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The Group Dinner:
The party includes window, chicken, The Unknown, teddy bear, orange, Gentleman, Carrot, Love, Free Will, Against all odds, Infinite, Racket, and Rat; all bathed in indigo (#7F00FF) light.

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Book Review: I am a Strange Loop by D. Hofstadter

This book deserves a lot of additional commentary, but I will keep it short and begin with philosophy of mind’s “elephant in the room”; free will. 1,649 more words

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Rambling Nonsense

I am means I am not, for to be one thing thou cannot be another. I am here means I am not there.

Working from here, we wonder what I am, in the purest sense, then means. 108 more words

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none of us

It’s honestly scary how time is flying by so fast. None of us knows what is going to happen next. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, after three years or even a decade. 77 more words

AnticitizenX: The Problem of Free Will (And How to Solve It)

Imagine yourself sitting in the jury box for a courtroom trial of the infamous Neckbeard the Pirate. Looking over the list of charges, y…

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