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One distinctive quality of successful people we should all have

I know the title sounds a bit cheesy, but bear with me.

Of course, there is no one thing that defines success, but there are must-haves to even have a shot at it. 502 more words

Change Of Perspective

Manifest - S01E04 - Unclaimed Baggage

Truth Seeking, Second Chances, and Compassion Even While Disagreeing

He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone…go and sin no more.

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Good, Bad, and the Lines in Between

“Why does evil exist?” Most religious people have a tremendous issue answering this particular question. It presents an interesting issue where we end with the old “If god is all powerful he cannot be all good” argument” and it’s easy to get lost when delving through this issue. 613 more words


Free Will – Reality or Myth

For centuries we have believed that the one thing that differentiates humans from all other creatures on earth is ‘free will’. While all other creatures behave based on survival instinct, only humans have the power to choose their actions consciously. 1,291 more words

Self Help/Growth

Jude: Predestined With Free Will

Jude 1:4a For certain persons have crept in unnoticed, those who were long beforehand marked out for this condemnation…

Sneaky, ravenous false teachers were known and predestined before time. 566 more words


Kin #52 Yellow Cosmic Human

All this stuff doesn’t happen to you for your own sake. It doesn’t happen to you so you can fill your shelves with trophies or line your pockets with cash; it happens so you can have a positive influence and encourage other people.

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The Power of Faith

Usually we use the word faith to refer to faith in a positive sense – faith in God, faith in The Way, faith in love, and faith in truth. 130 more words