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Holiday spirit

Just another Friday in Maryland, on the train going home. It’s not everyday when you get to see kindness coming from others, especially with what is going on currently in America. 166 more words

Victory Roads

FWF #3: The Artificial Redneck

Timothy Roberts was the town weirdo. He lived on a farm on Old Soaptown Road. All sorts of weird things went down on this farm, but he was really secretive, so nobody really understood the things he done. 412 more words


FWF #2: The Lazy Penguin

Marcus was a lazy penguin. Not your usual kind of lazy either. He was so lazy that he didn’t even want to take the effort to be lazy. 148 more words


FWF #1: The Fortunate Hobo

For future reference, FWF means Free Write Friday, I’m going to attempt to write a brief story every week.

Steve didn’t have anything. He didn’t have a home, didn’t have a wife, and didn’t have friends. 387 more words


An Idea...

So, I have an idea to try to keep this blog active. I’m going to start a thing called ‘Free Write Fridays’ (that’s what my English teacher called them in high school). 69 more words