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The Moment (FWF)

This piece is inspired by a piece I wrote about eight years ago. I tried finding it because I wanted to share it, but it seems lost somewhere in flash drives and folders. 373 more words

You're Worth It

Things have been insane over the past couple of days. I haven’t been able to do anything, but go to work and do school work. But I’ve had time to think clearly today. 384 more words

what a fright!

Back on October 31st, Ellie Kellimore invited us to scare her with our “fright” write friday contributions.

It’s taken a while to find the skeletons in my closet, but I think that even Freddy Kruger would find these selfies scary! 32 more words

Free Write Fridays

Silence is Comforting

I sat down and offered the man a tissue from my bag. I watched as his cheeks turned from rosy to red. He gratefully accepted the tissue, wiping the tears from his eyes. 499 more words

#fwf abandoned house: home

Free Write Friday: abandoned house

I remembered every tree. Moan of the wind in the dead branches. The smell of night-time. Death. Putrid mists raising above my knees. 145 more words

Free Write Fridays

Second Chance (Free Write Friday)

How many times will you get it wrong before you get it right?

Second Chance by Tristan Prettyman

She sighed frustrated, confused, and exhausted. Usually when one good thing didn’t happen, it could be followed by something better coming along.

501 more words

A Long Time Coming

The house was dark illuminated by the full moon overhead that would peek out from behind the clouds crossing the nighttime sky.  No lights appeared in any of the windows and the night was utterly still and quiet.  1,248 more words