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Free Will, Accountability, and God’s Sovereignty

I have a confession to make. I do not like being called a “Calvinist.”

True, theologically speaking, Calvin and I are very much in line. That said, the terms “Calvinist” and “Calvinism” are not titles or descriptions I prefer. 5,506 more words



Conflict and peace are not random, unexplained phenomena.
Both are created and both can be influenced.
– Understanding Conflict & Peace, Conflict

WORLD by 7th Born Productions… 1,062 more words

Kendall F. Person

Terrorists, Microchips, and other Half-Baked Frankfurters

Frankfurt cases are classic thought experiments used to explore the necessary conditions of a free choice. Allegedly, they demonstrate that the principle of alternative possibility (PAP) is not a necessary condition. 1,091 more words


In Our Fridge: Free Will Techno IPA

It has been a busy couple weeks for us due to hosting a housewarming party to christen the new digs. The party was a success, and we are now stocked with beer for the next six months. 228 more words

In Our Fridge

Sick of the Shoulds

I’m giving the “shoulds” in my life the boot. We are SO broken up. I wish there was a blocking option I could enable in my brain, like my Iphone so conveniently employs, which would prevent those words from actually popping out of my mouth again. 1,558 more words


Fate, Destiny and Free Will

Each of us come into this life having made certain agreements. In the most general terms, those agreements all boil down to the same thing – an agreement to experience events and circumstances that will provide our soul the best opportunities to do what it wants to do most, which is to evolve, to grow. 573 more words

Spiritual Growth