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Simply Interesting: 4 Best Things Do in your Free Time

Some of us would spend hours and hours in social media just to kill time. We can improve how we spend our time through these 4 life-changing habits and activities you can do to constantly improve your life. 33 more words

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In my free time I live on youtube. I watch everything from tutorials to story times. I mainly watch celebrity channels, or if someone I know personally has a channel I support them. 155 more words

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Village getaway - Mechkul, Bulgaria

I consider myself lucky to have Mechkul as my getaway place. It is cozily tucked in the skirts of Pirin mountain and its small greeny pathways in the woods can take you to unexpectedly beautiful places where you can be left alone with your thoughts. 172 more words


Using Free Time

Fun fact about productivity: there is no such thing as free time. Any time you have free is time that you could be using to eliminate distractions, set yourself up for success, or even treat yourself, as long as you intended to do it, rather than procrastinate your way into it. 561 more words

Acting School

7 Quick Takes Friday

I’m back, and so is participation in Quick Takes Friday, hosted over at This Ain’t This Lyceum.


I finished my dissertation! Now, everybody do a happy dance! 261 more words

General Observations On Life

free time #1

It’s mid September now, which means that it’s been 3 months since I’ve graduated from school. Uni starts in March so I still have about 5 months free. 954 more words



💦💦💦💦💦💦 Happy Wednesday !!! 💦💦💦💦💦💦

 Everyone knows that feeling when it`s pouring with rain outside and we just simply stay indoors. However rainy days don`t have to be boring at all and I am giving you some of my ideas. 485 more words

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