind schedule?” I’ve been ruminating about the whole start of the year “fresh start phenomenon” and was planning to write a post about it much earlier than now, but hey, better late than never, right? 446 more words


It's complicated

On one hand, 2017 was a real trash heap of a year. I’m typically pretty good at managing my media intake so that I don’t become overwhelmed with current events and political rhetoric, but that was pretty much impossible. 564 more words


He's a Light Gun Wizard

I know what everyone is thinking. “I really like the stories lately. But I feel like the title puns aren’t as obscure as they could be. 921 more words

Its Raining Men

Here is a word I bet you never knew existed….petrichor- it is the word for the earth scent that hits you right before it rains. 349 more words

Free Therapy

Free of Charge Therapy for Mass Shootings in Las Vegas

For those affected by the mass shooting, Red Rock Psychological Health will be hosting group therapy for trauma survivors free of charge. Also, we have room for free walk-in mental health emergencies related to the shootings. 108 more words