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Video - 'Super #Negropean Goes Off On Black People'

Apparently Mr. Terrance Williams is a free-thinking, opinionated American man who much like me enjoys eating fried chicken and sharing his opinions.

What I am curious to learn is if Terrence has a theory or a reasonably intelligent explanation for why significant numbers of perfectly healthy American newborns who begin life with a perfectly healthy, clean human hard drive mounted above their shoulders… 149 more words


The Baddest Rap Battle In Nairobi

If ever there was a rule that went unwritten in the annals of hip-hop history: it is this, the only two types of rap battles that deserve to be seen are either the exceptional or the exceptionally terrible. 397 more words

From In The Garage...

I just finished a book on fringe physicists, Jim Carter. As a physicist, Carter is more a garage theorist/hobbyist, in the same way Laird Hamilton is a garage explorer with surfboards, or Seasick Steve is a garage engineer with guitars and amplification. 311 more words


Not Necessarily, Antique

Some of us will lose.

Some of us will win.

None of us…will ever be here, again!

It is mark of a wise mind to be able to entertain thought without accepting it.

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Thank You, But No Thank You: Notes on Being Your Own Person 

Whatever you do, make sure you are doing it for yourself. While it is a blessing to receive advice from our loved ones even they have the tendency to force their own ideals and emotional baggage on us. 200 more words

Before you’re labelled

Am I Christian, atheist, pantheist, agnostic? Honestly, I don’t know. I have to add that I am being honest in this because many times before I have been dishonest. 337 more words


Re-Think Atheism

Are you an Atheist because you’ve learnt to think for yourself or are you being manipulated by a corrupt education system into promoting a faulty belief?
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