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Why Should I Attend and Be Involved in a Local Church (Part 1)

I have been involved with ministry through local churches in one form or another since 1996. It has been an honor to serve as a pastor, Christian School Administrator and Evangelist. 575 more words


Observing Lent.

As a Protestant, a Free Will Baptist to be specific, I have never observed Lent and only had a very vague understanding about what the season was. 597 more words

Mount Grove Free Will Baptist Church, Edison, Calhoun County

This church seems to be very well kept, a sight I like to see! The church was founded in 1895, with this modern building being built in 1949.

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Why I Love My Youth Group

If you asked me one year ago if I thought that I would be working in youth ministry and have one fantastic group of kids to work with, I’d say you’re crazy. 448 more words


Traveler's Rest Free Will Baptist Church, Pondtown, Baker County

Traveler’s Rest Free Will Baptist Church was established prior to 1880 by White settlers. It is believed that the church is named for an unknown traveler who rested at the church site in the late 1800s on a yearly trip. 24 more words

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Pilgrim Home Free Will Baptist Church, Hoggards Mill, Baker County

Pilgrim Home Free Will Baptist Church was organized in the mid 1800s by the White faithful in the Hoggards Mill/Hawkinstown communities to keep from having to take a wagon ride all the way to Travelers Rest Free Will Baptist Church in Pondtown. 84 more words

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