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University of the people, the method, how it works, examples of its validity

I arrived at the decision to write this article about the “method” University of the People uses, after receiving messages from everywhere, asking for such peculiarity. 457 more words

University Of The People

Missouri Students, Grow Up and Get A Job While In College

Recently, there has been a somewhat small controversy occurring at the University of Missouri. This really isn’t anything in large. I mean, there are just a few college students, who are wanting a college education, if you can really call it that these days. 1,158 more words

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How are you doing? Of University of the People and Statistics

How are you doing?

With the complicity of global warming, the last Italian Summer turned out to be the hottest of the three on record in more than a decade; indeed, my imminent exam for the “Statistics course” raised my perception of temperatures. 609 more words

University Of The People

Student Protests: Why Students Are Important

Inspired by remarks made by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders about the grave situation of American student debt and his platform for free public college in all states, students at over a hundred universities across the United States have staged protests either on campus or at their city hall demanding free college tuition, a $15 hour minimum wage for college employees, and elimination of debt from student loans. 271 more words


Campas Sex Week and Free Tution!

Bussy week! Its Campas Sex Week and their is peple from Planed Parinthood here to teacht us how to do things yiu nevver thohgjt of doing. 319 more words

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Starbucks offers free tuition to military employees' families

In good news for Starbucks, which has gotten a lot of flack for its simple design take on its holiday cups — it has something far better to share: It’s extending its free tuition plan to family members of military employees. 164 more words


Bernie... Bernie... Bernie...

If you still living in the woods, and have not been following Bernie Sanders campaign to be the Democratic presidential nominee in next year’s American election – then you are missing out on something really important and exciting. 250 more words

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