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Soul contracts (Destiny Vs free will)

Before we came here to Earth ,as souls we made soul contracts with many souls to help us learn something ,achieve a certain mission so we can evolve as souls and expand the universe and help all humanity… 438 more words



Your personal number for 2015 is obtained by adding 8 to your month and day of birth. (2015 adds up to 8).  For example, if you were born on February 1, add 2+1+8 =11.   7,404 more words



Our goal is to make it to Heaven, and our way to get there is to become as much like Jesus as possible. Jesus was fully human but also fully filled with God’s spirit. 944 more words


Why is it that when you want to one thing, only to end up doing something else?

It’s as if the exercising of free will gets denied when it hits a wall. 66 more words


Escape from Psycho Pasture - Part 1 [Jim #17, Short Fiction]

The Psycho Rapist Pasture wasn’t really a pasture. It was more like a circular prison that never came around all the way, and in the middle there was an off-limits garden. 3,308 more words


What's Pastor Kevin Reading: The Man From Oudewater

I am Wesleyan/Arminian.

It might surprise you to know that four word sentence is rife with interpretive possibilities.  The truly uninformed think the last word indicates I am from a country somewhere in Africa called Armenia, even though Armenia is actually in Eastern Europe. 761 more words


What is MOST Important to God?

To start, let’s define the terms.

Definition of most:
Greatest in amount or degree.

Definition of important:
Strongly effecting the course of events or the nature of things… 642 more words