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Free Education For All, or Not

The School of Athens (detail). Fresco, Stanza della Segnatura, Palazzi Pontifici, Vatican. ( 1509). Raphael , via Wikimedia Commons.

In my article “The Sorority of The Disenchanted… 2,197 more words

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President proposes plan for free community college tuition

By Steven Hernandez on February 1, 2015

President proposes plan for free community college tuition

Earlier this month, President Obama proposed a $60 million plan that would enable individuals to attend up to two years of community college free of charge. 665 more words

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Teaching our children well

It is an article of faith in public-policy circles that pigs fly more reliably than do governments seeking to improve the educational systems under their aegis. 568 more words


The American Economy Will Definitely #FeelTheBern

I pick on Bernie and his supporters a lot but it’s just so easy.

Bernie is either extremely dumb for believing all the things he proposes can happen without any economical backlash, or Bernie is extremely smart. 1,339 more words

Bernie's Sin of Omission on Free Education

“There are too many people who paid for bachelor’s degrees and have no job. I intend to fix this by giving everyone a free bachelor’s degree, that way it won’t cost them anything to be unemployed.” This are Bernie Sanders own words and they show a total lack of understanding of what college graduates actually need. 869 more words

Free Tuition: Bernie Sanders' April Fool's Joke

Free college tuition was the primary reason <pun intended> voters supported Bernie Sanders last weekend at my Washington State caucus.  Apparently, it was an early April Fool’s joke on them. 168 more words