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I am Different

2016 was a year for the naive. 2017 was a year of hurt and repair. Now, I am different. I’ve evolved. Bloomed. Changed. My laugh is different. 177 more words



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Just as the wash is loaded with all your other girls’ socks you thought I’d never see, you loaded…me. With a love that bloomed so intensely…and insecurities blossoming from deep within me. 1,326 more words


The Stripper Song

Chocolate. Cinnamon. Snow Bunny…Get up on that pole, and Bounce…that…booty. I can imagine words as these floating around the walls of Onyx, Penthouse Club, Mr. Lucky’s, and Magic City. 752 more words


I Don't Mind Waiting

Aimlessly, aimlessly on my phone these endless quotes about God’s timing. I mean, what? Am I just to sit here and wait on the final grades that show the “mediocre” me? 384 more words


Your Imperfect Heart is Perfect for God's Timing

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Here I am. A while ago…I said I was broken, shattered, and…I just wanted to be “free”. 1,112 more words



It took me a minute to understand the feeling welling up inside. I had to text it to understand it. I blame the Red Bull and lack of romantic experience in my 20 years and 1 day of living. 295 more words


Check Ya' Self

Ahhhhhh shoot. Listen up Queens, Kings, and anything in between. I got this message last night…but  “Dia, did you really have to throw in Ice Cube”? 1,373 more words