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The Mirror Lied is an experiment intentionally too vague

Earlier this year, I finally got with the times and played To the Moon, which I quickly followed up with its holiday mini-episode. I ate both up quickly, excitedly, and then immediately went to… 575 more words


2015 Game Review Haiku, #55 – The Mirror Lied

Birdy gonna fly
Right over your house, kill it
Interpret yourself

From 2012 all through 2013, I wrote little haikus here at Grinding Down… 60 more words


To the Moon

Whenever someone tries to tell me that video games are childish or not worth serious thought or consideration, I refer them to one of the most emotional experiences I’ve ever had: … 808 more words

Video Game Review

I'll Love You To The Moon and Back...

To the Moon is a gorgeous romantic adventure 8-bit pixel game that explores…artificial dreams!!

Go look at it here! ^.^

[G] To the Moon

To the Moon is a single player game puzzle game that is story-oriented. The game is set in a world where the player controls two employees from the Sigmund Corporation where they have the technology to create artificial memories for dying seniors so that they may live out their dreams. 1,266 more words


A Bird Story, A bird in the hand?

I’ve been really getting into indie games lately and I’ve been shocked by how many little gems there are like Besiege and The Escapists. So when I got… 604 more words


To the Moon's Holiday Special Minisode can't answer whether altering memories is immoral

I waited far too long to actually play To the Moon, which sat in my digital collection for far too long, and so, after beating it… 537 more words