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To The Moon Review

Since I initially played it a few years ago, To The Moon has remained in my mind as one of the most emotionally gripping games I’ve ever played.   1,166 more words

Video Game Review

To the Moon: Holiday Special Minisodes 1 & 2 - Game Review

In the first minisode, it’s been a while since the events of “To the Moon,” and it’s Christmas time at Sigmund, the company where Neil and Eva work. 780 more words


Game Review (PC): To The Moon

Let me start off by saying, To The Moon is one of the most touching games I’ve ever played. The emotional experience I had with this game is actually one of the reasons why I decided to start this blog. 1,227 more words

Freebird Games

Art Trades, Requests and Doodles

(Actually, there’s only one of each.)

First, my half of an art trade with Strawberry! This is her OC Rosko, who–well, actually I don’t know anything about this character :P He strikes me as a bit of a trickster though– pulling pranks and bounding away while shouting something like, “Catch me if you can, losers!” You know, just like what real cats do. 228 more words

Stina's Art

A Bird Story is short but full of feels

I played To The Moon over a year ago and, although it was a little hard for me to get into, at first, by the time I had finished it I knew it would always be one of my favorite (non-combat) story games. 494 more words


The Mirror Lied

This game was released by one of my favorite indie game studios, Freebird Games. I realize that the phrase “game studio” makes it sound like I’m a fan of a corporation. 191 more words

Video Game Review