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Day Three: Things to do when you're at work with no work to do

It’s the time of the year where people in my job have actually 100% nothing to do at work. We are still required to come to work every day, unless you use your precious vacation days to go on a trip, but we have nothing to occupy our time. 840 more words

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In ancient Rome “Otium” and “Negotium” were two antithetical realities.

It can be seen from the same morphological structure of the two Latin words that the latter derives from the former, namely negotium (nec-otium) is the negation of the other. 110 more words

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What I Learned By Giving Up Video Games

Last July, I made a snap decision one evening. I am a man of many hobbies and interests and my mind typically runs at 100 miles an hour, sometimes in the wrong direction. 774 more words


Having Second Thoughts? College Athletics Is Not For Everyone!

On any collegiate sports team there are always two key groups of people that make up the team. The starters and the practice players. There is almost always a time in any athlete’s career where they find themselves on the bench. 234 more words

Spring break in Rome

Between ancient wonders, city-wide water fights and lots of laughs amid mellow weather, there is something for everyone in this round-up of April’s cultural offerings. 268 more words

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