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Summer Dayz Redux

A Superhero’s Tale: NEVER SEE ME AGAIN

The days go by

And still the hero still doesn’t appear

They call out for help

And feel useless and hope remains existence. 188 more words

Summer Dayz Redux

Eternal sunshine of the spotted mind

Everyday goes by and i

Sit among the shattered

Not battered

Just there

Afraid to venture out the room… 281 more words

Deformation Dayz

Deformation time

Slowly crumbling,

these rocks

Are no longer able to withstand

The heavy might of everything

That stands to be cruel

This battle between heart and mind… 198 more words

The calm

Her week had not been the best and she was still thinking of the incident in the forest. She would have been inclined to believe it all had been a dream if it weren’t for the leaves the found in her living room and a little scratch she had on the forearm. 60 more words

Free Writing

The horror show in my bedroom.

Someone is whistling repeatedly. Someone screamed in return. Someone is honking continuously. Nobody screamed now. This is what night does to some people. I hear an airplane tearing through the wind, the faint noise of a car that arrived just now from behind the shadow, the constant zizzing of my laptop’s CPU-fan on the backdrop of utter silence. 125 more words


The Prison I Create

There are no bars keeping me in, there is no door without a key in.

All the lights are on without a flicker or dim, my soul free to wander out or in. 231 more words


to begin and never end

willfully, i stepped into the fire. and it left me scars instead of roses.

but how brilliantly i burned. you should have seen me, spreading night apart. 649 more words