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A warm duvet in the cold morning

I woke up early this cold morning.
I went down, relieved myself, and came back up to the sleeping room on the second floor.
The dawn was breaking. 181 more words

Free Writing

another procrastination post!!!

i feel like i took everything for granted;

my family

my friends

stranger’s kindness

just everything

my heart is cold and sometimes i think it’s made of stone. 396 more words

Free Writing

The Cause of War

I’ve been remiss in getting these posts out on Fridays as I had planned initially, and I’m sorry for that. Fridays seem to be bad days for committing to things. 2,133 more words

Writing Journal 16/01/18

‘D’you know, when you sleep your body paralyses itself’
‘So you don’t go walking into traffic or go off and fly a plane’ 196 more words


What´s Due.

“I don´t know what to do”, she cried.

It´s okay- he said.

This was the last time they spent together.

The last time their bodies entangled. 293 more words

Free Writing


By Penchie Limbo

I am my Maker’s masterpiece,
My Maker’s pride and joy.
He made me as a present
For someone that He cares. 268 more words

Dine with me, Darling.

Would you care to dine with me tonight like old times, darling?

I made dinner again and guess what, it’s your favorite!

You pick out whatever dress you want to wear… 155 more words