Where to Find Images for Free WordPress Themes

For free WordPress themes to be hosted in WordPress.org or elsewhere you are mostly led to make it compliant with GPL and if one needs to make it compliant then it is essential that we use images which are either GPL compliant or go with GPL like CC0 and other licensed images which are free and don’t impose any restrictions on their usage in either commercial, or personal or modification of the work.   1,032 more words

30 Free Responsive Wordpress Themes Ready to Download


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Having a responsive design for our web sites is now very important day. In matters of SEO or search engine optimization is a good practice, because everything that affects the usability of the user affects our SEO thereof. 17 more words

Ultimate Cheatsheet to Selecting Commercial WordPress Themes

For many reasons either developer or companies go for a hunt for their next WordPress theme which they want to develop their website upon. Since your whole website will be dependent on this particular WordPress theme and since i suppose no one likes to spend unnecessary money on useless items it is better to study first and consider the following points before considering purchasing a commercial… 1,568 more words

Free Wordpress Themes

Wanted: Free WordPress Themes

I Need a New WordPress Theme! (I think)

I liked the (free) theme of this blog, so much so it’s dominated the background since I created the site (and that’s been awhile). 348 more words

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Build Your Own Website:Selecting a theme

Hey Everybody! Welcome back. Today, We are  going to select the most appropriate theme for our WordPress website. If you don’t know what a WordPress Theme is? 462 more words


Points To Remember While Trying Free WordPress Themes As They Aren't Always Entirely Free

There are a lot of Free WordPress themes available in the market. But you need to keep an eye whether they are entirely free or they have some conditions which might make you spend more instead of a regular Premium WordPress theme. 681 more words

Free Wordpress Themes

Free WordPress Photography Themes

Free WordPress Photography Themes
If you have a photography website or blog, then why not choose one of these WordPress photography themes that are free. 34 more words