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Free Will

The question of free will has been coming up in my quiet time and in most of the Bible studies I am in. I used to have a great deal of difficulty with understanding free will. 546 more words

Deal 1158 Preview

Root and Branch:
Roots: fork, darkness, and tuxedo
Branches: Lawsuit, Free Will, and Against all odds

Daily Deal

We should want divine guidance, but we shouldn’t want it all the time.

If so, we wouldn’t be living our life.

Some divine entity would be.


Social Justice Determinists

As I have argued before, atheistic determinism and social justice ideology complement each other very well.  Thus, it is rather amusing to watch a hardcore determinist like Jerry Coyne engage in his constant battles with various social justice atheists and the Regressive Left.  715 more words

Omaha To Denver: RevLeft Radio in Dialogue w/ Solecast

Brett travels to Denver to meet Sole from the Solecast IRL and have a discussion in Sole’s home together.

Topics include: their Podcasts and why they started, being a leftist parent, hip hop, the responsibilities of white rappers, the differences between organizing in Omaha vs. 83 more words

Political Philosophy

Dawkins and Krauss on free will

One thing that’s distressed me a bit is the unwillingness of my Big Name Atheist Friends to speak frankly about free will. When asked, as Richard Dawkins was below, what they think of it, they often mumble or deflect the question. 1,059 more words