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a few thoughts on giving and (not) receiving...

“You can lead a horse to water but  you can’t make him drink”

You can share the deepest truth, but you can’t force one to think… 250 more words

God is NOT in Control

God is not in control of everything. To say such a thing means he is in control of the child molester sexually abusing a child. That’s a disturbing thought. 41 more words


The Ultimate End of the Story Is Going to Be All Right

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My friend Dana and I talk about how we want to make everything all right for those we love, and cannot. 146 more words


Determinism: Delusions and The Hive

Some painter named Raoul Martinez doesn’t want to be held responsible for his choices and actions.  He lays out the standard case for determinism in one of those slick little youtube infomercials: 533 more words


Free Will?

Free will
great illusion
does God have a plan
do I willing follow His guidance
I’m trading free will
for serenity