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It’s too quiet.  I need noise.  Which is a usual deviation for when I’m agitated and i need complete silence.  It’s too dark.  I need light.   528 more words


The Daily Prompt

Prompt #322

Use the following character description in a short story:

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Occupation: Street Kid
Personality: aggressive, bold, athletic

Creative Writing

Too Many Names? A Tip for Cleaning Up Your Writing

“The Word of Wigaldir calls you!”

“Eternal life in Enga’s arms.”

“Fear not, sinners. Lether the Blessed will bring us to salvation!”

Like the mating calls of jungle birds, voices sailed over our heads, clamoring for our attention. 641 more words


The Awkward Air

The awkward air, the heavy silence, no one talks but the quiet says it all….


Life: The ramblings of a warrior, as we all are

I frantically cling to life like a rapacious beast that defies its own preordained timeline, teetering between the narrow threshold of this realm and the enigmatic after… 378 more words

Short Stories

The Daily Prompt

Prompt #321

“By the time I reached the train station, she was gone.”

Creative Writing

Where I stand.

White heat paints fire lines along the sky.
Airplanes dance, twirl, and fall,
dissolving into their own self-sufficient flames.
I become gasoline.

Lightning bolts paint the paths of branches. 53 more words