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Is Heaven Perfect?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. Some people bi-polarize the spiritual world and say that when people die, they either go to Heaven or Hell. 903 more words

Free Will

Leibniz: The Concept of Free Will

Leibniz says that the world is made of Monads. Monads are independent active forces which have only consciousness and no extension. One monad is different from other monad in the degree of consciousness and no two monads are the same. 210 more words


Postdictive Illusion of Choice

Can’t resist linking to this bit of neuroscience.

Illusion of Choice

The brief version – research shows that sometimes our brains make actual decisions before we have made, or could possibly make, a conscious choice. 75 more words


I am a Believer!

Every Christian is asked at one time or another what his or her belief is based on and why one believes in something that isso intangible, cannot be seen and, seemingly, less proven.   351 more words


Art and the Artist

As some of you may know, I am an amateur artist in that I don’t sell my art professionally. My interest in art began as a form of emotional healing and art therapy.   259 more words


The NEW Secret

I’m sure by now the whole world has read The Secret. It’s a great book as it brings awareness, and is simply inspiring. But I am here to tell you about something even better! 490 more words


Physics, Philosophy, Free Will, Falsification, and Faith

Physicist George Ellis Knocks Physicists for Knocking Philosophy, Falsification, Free Will

Horgan: At the conference where we met, Howthelightsgetsin, you were in a session called “The end of experiment.” What was that about?

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