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Securing WordPress behind SSL proxy

Now that I’ve got my WordPress site up and running on FreeBSD, I decided it should be accessible via https too so that I can login to it securely to prevent passwords being sent over the internet in plain text! 729 more words


Multiple Sites behind single IP

I run several websites from my home server,  some should be secured with https as they require people to login – eg webmail, wordpress etc.  I don’t have enough IP addresses to give each webserver it’s own public IP, so I need a way to allow many virtual https sites against one IP. 511 more words


Sendmail AUTH & Server STARTTLS FreeBSD 9.2


I have an email server running on my adsl line, and I want people to be able to send email via my smtp server.  I want them to be able to use pam authentication.   649 more words


Geom Root mirror & ZFS Data

Just a Quick post to record how to install freebsd on a system with 2 internal disks that are mirrored via geom for the o/s (root, swap, boot, tmp, var, usr) and the data is on the remainder of the disks again mirrored but this time by a zfs pool… 698 more words


Cara Install FreeNAS

FreeNAS adalah distro khusus untuk digunakan sebagai sistem operasi NAS (Network Attached Storage) yang dibangun diatas landasan FreeBSD.

Langsung saja bagaimana cara menginstallnya berikut saya berikan langkah-langkahnya: 20 more words

Linux Server

logrotate doesn't rotate anymore ?

I have been using logrotate for quite awhile on all my servers, never had a problem configuring it or executing it.. until today.

I don’t check if the logs rotate, I have scripts in the background that analyze the logs and find possible patterns for errors or other important events, but they check the current log only and keep track of the last timestamp.   511 more words