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If I Am Given The Charge Of Pakistan....

Ok! So if i am given the charge of Pakistan temporarily…. Oh, i know what you’re thinking! Why should i ever be given the charge of Pakistan anyways? 1,419 more words


The Experiment Part 15: Can there be hope?

Just a heads up, I’ll probably be wrapping this story up here soon. Not sure how many parts there will be. I have mixed feelings over how everything has turned out in this, but overall I think it was good for its intended purpose. 457 more words



So the cut up technique worked better in the wife and kid’s Chanticleer collage than it did in my poem. Burroughs, your all right but I don’t think you were ever my kind of thing. 780 more words

300 Mornings

The Daily Prompt

Prompt #388

Use the following Time and Place as a setting for a story:

Time: 5:00 PM
Place: Mexican Restaurant

Creative Writing


So in my creative writing class when I was still in high school (literally two months ago) we did this writing assignment where we just write for one day whatever comes to our mind. 294 more words

Can I Get a Little Understanding?

I think about the concept of “understanding” a lot. I wonder if a person can ever truly understand another person? I wonder if anyone has ever truly understood me? 414 more words


Anytown, USA

Thanks to Vanessa of Petal & Mortar for dropping a note in the prompt box!


noun  |  gen·til·i·ty  |  \jen-‘ti-lə-tē\

1a : 453 more words

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