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The Catalysts

I was always told that if I followed my heart I could never actually do anything wrong. Well that was nice in theory, but sometimes your heart is the most vile part of your entire body, and all it does is fuck everything up. 359 more words

Free Writing

free writing nonsense

This is a picture of chaos. CHaos is beautiful, dangerous some say, but beautiful too. It’s where we came from. I put myself to sleep and in this dream I am not afraid to show you my happy sad, beautiful bad, as sane as sane mad as mad. 611 more words


To achieve we have to surpass the goals we set, we have to seek encouragement out of the struggles we have met….

We need support from the friends we keep, we have to be cautious of the dangers we leap… 172 more words

Learn to fly

Should I push him she wondered as the little baby birdie perched on the edge of the bough.

What if he falls? He will hurt himself bad, then there are wolves out there in the jungle and hunters too, what if they pounce on my baby? 153 more words



We are all animals and we are all social animals, there is truth in both. We get our fangs up in a fraction of a second if we sense danger to ourselves or to those we care for. 204 more words

Free Writing


Sometimes. Being selfish is fine.

Sometimes putting yourself first is fine. For people who are so used to being looked over. For people who are used to worry excessively about others, but not about themselves. 21 more words

Free Writing