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A Bird Story: True Artistic Confusion (Standard Review)

I honestly expected much more out of A Bird Story than what I got. Its developer, Freebird Games, was the studio that was behind To the Moon… 1,481 more words


"A Bird Story" Review

‘A Bird Story’ is a video game short made by Kan R. Gao, creator of the highly-acclaimed indie game ‘To the Moon’. It tells the story of an unnamed boy with an overactive imagination caring for a wounded bird and flying the world in search for its home. 530 more words


Game Review - To the Moon

Several years ago I watched a YouTuber playing this little game. It didn’t look like much, but it had pretty music, and as the story unfolded I found myself falling in love and crying at how bittersweet it all was. 689 more words

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To the Moon Ending

Are John’s final memories a happy celebration of life or a somber fake reality? 887 more words

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GR: Finding Paradise - Is The Grass Greener Only in my Mind?

Name: Finding Paradise

Released: December 14, 2017

Developer: Freebird Games

Publisher: Freebird Games

Genre: Indie, Story Centric RPG



When I played To The Moon some six years ago I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting. 2,202 more words


Finding Paradise - Review

Developer: Freebird Games
Publisher: Freebird Games
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux
Released:  December 14, 2017

Ever since I played previous games of the series, To The Moon and A Bird Story, I have been eagerly waiting for next game from Freebird Games. 968 more words


To the Moon: True Artistic Brilliance (Detailed Review)

If there is one discussion topic that I wish would just disappear from the gaming community forever, it would be the question regarding whether or not video games can be art. 2,483 more words