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ft. Camp Cope, Andy Stott, Free Time and Greys

As winter brings the chill, artists keep pumping out the music to keep the fire alive! Anti-establishment is  a re-occuring  element this week with Camp Cope’s feminist dialogue along with Grey’s post punk critique on  society and it’s treatment of mental health. 1,858 more words

New Borns

miks vaikus? | update vol idek

Päris vaikne olnud siin tõesti ja ka põhjusega.. käed jalad tööd täis olnud KOLIMISEGA! Jaa, jätsime lõpuks oma väikese rahuliku Veeriku korteri ning liikusime täitsa kesklinna Riiamäele ja suuremasse korterisse. 279 more words


Exercise Should Be Fun! Debunking the Gym Myth

Exercise, in particular for adults is becoming an increasingly popular health trend. Gym and yoga studios are popping up everywhere. I believe exercise should be fun, and something you are excited to do!  567 more words

Free Time


For start, let’s take a look on stats about video games: average gamer is 37, according to the Entertainment Software Association. The average age of the most frequent game buyer is 41, nearing Just for Men-type levels. 299 more words

Is being in a band as glamorous as people think?

1.Having No Money

It is very difficult to make enough money to live comfortably when you’re in a band. Especially when going on tour or recording a… 711 more words


4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Free-Time

If you’re anything like me you’ve got tons of projects just waiting for you to give them your attention.  Like you’re latest art project or reorganizing the play room, raising babies makes free time scarce. 566 more words

Engaging the Unengaged

By: Shelly Joines

Who wants extra work on their plate? Who wants to spend “free time” on a project that seemingly has nothing to do with their regular job function? 322 more words