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Deal 540: Nonnet with a bang

Room full of impeccable attire
like many jacketed penguins
spies coming in from the cold
slowly dancing intrigue
bribed the band leader
to play misty
ere rumored
bomb go

Daily Deal

Lent2016 Week 1: St. Augustine

If someone ever asked me, as no one ever has, what the best part of my life was, what I held most dear to me, I would answer my Catholic faith. 1,125 more words

Philosophy Musings

Where the Heart and Mind Meet

Last week I had someone contact me out of the blue because she needed to interview a mental health counselor. She heard about me through her aunt, who directed her to my blog. 622 more words

Mental Health

Free will and neuroscience

Which happens first … a conscious decision to do something or the brain activity associated with doing it? Thanks to experiments Benjamin Libet conducted in the 1980s, it seemed that “the timing of … conscious decisions was consistently preceded by several hundred milliseconds of background preparatory brain activity.” It seemed, that is, that our brains had already acted to carry out what we only later consciously decided to do.   44 more words

P3: What Am I?

Childhood influences - not determines

Once again, my 54-year-old mother did the indefensible. When challenged, she gleefully blamed it on her childhood.

People use childhood as yet another form of determinism. 533 more words

Quick Fix

My article, "On Will" released in version 2.5

I upgraded my article On Will to reflect new research – including the mention of cognitive dissonance and my latest definition of free will as “cause without reason”. 13 more words