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Kingdom Building: The Large Church and the Small Church Working Together

“Do you have anyone who can at least wave their arm and sound good who could lead music for us?”

The man cocked his head and looked into the unknown for about one second. 1,159 more words


The Pursuit of Happiness

Countless things are experienced on the path to happiness. This is the Summum Bonum of every person, to find true and lasting happiness. Many times this happiness is found by seeking money. 4,864 more words


The Death of Bible College and the Birth of the Christian College

In the book “The Saviour-Sensitive Church” IFB[1] Pastor and President of West Coast Baptist College Dr. Paul Chappell defines a difference between what he calls Seeker-Sensitive churches and Saviour-Sensitive churches. 2,134 more words


Am I Secure? Pastoral Meditations on 1 John, Part 1

1 John is my favorite New Testament book. As someone who tends to be very “black and white” regarding right and wrong 1 John remains at the top of my list. 1,241 more words


Why Should I Attend and Be Involved in a Local Church (Part 1)

I have been involved with ministry through local churches in one form or another since 1996. It has been an honor to serve as a pastor, Christian School Administrator and Evangelist. 575 more words


Observing Lent.

As a Protestant, a Free Will Baptist to be specific, I have never observed Lent and only had a very vague understanding about what the season was. 597 more words

Mount Grove Free Will Baptist Church, Edison, Calhoun County

This church seems to be very well kept, a sight I like to see! The church was founded in 1895, with this modern building being built in 1949.

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