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I tried to care
Not be so argumentative
less selfish, more selfless
Open up my heart
Close my mouth
Extend a helping hand in your time of need
Reverse your cons into pros
Never turn your highs into lows
Yet somehow, you still didn't appreciate me
So now... 20 more words


DOWN. WWWWAAAAAYYYYY DOWN…. Where’s the bottom? I’m just falling. So many feelings taking over can’ t control them.

I’m folding don’t hold’em show them. reveal the truth! 91 more words

Free Writing

This morning....

I dreaded getting out of my slumber. doesn’t matter why. All that matters is…. After sighing I got up and was thankful for my day. 😊 I am at work now pushing through the day looking forward to getting off at three…. 57 more words

Free Writing

Hidup Bersama Virus

Tahun ini angka yang cantik, 2020. cantik bukan? tapi dibalik kecantikan itu tersimpan cerita buruk yang sangat-sangat buruk.

dimulai dari sebuah kota kecil, kota yang mayoritas berpenduduk animisme, budha, dll seketika diserang oleh makhluk kecil berupa virus dari sebuah pasar hewan liar, tiba-tiba menyerang dan mengerogoti sistim pernapasan manusia hingga semua orang terserang penyakit. 252 more words

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I`m highly faded it`s hard to describe just makes me think.

I still see you everyday this is not just word play I miss you, I need you. 108 more words

Free Writing