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Theory of Everything, in General

I met a person who wrote a paper that links five major branches of science

The paper is titled ’A theory that unites brain intelligence with artificial intelligence (AI), molecular biology, quantum mechanics, and the evolution of life, in general.’ The first half consists of sixty-eight re-definitions of words, such that they hold a more precise meaning, without the extra connotations and breadth of lay-speak, and discussion of the words and how they relate to each other. 728 more words

Do I Think We Have Free Will And What Value Do I Place On It

Last week’s post led to an interesting conversation with blogger, Christ Centered Teaching, about free will.

He asked:

Yes, I’d want free will. Right now I want to think I’m writing this post because I want to and I’ve made a conscious decision to sit down and tap at this keyboard. 948 more words


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Here's my Friday post on The Isaiah 53:5 Project. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Americans Increasingly Surrender Free Will to Online Media Conglomerates: Why Not TMS?

‘MERICA, AM — As the world becomes increasingly more and more complex, many Americans have decided to simply give up on trying to understand what is going on and what their role in the world even is.   379 more words

Spews You Can Use

Matthew 2:13-18 --- The Ugly Scene Inside the Nativity Passages and A Tough Question of Our Faith

Matthew 2:13-18 — When we read this passage, we are often thankful for Jesus being able to escape into Egypt, but we often ignore the hard question. 1,823 more words


Have you ever thought about owning your Life? And if so, what does ownership actually mean, when applied to your Life? And can you actually own a Life? 516 more words


At long last

The day of the funeral, at long last

All previous plans mostly held steadfast

A small mass was given

A Homily and Celebration of life once liven… 71 more words

Street Poetry