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Pay Attention

How do we talk about the the things we need to say without breaking down?  So, many think tears directly relate to weakness or being broken.  467 more words


Narang Chinguhallae (Let's Be Friends)

​Can we be friends?

Like super real friends, buddies, Amigo-amiga yeah?

I mean no pretensions

And stuff,

You’re no stupid not to get it right? … 205 more words


Ocean Senses.

The colors and hues swim in each eye.

The salt tingles each nostril.

The sands dust each hand.

The blissful pleasure ignites each tastebud.

The tradewinds calm each ear.

                                                 The waves soothe every soul.


Tantalizing Waves.

Rushing and pounding the shore with a tantalizing orchestra of crashing.  Enough to calm the storm inside and relinquish the fury that has been bottled. Giving direction to the ships and taking direction from the man in the moon. 129 more words


I hope you read this

I have stumbled upon the realization that I shouldn’t have pushed you to open up to me. And that with time, you may or may not have but I should have waited to ask. 481 more words



Every time your hand touches mine.

I feel its warmth,

The emotions mix, it’s unexplainable.

My heart jumps like crazy.

You’re the only person who can make me shake like this. 14 more words


I've Been Re-Hearse-ing My Lines. Good Thing I Forgot Them All Because I Don't Want To Speak Death.

scarcely deeper

are the scars and wounds

, but how much farther is the


not saying You won’t heal, but why is there bleeding… 152 more words

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