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the bow's silent scream #hayleywrites


Life condensed into the physical shape and mass of an arrow.

Sleek, swift, cold, cut-throat.

You’re standing on the tip of the arrow. The golden tip, it cuts through time with infinite strength, never stopping for a breather. 262 more words

A Balanced Approach

Life can seem so complex at times. Some of us worry about money, whether we’re raising our children right. Some of us worry about the face we present to the world. 228 more words


Thought of the Day

When an opportunity comes along in life that will better you as a person or better your life in general, TAKE IT!! You only live once! :) :) :)

Free Writing

"Let The Striving Cease"; Stop Trying to Look Pretty

Stop trying to pretty! God sees our messy and He isn’t impressed with us trying to put on a facade. Be vulnerable, be open with God. 378 more words

Free Writing

New Release Date!

My new book will be released for early bird special on August 15th! Now accepting pre-orders!!!!


Free Writing

Why do we Attract such .... ?

Though I post this quote there are things that I’m totally afraid of and have a tendency to run back to as if I didn’t try. 520 more words

Personal Growth

Thought of the Day

How far would you go for the one you love? or better yet, how far would they go for you?

Free Writing