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The Illusion of Control

Control.  Everyone wants to have it over their lives.  We would like to believe that we are in control of our lives.  When we are young we feel invincible.  1,215 more words


Dear Facebook Friend (The Answer To The Question)

Dear Fb Friend,

God does not hate your brother, for any reason. He loves us all, because he created us all, placing each of us in our mother’s womb, knowing exactly who He created us to be, whether male or female. 1,466 more words


Freedom and Purpose

Commuting days until retirement: 34

Retirement, I find, involves a lot of decisions. This blog shows that the important one was taken over two years ago – but there have been doubts about that along the way. 1,909 more words

What Are We, Really?

Are We Chosen by God? - Pastor David

Quite frequently we hear a Child of God quote Romans 8:28, especially when some sorrow or disappointment has been experienced. But it is interesting to note the “FOR” that CONNECTS this verse with the three verses that follow. 1,854 more words

God is the only One who knows the desires and inclinations of the heart. As the human race, we see what is on the outside, but God sees what… 1,116 more words


Your Choice

The desire to be holy WILL replace the desire to be worldly OR

The desire to be worldly WILL replace the desire to be holy.

– eab, 3/26/15