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As you know, I volunteer for Free Wheelchair Mission, a Christian charity based in Orange County. They provide wheelchairs at no cost to the recipient to the disabled in developing countries. 135 more words

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Mobility Transforming Generations

Issac is 82 years old. His granddaughter, Gabby, is 29 years old. They live two blocks apart from each other in Mexico City, Mexico.

Isaac worked as a cab driver for 50 years. 246 more words

Free Wheelchair Mission

Giving Back What Was Taken

At Free Wheelchair Mission, we say that mobility is a gift because we see how it transforms lives by giving people a renewed sense of dignity, hope, and independence. 213 more words

Free Wheelchair Mission

The Greatest Gift I Have Ever Received

Javier lives in Honduras and received a GEN_2 wheelchair in April of this year. Javier worked for a large cruise ship years ago, but he developed diabetes and had to stop working because of severe hypertension. 200 more words

Free Wheelchair Mission

Quilting for Mobility

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a group of women from Christ the Ray of Hope Lutheran Church sew hundreds of quilts for people in need. Throughout the year, these women donate quilts to homeless shelters, the VA hospital, and to police officers and fire fighters who give the quilts to children and adults who need them. 203 more words

Free Wheelchair Mission

The Happiest Person You Could Meet

Kelly is one of the happiest people you could ever meet. Her vibrant spirit fills her family’s modest home with life and love. She is always full of joy – constantly cracking jokes and laughing. 181 more words

Free Wheelchair Mission

Mobility Opens Doors

Odett is from Santa Cruz, Costa Rica. She was born with Cerebral Palsy, making it very difficult for her to move on her own. Unlike many people with disabilities in the developing world, Odett did have access to a borrowed wheelchair, but that wheelchair was very old and not very useful. 198 more words

Free Wheelchair Mission