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Become an informed consumer. Research green claims made by companies you regularly support/buy from. Ask questions like:

Do they test on animals? What kind of energy do they use to power their factories? 53 more words


The World I Want - Elaina - 7/14/15

The World I Want -Elaina Portugal

July 14, 2015

Dear Reader,

I love those memes that talk about growing up before the internet. You know the ones that say things like: I grew up when lightning bugs were my curfew. 925 more words


Satire - does it have a role in society?

It’s hard to imagine the host of Late Night News nervous, but Loyiso Gola was visibly so when he began his talk at Think!Fest.

“I don’t think of myself as an authority figure to speak on satire. 239 more words

Art And Censorship

The little red string

There’s a trend currently which involves getting a semicolon tattoo.

(http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/07/07/project-semicolon-tattoos_n_7745358.html )

The idea is that if you have a mental health issue, then take charge and don’t “let your sentence end;” that is to say, pause; put a semicolon on it and continue. 825 more words

Celebrating Weird

Spoken word poetry, graffiti and art as the act that activates the activism

“When I was younger my parents told me I suffered from verbal diarrhoea,” says Iain EWOK Robinson. Now, the writer, poet, teacher, graffiti and street artist or as he defines it, a “spoken word flavoured hip-hop activist” works with words and a culture defined by expression. 461 more words

Arts And Education

Homer to Mohan-Lal

History talks about Writers, Free Thinkers, Prophets who spent a good part or may be the whole life dedicating themselves to the particular form of expression they have been following. 1,138 more words


Welcome To The Right Side Of Life...

So here is to those who dare to be different…

So what’s it mean to be different? The Standout? Perhaps you don’t instantly agree with your circle of friends, their ideas and choices are no longer yours, and maybe deep down they never were.   756 more words

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