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I’m finally back home from my trip to Indonesia and Thailand. It was an amazing trip and I loved every minute of it. Yes, I traveled alone and yes I was afraid but once I got there the fear faded away. 685 more words

Storms. Lightning.

Storms. Lightning. I yearn for both in perverse joy and agony.

I imagine a lightning bolt seared into my skin. Like all those photographs of lightning scars, which brought such strange desire, such strange delight. 157 more words

The Anticipation of the Presence of the Lord Is Like A Triumphal Entry Or A Gentle Wander

It has been a while since I have publicly put words on paper, but I feel the Spirit bubbling inside of this jar of clay that has to be released. 219 more words

Free Writing

A Thing That I Know...

You probably guessed it just from the title.  I started this post without any idea at all what I was going to write about.  And so I had to rummage around in the back rooms of my silly old brain looking for stuff to put out there that wasn’t too moldy, but definitely had been thoroughly cooked and stored away for a while. 389 more words



I am selfless and conflicted

with the interests and objective reasoning

I’m giving away all my energy and

blisters cover all my feet

measured in distance traveled… 131 more words


Free Writing: Blown Away

My mind is blown away that you could be so stubborn.

My mind is blown away that I have to think of your actions.

My mind is blown away that I can’t shake or slap you to wake up. 57 more words



i. have realised that it is not lust people often mistake for love most of the time, but loneliness.

ii. have realised that (arguably) more so than wanting to be loved, there is an energy within us that yearns to provide love

Y. xx