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Finnish education: a system based on equity, trust & responsibility

Finland’s public school system is a hot topic among international education circles and the media for a number of reasons that stand it apart from other countries’ approaches to teaching and learning. 2,823 more words


Careful What We Ask For

Listening to the wish lists being presented to the presidential candidates this year, they do seem large:  everything from free tuition and medical care, to guaranteed jobs and guaranteed annual income.   251 more words

Higher Education

The cost of higher education has increased drastically in the US as the quality has decreased. In public institutions, open admissions drew many more new students to higher education, many of whom had not received adequate secondary school education. 576 more words

Role Of Government

How Will Higher Education Fare in the National Elections?


Let the games begin.

As we watch the negotiated spectacle that will play out at both political conventions, these staged reality television moments will also be set against a backdrop of heightened social, cultural, racial, and economic tensions. 748 more words


Free college is actually f r e e e e e e🤑

Eighty-two percent (82%) of all adults recognize, too, that when politicians promise to make college tuition free, it means taxpayers will be paying that tuition. Just seven percent (7%) think it means college will really be free.

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Observations On Life

Education and Equality

After I’d put the “Free Tuition” post up I realized that linking minorities to community colleges in the Democrat draft (if U.S. community colleges are like Canada’s and those proliferating private colleges) offensive. 33 more words


Free Tuition?

Is this the Democrat draft platform plank that Sanders was pleased about?

…We will make community college free, while ensuring the strength of our historically minority-serving institutions.

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