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Matter of Time

Exhausted and desperate

for sleep;

staring at the

cracked and almost falling

piece of ceiling,

I lie awake to escape

the nightmares

that swoop down… 110 more words


On Meeting You | Poetry

I met you thinking

You’d be a footnote.

You were the entire novel.


Fragile Hands

Bed ridden old man lovingly holds
his wife’s fragile hands,
afraid to whisper in her ear
the final goodbye, the fear of letting go.


R u sure?

Bring me sticks,

lets build something.

The sticks then will build

the walls of tinder,

then we can bring forth a froth of smoke,

alas that smoke in pure heart, 44 more words


Not an Option

Not an Option

By Leslie Noyes

Failure, under the spotlight, turned down a wrong road, dined at the bad trough, lessons learned.

Heartache, walked on the tightrope, fell into an abyss on the highway to hell. 39 more words


The Bad Guy

Stabbed and beaten
I run and run
Confused and swollen
I try to recall what I’ve done
I turn around and see
I’m the bad guy. 8 more words

Quiet Time

I had some quiet time

In the midst of all the noise

So I scrolled through our memories

Slipping deeper and deeper

I want to turn back time… 74 more words

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