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Threewordsaday 2016 day37

From todays prompt:

Within the confines of my solitary environment

I move to step outside myself, to seek an expanded view

from a window so vast I cannot reach its edges – 24 more words


It's So Dark Sometimes

I readily acknowledge the darkness that lives within me. That place my mind goes where it sees absolutely no other avenue and all it wants to do is disappear down the rabbit hole and never be found again. 810 more words

Free Writing

Northern Lights

So vibrant, so lively. I can’t believe you’re here beside me. How did I get so blessed? Surely I am not worthy to have you here. 185 more words

Free Write


I’m feeling suddenly very emotionally overwhelmed and vulnerable by the beauty and terror life has to offer.

Stupid, Stupid, Social Norms

I think what I hate the most is not that our world revolves around social media, although I really do hate that, but that there is pressure to engage in social media in today’s world. 623 more words

Free Thinking

Free writing 2/6/2016

Let’s talk about some pet peeves of mine. It’s when you are grocery shopping and people stare down your cart to see what you are buying like you’ve got porno mags and sex toys hanging over the sides. 327 more words

Free Writing

At the End of this Article, You Will Have Learned the Importance of Pancakes

All it takes is one shocking first sentence saying something like men are a waste of precious genetic material to launch everyone’s mind into a routine frenzy. 809 more words